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I quickly captured my vague expression and apologized.


“Ah, I-I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking this and that about the wedding and for a moment my thoughts became deep…”


“Hm, …Is it something like depressed?”


“Yes? Depressed?”


What is this all of a sudden?


“That’s what Madam told me when you did your dress fitting before.”


Cedric said, stroking his smooth chin.


“Some brides get depressed at times before their wedding.”


Ugh. I can’t believe he said bride.


Miss Bride-to-be, Miss Bride-to-be, I heard it every day, but hearing it from Cedric’s mouth made me feel different.


“It is said that especially, the younger the bride is, the stronger the depression she experiences.”


Ellia is 23 years old.


It is true that the time to get married is early compared to modern times, but in most romance-fantasy worldviews, don’t they get married at this age?


Considering that, Cedric is also 25 years old, so by modern standards, he’s on the young side…


“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, and it has to be held in a shabby ceremonial hall, or when you see an ugly groom who loves you, it’s human psychology if you have no choice but to be depressed.”


‘Isn’t that the same for you?’ Cedric looked down at me with that kind of gaze.




“Uh, um, uh, i-it doesn’t have anything to do with that, though?”


First of all, our wedding is terribly grandiose.


[If we replace this amount with money, it will be half a year of operating expenses for a commoner family.]


Edwin’s voice came to my mind once more.


Besides, you’re the groom, though?


Standing under the sunlight, his black hair with a slight blue aura always swayed nicely and was neatly organized.


His clean, white skin doesn’t have any pores, let alone beard marks, so it makes me wonder if he’s really human.


What about the sharp, gentle eyes?


It’s definitely a pure impression, but sometimes his deep eyes look decadent because of the long eyelashes.


And what’s the point of mentioning that nose bridge, which is difficult to create even with the help of God, my mouth hurts.


And the lips underneath it are moderately reddish…


This one, pass.


I suddenly got a fever on my face and hurriedly shifted my gaze to Cedric’s eyes.


It was those eyes that made me think he was pure.


It’s not just blue, it’s a mix of white and purple, which makes it look more mysterious and pitiful.


The Salon Madam said that Cedric’s hydrangea color is called ‘Periwinkle Blue’.


Like a flower that suits the rain, it was also the eyes that matched the moist feeling.


Around that time, redness slowly began to rise from Cedric’s neck.


“…Excuse me, Ellia?”




Only then did I realize that I was looking closely at him as if I was licking.


Was it like this for the Lord, who was possessed by the beauty of the moon?


When I see Cedric’s face, I get very distracted.


“Anyway, it has nothing to do with it. I don’t even know if it’s really… depression or not.”


I hurriedly returned to the subject.


“Hmm, is that so…”


I heard Cedric murmur, wondering if it would be better to make the scale bigger, just in case.


“No, honestly, the scale doesn’t matter. Of course, if the groom is ugly enough to get married with when I’m young, I will be hit with a reality check.”


“Reality check?”


“Ah, well. Uh, it’s kind of a time of no thought…  Anyway, there will be some, but not because of Cedric.”


Cedric tilted his head as if he didn’t understand.


His black hair, which I had been praising inwardly for a while, was gently messed up.


“Cedric is terribly handsome, so I don’t think there will be any depression like that.”


I said without shame.


No, but why is it shameful to tell a handsome person that he is handsome?


I came from living in a world where there is a trend of calling people ‘oppa’ even when they are young if they are handsome!


“Cedric is really, really, really the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen in my life, so don’t even think about it.”


Your face is the best.


“To put it bluntly, I’d be full even if I only saw Cedric’s face, though?”


I said with a thumbs up.


However, it seems that Cedric has no immunity to these words.


The burning sensation that was slowly reddening from his neck quickly turned red all the way to his eyes.


If he denies it by saying no, it will mean differently for me.


I’ll be embarrassed if he admits it like that.


Why is it so nice to see a beautiful man whose eyes are blushing embarrassingly no matter what he does?


I didn’t know because I only exercised, but I like things like this…


I seem to have opened my eyes to a new taste.


After a while, Cedric said cautiously.


“…Do I look handsome?”




He bit his lower lip and let it go, as if he had said something stupid.


The pressure made by his teeth made his red, plump lips even redder.


He managed to talk like a struggling child


“Is it not… pretty?”


Oh gosh.


I think someone just slapped me in the back of my head with a frying pan now.


Otherwise, there’s no way my mind can fly, bang! like a home run.


