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Daphne died in her past life at the age of 16, and in this lifetime she lived another 6 years.


She’s regressed, so she’s technically more mature than any other 16-year-old girl.


After her return, Daphne was solely dedicated to keeping Renoir from falling under the curse.


To do so, she lived every hour passionately.


However, the peace gained by achieving her true purpose wasn’t as great as expected.


‘It’s really good that I got along with Father. It’s good to be loved.’


But that was all.


It was too boring for her to go through what she had been through again.


‘Phew, I shouldn’t be complaining about happiness.’


Before her return, in fact, Daphne was neglected.


‘My family has been proficient in water attribute magic since ancient times. But I couldn’t even use simple mana, let alone use magic…’


As a result, even her lineage was suspected.


The Grand Duke of Indigentia, the only archduke family of the Empire, also returned from an orphanage.


Even they were unable to protect their child.


The vassals thought that there was no guarantee of the daughter of Duke Marinenest’s authenticity.


‘Of course, such vassals were severely rebuked by Father, but…’


The problem was all that.


Calvados, the Duke of Marinenest, had no further expectations of Daphne.


He didn’t want to teach her any magic.


He looked embarrassed by Daphne, who couldn’t even manage mana in a world where magic was as natural as breathing.


‘He was in a hurry to dispel the rumors.’


Meanwhile, Renoir’s 16th birthday banquet was held.


And there, he fell under the curse of a bad fairy.


‘I became a high-ranking sinner for not being able to stop the curse by throwing my own body even though I was by Renoir’s side.’


[If you can’t use magic, you should have used your body!]


The face of Jeryl Babillon, who was screaming in a chirping voice, was still clear.


‘Actually, after returning, I was planning to take revenge on Lady Babillon.’


However, she was found guilty of betraying and abusing the Grand Young Lord and was subjected to social burial.


She had no desire to take revenge by adding more.


Anyhow, Daphne was imprisoned for treason as she failed to protect Renoir.


Even the punishment given to her was life imprisonment, and she was destined to be executed after reaching adulthood.


For Daphne, who was 16 at that time, it was a clear attack.


‘I didn’t even have a bail, so I thought I’d have to live in prison, but…’


Then Calvados appeared.


[‘Run away.]




[I… I want you to live doing what you want to do. Even if you can’t use magic, there’s no problem, I just… want you to grow up happily.]


Daphne, who learned of her father’s will for the first time, was deeply moved.


‘He didn’t give up on me. The reason he was busy dispelling rumors was so that I could live freely even if I couldn’t use magic.’


Calvados opened the door and helped her escape through the secret waterway. And he chose to stay in prison so that Daphne could escape safely.


Eventually he was caught and sentenced to death for extorting treason.


However, Calvados’ sacrifice didn’t see the light of day.


As Daphne was pursued straight from the Imperial Castle.


‘I couldn’t use magic, so there was no way I could get away from the magicians of the Imperial Palace.’


Shortly after Calvados disappeared in the dew of his death, Daphne also died.


Yet somehow she made a comeback, and this life was a little different.


‘The unlearned Mirror Shield Magic is manifested.’


Mirror Shield Magic could literally summon a mirrored shield to deflect all spells and curses.


In fact, the present imperial family was a castle built on rebellion.


About 200 years ago, the current imperial family Epricent revolted and succeeded.


And the unique magic of this Epricent was ‘Mirror Shield Magic’.


‘The only thing that can stop the fairy’s powerful magic is this Mirror Shield Magic.’


The Emperor at that time was a fairy, and he was defeated because the curse he had shot was reflected on the mirror shield.


‘It’s unexpected that my Mirror Shield Magic was manifested, but it’s not strange.’


This is because the Duke of Marinenest started from the branch of the Epricent family.


So, Daphne’s use of the Mirror Shield Magic is conversely proof of her ancestry.


‘I’ve heard that sometimes there are distant branches that teach themselves the unlearned family magic.’


Moreover, before her return, Daphne visited the Sanctuary of Knowledge using a teleport she stumbled across in the attic.


Perhaps she learned the ‘Mirror Shield Magic’ without knowing it while reading several books there.


Renoir said.


“Lady Daphne’s magic is so wonderful again today.”


“Thank you for the undeserved praise as always.”


“When will I be able to get better?”


