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An urgent correspondence has come.




A servant came running with a handset from the telecommunication station.


A red color flashed on Renold’s face, who had been hovering around the study with impatient steps.


“From the Grand Duke’s Castle, a correspondence from the Grand Duke’s Castle!”


“Give it here!”


Renold took the handset from the servant’s hand and quickly put it to his ear. He tensed up, concentrating on the words coming over the handset.


“…Now that it’s done, you can relax.”


Fortunately, the correspondence gave Renold a positive result.


“I see. You’ve done well.”


As he cut off the call, his wife, sitting on the couch, fidgeting, asked.


“Honey, what happened?”


“We’re not expelled.”




At his words, the Marchioness let out a light groan. Renold sat straight at his desk with his wife behind him and held a quill.


‘The big hurdle has been passed.’


Jeryl, who was suddenly called to the Grand Duke’s Castle, returned with the worst story not long after.


[They caught me. And I’m fired.]


Jeryl, who seemed to have lost her mind, spoke very simply.


But Renold and the Marchioness, who were present, clearly understood what their daughter was talking about.


The vassal tormenting the Grand Young Lord was clearly an understatement and a kind of treason. If they are expelled, no one will be able to serve them in the future, and in the worst case, their land would be taken away.


‘It’s a relief if that’s all. We may forever be expelled from society.’


To say that the land was taken away was the same as saying that the title was deprived.


‘The wisest way for now is to lie down like a dead mouse, being grateful to just stay in a room for just 30 days.’


But he couldn’t let her keep her hands on what happened after that.


30 days is a very long time.


In the meantime, gossip that the daughter of the first vassal family abused the Grand Young Lord was going to spread all over the place.


‘When it comes to gossip, there are vulgar people all over the world who look for them with their wide eyes.’


They will inflate rumors by fleshing out those written in the rooms of the Grand Duke.


‘In the meantime, the status of our family will crumble without any help… !’


Wherever they go, ridicule and scorn will follow. Contempt and hatred will be rampant, and the label ‘traitor’ will also hang around them like a shadow.


‘In that case, it might be better to sell the title and use the money to run the top.’


However, Renold was born as the Marquis’ son.


Right now, even Ellia immediately ignored him, saying that she is a ‘low born’, but he had no intention of becoming the same.


Lenald quickly teased the quill.


The appeal, written in graceful handwriting, said thank you for the generous treatment.


As the Babillon family is the home of the ancestor of the Grand Duchess, he asked to pay attention to public opinion. He also tried to negotiate to reduce the number to 15 days, as he will keep his own prohibition for a week.


‘Anyway, in any case, the Babillon family is the Grand Young Lord’s maternal family. If our family’s reputation deteriorates, the Grand Duke’s family will also suffer in some way.’


If he wasn’t going to be punished as a traitor anyway, he had to keep carrying it.


‘They will definitely consider my appeal.’


Renold put his hopes on this. 


The next day, however, his appeal was returned.


“It was returned? Why?”


“That is… It is said that they only saw the seal of the Babillon family and sent it back immediately.”




It was so ridiculous that his head was throbbing.


‘No, that little punk didn’t dare to open my complaint and sent it back…?!’


He is the head of his maternal family.


There can be no such treatment.


Even though Jeryl’s faults had been uncovered just a day earlier, Renold burst into rage.


The servant, who was noticing, cautiously called for Leonard.


“Excuse me, Marquis. But there is a message.”




At the same time, his eyes lit up.


‘Ah, yeah! Responding to the appeal in one day would be daunting! I’m going to have to look at the bad guys who voted for my expulsion.’


So, he had no choice but to return the appeal, but it may be that he’s conveying his secret consent verbally.


Renold waited for the message with a confident expression on his face, as if when he was angry.


Then the servant opened his mouth.


“‘Obviously, an appeal to reduce it to 15 days. It would have been beneficial for you to reflect on yourself rather than using the time to think of a shallow move, it’s a pity. If you don’t want it to go up to 45 days, make it a week-long ban. I’ll keep them attached to the rooms for 30 days.’…is what he said.”


The entire time he heard the words from the servant, Renold’s face was flushed red.


Eventually, he tore up the complaint he had written and threw it into the air and shouted.


“What… What, what, how?!”


Startled by the loud roar, the Marchioness and Jeryl ran out.


