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Finally, it was the day of the wedding.


Today, I’ll be a married woman.


No, it sure is a little weird to say it like this, but it’s true.


To think that I, who has never had a proper seeing someone, and also a proper relationship before, becomes a married woman overnight.


I can’t believe I’m going to be a divorced woman later.


Even on the day of the wedding, I couldn’t hide my nervousness.


Since there was one thing that was hiding my restless mind.


“…Ugh. Olivia. Isn’t this too… too heavy?”


It was the jewels that weighed on me all over.


Those who may possess someone in the future, be careful when you’re reading romance-fantasy.


The dress is heavier and shinier than I thought, and the big jewels are, after all, lumps of stone.


“Is it still heavy? I’ve removed all the pearls, though…”


Olivia pursed her lips as if she was in trouble.


“Then would you like to stand up for a moment?”


“W-Wearing this?”


I was astonished to see that the dress was much heavier than the final fitting.


The wedding shoes look like high heels regardless of the country.


Sure enough, the true value of a dress must be revealed when the lower body is long.


But Ellia has good proportions, so why do I need to wear taller shoes?!


You won’t be able to see it because it’s covered by the dress anyway, so I’d rather make it with platform shoes.




I swallowed dry saliva as I looked at the pointed high-heeled shoes.


The fear of taking lessons from Jeryl was revived.


“I thought it would be okay if you wore it differently than it looked…”


Olivia said worriedly.


I swallowed my pent-up anger inside.


I told you that it also looks in my eyes…


However, Angela and Olivia had a hard time insisting on me wearing these shoes.


They said that I have to go through a lot of hard work to look good, and that statement was just right.


“H-Hold my hand.”


“I understand.”


I stood up cautiously from my seat, being supported by Olivia.


Fortunately, I didn’t stumble in any trouble, but my heightened view was awkward.


Besides, my neck was on the verge of breaking because of the jewels and ornaments that were placed on my hair.


“…Wow, I couldn’t get married, though?”


In the end, my true intentions came out.


Olivia was astonished at that statement, Angela was astonished, and Edwin, who was talking to her, was astonished.




“Wait a minute!”


Edwin slammed the tea table and jumped out of his seat.


Come to think of it, why was he hanging out here while he should be assisting Cedric as he greeted guests?


Anyway, before I could say anything, Edwin ran away, and he came back straight up.




With the dazed Calib.


“Huh? Elli, ah!”


I quickly closed my eyes when I saw Calib, who should’ve flown with Cedric and greeted the guests, standing awkwardly.


“No! Angela said the bride was to be seen at the wedding! Or the bride’s waiting room!”


He is 7 years old and says something cute.


Come to think of it, Calib’s outfit today was also very cute.


The short shorts with folded hem to add to his cuteness, and his clean white shirt with also suspenders were worn.


Plus, there was even a cute red bow tie around his neck!


The stockings that fell below his knees, and the way his hair, which was as fluffy as cotton candy, was parted and pushed back.


“Agh! Calib is so cute today!”


It was so adorable that it made me scream.


When I shouted, Calib turned his cheeks red and looked only at the floor.


It’s cute that he doesn’t know what to do because he’s shy.


If it wasn’t for these uncomfortable clothes, I would have run away and hugged him!


It was very unfortunate that I couldn’t.


“Anyway, I’ll go back now.”


Calib turned around, but he was blocked by Edwin’s chin.


“Aren’t you moving?”


Calib spoke quite frighteningly, but Edwin was busy turning his body and pushing his back.


“Grand Young Lord. Magic. Cast your magic!”




At Edwin’s absurd remark, Calib asked.


He said this wasn’t the time, and commanded Calib to stand before me.


“She said she couldn’t get married because her hair and clothes were too heavy!”




Calib looked up at me in shock at that time.




But as soon as his red eyes opened, he gave a blank expression.


“Ellia is so pretty…”


Then, as he spit out his true intentions that burst out helplessly, he opened his eyes wide.


Him being honest was so cute that I leaned over to Olivia and laughed.


Taking this opportunity, Edwin dug in.


“Right? Miss Ellia is very pretty, isn’t she? You want to show her to others, right?”


“No, that’s not it. Because I don’t want everyone to fall for Ellia…”


Calib mumbled something, but it was too low to be heard.


As if Edwin didn’t hear it, he continued speaking with a natural face.


“By the way, you’ve dressed up so beautifully, but you’re saying you won’t get married because it’s too heavy and difficult to walk.”


No, excuse me.


I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do it, though?


I said I couldn’t!


“But then…”


For a moment, Calib’s face darkened.


He must have recalled that if I didn’t get married, I wouldn’t be able to be with him at the Grand Duke’s Castle, and Cedric wouldn’t be able to go to Sanctuary of Knowledge.


“That’s why, please cast a spell.”