Mirror Shield Magic is definitely the exclusive property of the current imperial family.


Because of that, she met him like this and taught ‘Mirror Shield Magic’ directly.


Unfortunately, the Prince, Renoir, hasn’t made any significant progress yet.


“Because you are working hard, you will soon bear fruit.” Daphne smiled kindly and said.


‘It is said that in my last life, Renoir studied with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor in the Sanctuary of Knowledge when he was about ten years old.’


Therefore, it wouldn’t have been necessary for Daphne to come forward and teach him already.


‘But the sooner he learns, the better. Still, I heard that the imperial family is keeping Renoir in check of fear that I might interfere with him becoming the Crown Prince.’


Since she was using the imperial family’s magic, they feared that she would claim her right to the throne as well.


In her last life, she was entangled with the imperial family, her family collapsed, and her life ended.


‘I have no intention of doing that again this time.’


After finishing the magic class, Daphne got into the carriage heading towards the Duke’s Residence.


“Miss, here. A newspaper.”


The nanny who was waiting handed her a newspaper.


Daphne lived with a newspaper every day to check the changes that had been made because of her.


“Hm? It’s another news from the Grand Duke of Indigentia?”


“It has been published frequently since the last betrayal of Lady Babillon. They’re getting married soon, so they need to draw attention.”


“It’s called ‘A Fun Time With Potato Pancakes’. Potato pancakes? What is that?”


“I heard that it’s a food invented by the woman who was brought by the next head of family to get married, though?”


The nanny said as she knitted the lace.


In the corner of the newspaper was a picture of the next Grand Duchess.


‘As I go down, I see pinkish silver hair and pink jewel eyes… Hmm, she looks like a fairy.’


It was familiar as about 200 years ago, the people who ruled the Empire were fairies.


‘But the jewel eyes case is very rare…’


Daphne couldn’t take her eyes off the woman who was smiling awkwardly.


‘By the way, in this life, unlike the previous life, the bad fairy casted the curse earlier, didn’t they?’


Originally, the bad fairy appeared when Renoir threw his sixteenth birthday banquet.


But this time they appeared at his sixth birthday banquet.


It was over ten years earlier.


And while deflecting the Prince’s curse, Cedric accidentally fell under the curse.


‘They said that the fairy who had cursed disappeared as it was, causing great concern for the Indigentia family.’


Because it was the process of protecting the Prince, the Grand Duke of Indigentia couldn’t even claim compensation for damages.


‘It’s unfortunate, but it can’t be helped.’


She looked at the picture of the woman who would become the next Grand Duchess for a while and then turned the newspaper over.


And on the way, Daphne was kidnapped.




The Grand Duke of Indigentia’s Castle was peaceful today.


“It’s so nice to have lunch with Ellia. Brother can also eat the food Ellia makes, so that’s even better!”


Calib spoke as brightly as a real seven-year-old would do.


The three of us have been having brunch together since yesterday.


Strangely, Cedric could only taste the food I made.


Because of that, I have been unintentionally in and out of the kitchen since yesterday.


Cedric was very sorry and he offered to give me more money.


Apart from that, I did my best to cook.


It’s not just about money, but a person who has lost his sense of taste can eat a satisfying meal.


Then why don’t I try to help?


Besides, if it was because of me that he lost his sense of taste, I had to help out even more.


“Thank you for the meal today.” Cedric said as he wiped his lips with a satisfied face.


I looked at Cedric quietly.




“Ah, no… I think that when Cedric is full, your expression relaxes.”


Calib, who was following me to take a look at his brother, nodded his head and said.


“Is it because you enjoyed it? I feel like Brother’s expression has brightened up a lot.”




Cedric caressed his cheek as if he didn’t know. Then, soon after, he laughed out loud.


“Isn’t it because I’m still alive?”






Me and Calib asked at the same time, yet he didn’t answer.


He was just happy with himself.


It was at that time.


“Excuse me. Sir Cedric.”


Edwin approached with a serious look.


“There is something you need to check for a moment.”


“What’s the matter?”


He hesitated for a moment if he could speak in front of us, and then said quietly.


“That… It is said that the Princess of Marinenest has been kidnapped.”


“Puuuhh!” I just took a sip of the tea and spit it out.


This, crazy!


The original female lead was kidnapped?!


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