With my mouth wide open without saying anything, Cedric hurriedly wrapped his arms around my waist and turned his head.


“…I made a slip of my tongue. Let’s go in.”


Then, as if he was running away, he hurriedly went into the dressing room.


The lack of escorts isn’t the problem.


[Is it not… pretty?]


…Isn’t that crazy?!


Didn’t most of the men in romance-fantasies say they were wolves or beasts?


In that sense, Cedric, who is the trigger for the awakening of the villain, can be seen as a supporting character like me.


Is it because he’s a supporting character?


Unpopular, but foxy and cute is my favorite!


I clenched my fists on my waist and gave strength to my heels to stand up.


If you just bend your knees like this, you will come out with a very perfect form in the basic Taekwondo posture.


I tensed and tightened my whole body.


Even though there’s the Madam inside, it seems like I’m going to follow in and hug Cedric.


I pushed a bookshelf full of books and broke the rope that tied Daphne, but I can’t hold my man!


I had to hold on to my strength so I wouldn’t twirl around in Cedric’s arms.




“Oh my, you’re a little late?”


When Cedric just ran into the dressing room, Angela, the Salon Madam, greeted her with a smile.


“I apologize. I had some work.”


Cedric answered with a smile on his face, as if he had ever blushed so much.


Angela said while looking at his handsome face, which quickly became dull, and covered her mouth with a fan.


“Of course. It’s very important to be loved by Miss Bride-to-be.”


Cedric’s feet stopped abruptly as he walked towards the fitting curtain pretending to be okay.


Giggle, giggle, his head creaked like a rusty clockwork, and turned back toward Angela.


Angela is already 40 years old, and her skills are good enough to be in charge of ‘that’ Cedric Kedyssel Indigentia’s wedding outfit.


Although she was a commoner, all the wives who farted in society were her guests.


What about Cedric, who had been stuck in the Grand Duke’s Castle, and suddenly decided to marry her?


In other words, it’s no different than she puts the little groom on the palm of her hand and watches him.


“…Did you hear that?”


“I think the dressing room door is a little thin.”


Hohoho, Angela laughed elegantly.


She didn’t say anything particularly shameful or morally problematic, but Cedric’s face heated up again.


“Keep it a secret from others.”


“It’s okay. It’s the customer’s privacy.”


Unintentionally, it was Angela’s fault for overhearing the private conversation.


But she had her talents.


If it’s a cute thing, it’s her natural talent to reveal it in such a way without taking off her innocence.


“Come to think of it, these days, it’s said that men who are pretty and innocent are more popular than men who are blindly handsome and chunky.”


Angela added that the new opera’s lead actor is also in that category.


“Perhaps that’s why there are a lot of men these days who take care of their beauty.”


“…Is that so?”


Cedric pretended he didn’t care and looked at the tuxedo on the mannequin.


But who is his opponent?


She is Angela, who has survived and lived a long life in this industry by judging the truth amid the arrogant gossip of the socialites.


There’s no way she couldn’t know that Cedric was pricking his ears at the subject she brought up, pretending not to be interested.


‘I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but contrary to the rumors, they are such a cute prospective couple.’


In the lower places, there are scandals circulating that the cursed Cedric is using a commoner woman to enter the Sanctuary of Knowledge.


It wasn’t that vain, but Angela was just in case.


‘But aside from Miss Ellia, who is full of trouble whenever she sees Sir Cedric’s face, he wants to be liked, so I ask him directly.’


It was clear that the two were firmly in love with each other.


Angela pretended to be snobbish and held up a small box to Cedric.


“Well, Sir Cedric may not be very interested, but why don’t you try this the day before the wedding while I’m fooling you?”


“…Hm, what is that?”


Cedric asked, pretending to be indifferent, uninteresting, and not caring.


It was so cute that the corners of Angela’s wrinkled lips twitched.


“It’s a popular pack among new grooms these days. When you sleep with it on, your skin looks brighter the next morning.”


It’s the new groom’s winning pack!


Cedric’s eyes, who had pretended not to be interested, were curious.


“Then… Will something change?”


“If your skin gets brighter, your eyes will be relatively clear and your lips will look reddish, right?”


Cedric quietly thought of Ellia, the epitome of white skin.


Her skin was so transparent and clean, she looked neat even under sunlight and under artificial lamps.


Angela noticed intuitively that Cedric was thinking of Ellia.


It was a skill she learned while doing business for over 20 years.


She nailed it.


“Then, wouldn’t it be natural to look pretty anytime and anywhere?”


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