Edwin said firmly that that was the only answer.


“Cast a Gravity Magic spell on Miss Ellia’s clothes and accessories, especially those big gems.”


“Gravity Magic?”


Eh, what kind of nonsense is this again?


As Calib and I turned around, Angela clapped.


“Aha! When gravity is gone, the weight will be less, so Miss Ellia will be more comfortable walking!”


“Oh my, that’s right!”


Olivia, who was supporting me, also responded.




Ahem. Edwin coughed sarcastically.


Wow, that’s a really unexpected idea.


I can’t believe they’re using Gravity Magic, which was called the strongest magic in [IWPYTSTT], for this


Cedric said he would distort the space at my waist so that I didn’t have to wear a corset.


Edwin told the Grand Young Lord to get rid of the gravity of my ornaments, right?


No, why are these people doing this as a group?


Too much work? So what happened to your brains?!


I had no doubt that Calib would scold Edwin.




“That’s a good idea!”


Calib clenched his little kidney bean fists and nodded his head broadly.




He pulled out a stick that had been attached to his waist.




And then, swirl, swirl.


He only swung it twice without memorizing magic spells, yet my hair and clothes became lighter.


To be able to control gravity so partially…


After all, is it ‘magic’?


Calib said while thinking frivolously.


“Hm, is it because there is no gravity? The hem is a little wobbly.”


“Oh my, so how about making it up like this?”


It’s good that my clothes are lighter, but it was too loose compared to the movement.


But when Angela saw it, her eyes lit up and she brought a lace woven in the shape of a rose.


She then immediately fixed it to the bottom of the hem.


“The more it flutters, the more beautiful it is.”


“Shall we decorate the place that feels a little boring with crystals?”


“Good idea!”


Angela and Olivia got along well.


I lost my energy.


Edwin, who was looking at Calib with his head nodded, said.


“I wish you could do it to her feet while you’re at it. If there’s less load on the ankle, it will hurt less if she accidentally falls.”


“Yeah, that would be nice too.”


Calib swung his wand with joy.


The heavy and dangerous shoes became much lighter.


“…Wow, that’s really cool.”


The pressure exerted on my toes a while ago made my calves tremble.


But now I was as comfortable as walking with my feet on soft velvet.


“How is it? Do you feel better?”




Calib, who slid over to my side, looked up.


Even so,I was wearing high-heeled shoes, so I had my head tilted back.


“If it’s like this, is the view correct, now?”


With that said, I squatted forward, and the hem of the dress unfolded wide, creating a spectacular sight.


“Oh my goodness…”


Olivia admired it, and Edwin quickly took out a magic tool to preserve the image.


Calib faltered a little backwards, then clasped close to me again.


Then he said, fiddling with my hair.


“You’re really pretty… Just like a fairy.”


You mean I look like a fairy?


Olivia said, “You’re so beautiful, aren’t you really a fairy?!” and screamed I’m used to it now.


Actually, that part about me being a fairy is also right.


“Then now… Are you going to get married?”


Calib asked cautiously.


I guess that’s what he was most concerned about.


I glanced as if I was looking at him and replied with a soft smile.


“Yes. Because Calib made it so easy to move.”


“I’m glad to hear that…”


Calib sighed in relief as he thought I was really going to break the wedding.


Why does he have so many worries, being a kid?


His cheeks are peach-colored, perhaps with a bit of blush.


He was so cute that I covered my cheeks, and Calib, whose eyelashes were quivering, rested his face on my palm.


Every corner of my chest tickled as if a full-fledged kitten was leaning on me.


Calib rested his cheek against mine and said with his hands wrapped around him.


“You have to be happy, Ellia.”




“If Brother makes Ellia feel difficult, I will scold him.”




“That’s why, Ellia just needs to be happy for a long, long time in the Grand Duke’s Castle.”


Then he closed his eyes once and opened them as if he was sincere.


Something felt strange.


Is it because he is also a character in romance-fantasy?


Every single line of his is like a gem.


No, he is second to the line that a mournful second male lead would do, even though he knows that Cedric’s marriage with me is a contract marriage.


[You should be happy for a long, long time in the Grand Duke’s Castle.]


What does that mean?


Doesn’t it sound like he’s never going to let me get a divorce?


“Got it?”


Calib insisted on my answer.




If I answer, “Yes,” to this, I feel like I’m going to get my nose pierced… (t/n: like a bull, got it?)


But when he says, “Pleaasseee,” in a cute way, why would I say no?


“Got it.”


Even if my nose is pierced, it has to be done twice.


At my answer, Calib smiled supremely happily.


Angela, who had been watching us, clapped her hands loudly to remind me of the surroundings.


She said.


“Now then, shall we slowly go to the bride’s waiting room?”


The wedding started, leaving my skeptical mind behind.


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