“Honey! What’s going on?”


“Father! What is this…!”


Whether the mother and daughter asked or not, Renold could only jump up and down with fevers all over his body.


His face didn’t go red like it was about to burst, and even his white hair was floating yellow.


“T-This rotten! You rotten fake bastard! How dare you, how dare you, I’m a real nobleman!”


Like someone who doesn’t know how to control his anger, he stomped his feet and screamed.


In addition to adding the prohibition rule for nothing, he was unbearably humiliated that the number was read as it was.


Jeryl burst into tears at the sight of her father, who seemed to have lost his temper.


“Hic, what should I do? Even if I just confirmed that there is an image sphere… No, even if I only knew that the necrosis was real…”


Unfortunately, Jeryl wasn’t in a good mood at the time, so she couldn’t find out if Ellia’s words were true.


At the sound of his daughter’s crying, Renold’s reason gradually returned.


‘Ellia, how can she be so clever!’


It was clear that Jeryl was the only one who was called on purpose.


‘If you are suddenly questioned, you will be embarrassed and not know what to do!’


In the first place, Renold didn’t believe that Ellia’s foot was necrotic.


First of all, it was too soon to become necrotic. Also, if it had been really necrotic, there would be no way that with Cedric’s personality, he kept Jeryl alive and sent her back.


But there’s no way to confirm now that the doctor has brought holy water and poured it immediately after Jeryl came out.’


In short, there’s no evidence that Ellia framed Jeryl and drove her out.


‘As a low born, she’s not very oblivious.’


She hated to admit it, but this time, Jeryl was terrified.


Afterwards, she knew she had really been framed and had been crying all night from last night.


“It’s all because of me, it’s all because I’m bad, because I’m stupidly naive…”


He didn’t think she cried this much when she dropped out of the academy.


Contrary to popular belief, in fact, Jeryl failed her academy entrance exam.


However, unable to see her daughter grieving, Renold changed the admission result with the power of the family.


‘What did I do to get you the top seat every year! How dare you make our Jeryl cry!’


Renold hurried over to her side and comforted her.


“My daughter, Jeryl. Don’t worry too much. Don’t know who I am?”


“Hic, Dad… But…”


Jeryl couldn’t say that her family was ruined because of Ellia, whom she ignored as she was a low born.


Renold’s heart broke as he saw Jeryl weeping beyond words.


‘It’s been hard for many people because of one lowly thing that doesn’t know where she came from!’


Everything seemed to be Ellia’s fault.


‘Come to think of it, after the girl came in, the Grand Young Lord suddenly started attending the meeting.’


Perhaps it is Ellia who moves Calib and Cedric.


‘No, I’m sure of it.’


In his head, Ellia was smiling wickedly like a rare villain.


[This Grand Duke’s family is all mine now!]


It was obvious from the fact that the Babillon family started to check in order to gulp the Grand Duke’s Castle.


‘After all, I’m the only one who can protect the Grand Duke’s family.’


Renold clenched his teeth and vowed.


By any means, he has to get rid of Ellia!




A week has passed since the so-called ‘show-off incident’.


Ellia knew what it really meant to put the room in front of the townhouse of the Grand Duke’s Castle and the capital city.


[Social burial?! Oh my. It’s crazy, didn’t I work too hard?!]


[Is it okay? Huh? What if the trap is found out!]


[He must be determined to take revenge, won’t I die without even a rat or bird knowing it?!]


She was worried with her hair wrapped around her head and soon got terrified. Calib tried to reassure her that it was okay, but he could hardly calm her down.


[I shouldn’t have gone overboard! I should’ve just quietly eaten sweet potatoes!]


[It’s bullshit to take advantage of the original story, only a grave was dug!]


She was just saying things he didn’t understand.


In doing so, he began to look closely to see if the doctor had any doubts, and whether the crime of deceiving the Marquis of Babillon was established.


Contrary to the bold plan, its inside was very timid.


Calib tried his best to relieve Ellia’s worries.


[Why is that a trap, it’s true that I was bullied!]


[It’s okay, Ellia. What if you get caught? There are Brother and I behind Ellia!]


But it wasn’t enough.


[I can’t get caught, I’ll be dead already!]




[Nobles always put great talents as their subordinates and shoot out the supporting actors!]


Only the second part that was an unknown voice was poured out.


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