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“Always be true to each other, trust and embrace each other. I hope that you will become a couple who rely on each other, care for each other, and support each other no matter what storms may come.”


The long officiating speech has finally come to an end.


I put my hand on Cedric’s arm, which felt tense and stiff, and let out a delight in my heart after enduring the boredom.


It takes a few minutes to be moved by cool words.


It’s been like this for over 20 minutes!


Since the other person was the pope, I couldn’t even tell him to stop.


Because of that, I had to feel again the feeling of listening to the principal’s lecture in the playground under the scorching sun.


I was lucky because Calib removed the weight with Gravity Magic.


If it wasn’t for him, I would have broken my neck, ankle, back, or something.


Like the Pope, the end of the officiating speech was a blessing.


“Please lower your heads for a moment.”


The Pope smiled kindly and said, then Cedric and I slightly bowed our heads.


Which added weight to my cervical vertebrae.


Wow, I’d really break my neck if it wasn’t for some Gravity Magic.


I felt a warm, clean light on the top of my head where I was thinking trivial things.


“May you always be happy and safe.”


The ceremony concluded with the Pope’s blessing.


The exchange of rings and the declaration of marriage were performed before the officiating ceremony, and the choir replaced the congratulatory song.


Unfortunately, there are no parents of both families to greet, and no matter how hard it was, a member of the Grand Duke Family couldn’t bow to get married.


This and that have been gotten rid of, and now the only thing left is to leave!


Did he read my desire to leave and sit in a chair as soon as possible?


“Lastly, the bride and groom take the first step towards a new start in life. I hope the guests will cheer with warm applause so that there will always be blessings on the way the two of them move forward with one heart and one mind.”


Edwin quickly recited the closing remarks.


He’s awesomely quick-witted.


Let’s carefully place Cedric’s arm and turn around.


Those dressed in magician’s robes over their fancy uniforms stood at the edge of the wedding road and raised their wands.


“Blessings to Indigentia.”


“Glory to Indigentia.”


Indeed, it was like the wedding of a man who broke even the Emperor’s staff.




A splendid and bright light leaked from the tips of the wands raised by the magicians.


Beneath it, white mistletoe hung like wisteria flowers in full bloom.


“Shall we go?”


Cedric held out his arm again, and I quickly placed my hand on him, barely keeping my balance.


I was just about to take a step.




“What is it?”


The entrance of the guests must have been finished before the ceremony, though.


Suddenly, a gondola floated up.


The wind made the guest seats noisy, and the gondola boats that had been nestled in the air came down to the waterway, creating a small commotion.


Well, there may be late guests.


But the problem is.


“Why is a person from the Imperial Palace…”


“That outfit was definitely the one worn by Her Imperial Majesty’s exclusive attendant, right?”


It was because the late guest was a person of the Empress.


Cedric and I also stopped in our positions and looked at the person who slowly appeared like the main character.


It was absurd.


Even if he was a person of the Empress, in the end, he was a guest at this wedding.


Then he should’ve come quietly.


Where did he learn this habit of walking around as if he were the main character of this wedding, even though he wasn’t the Empress, but an errand boy?


Even now it’s the last march of the bride and groom!


I was staring blankly at him, when Cedric whispered.


“It’s strange. I received a call from the Imperial Family that they wouldn’t be attending.”


“Come to think of it…”


In the first place, the Imperial Family expressed their refusal early on, saying that they would only send gifts because it would be difficult for them to attend.


“But why has he come now…”


It was when I muttered quietly.


“Congratulations on the marriage of Lord Cedric Kedyssel Indigentia and Lady Ellia.”


The one standing on the gondola boat that landed on the water, started to say loudly.


Aside from referring to us as ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’ when he clearly knew we weren’t, there was no apology.


Cedric’s mouth was slightly open as if it was absurd.


Unconcerned with the attention of the crowd, the servant unfolded the scroll he was holding and said.


“I have a message from Her Imperial Majesty the Empress.”


The noisy guests got up from their seats and were polite.


I was stunned.


You’re going to say this… now?


When the groom and the bride are still in front of the officiating table?


However, I had no choice but to lower their stance along with Cedric, who lowered his head in silence.


“Congratulations on the marriage of Lord Cedric Kedyssel Indigentia and Lady Ellia. I sincerely congratulate the two of you, that there will be only happiness and joy on the road together.”


That happiness and joy has now been ruined from the beginning.


“As I replied earlier, it is very regrettable that I wasn’t able to attend the wedding due to busy state affairs. One unfortunate thing is that I’m very sorry to have to give you some unpleasant news.”


Slowly, anxiety rose.


The audience seats, which had been quiet, began to hum again.


The attendant spoke without delay.


“At present, traces of impure element have been discovered in the Sanctuary of Knowledge. They’re not an authorized figure of the Imperial Family of Epricent, and we have decided to close the Sanctuary of Knowledge for the time being in order to track them down.”




I was startled and raised my head.


It was the same with the guests who were shocked and broke their posture, looking at each other.


Calib, who was standing at the end of the road, also had his eyes wide-open in surprise.


“Please be quiet!”


As the guests made noise, the attendant who took over the authority from the empress spoke sternly.


“Until we find out the impure element and find out why they infiltrated the Sanctuary of Knowledge, the Imperial Family of Epricent designated the only way to the Sanctuary of Knowledge as a restricted area. Thus, please take note.”


The servant rolled up the scroll.


Then, politely, he bowed his head.


“That is all.”


A solemn atmosphere flowed in the frozen dining room.


…Gosh, how crazy.


I was horrified inside.


Cedric’s arm, which I was holding onto, was also stiff.


The guests couldn’t do anything, they just murmured.


Everyone knows that Cedric plans to use this marriage to find a way to break the curse by heading to the Sanctuary of Knowledge.


It was only natural that he printed out a newspaper article saying that he could get love that transcends social status and lift the curse.


But such a timely interruption?


To think that it’s how the Imperial Family came and declared it!


I was shaking and shivering when I heard the women in the nearby gondola boat talking.


“It’s important, but isn’t it an issue that can be delivered after the ceremony?”


“I’m sure they want us to know as well.”


“They want us to know?”


“Right. No matter how much the curse that was directed at the Prince bounced off, it was a terrible misfortune that Sir Cedric fell under the curse.”


“That’s right.”


“And then, how did the Imperial Family come out? They just washed their mouths without any compensation for damages.”




“They’ve been silent all this time, and even when the Grand Duke of Indigentia formally protested to the Duke of Marinenest, the Imperial Family remained ignorant, didn’t they?”


“Are you saying that the Grand Duke of Indigentia has fallen out of favor with the Imperial Family?”


“Yes. Otherwise, how could the wedding be ruined this much?”


“Oh my goodness…!”


The hissing and chattering of the guests could be heard even in front of the officiating altar.


Ugh, could you please be quiet?


I was angry, yet I couldn’t even look at them.


Because what they said wasn’t so wrong!


What the Empress had just delivered, that is, the message that the Sanctuary of Knowledge had been closed, had two implications.


First, the Empress is keeping an eye on Cedric’s curse.


Second, the Imperial Family hates Indigentia.


To be more precise, it meant that the Imperial Family wasn’t happy about Cedric lifting the curse.


That’s why they ruined my marriage so much!


“…Ehm, ehm.”


The pope standing behind cleared his throat and shut the mouths of the ladies who were talking excitedly.


“Then, let’s celebrate.”


The servant, who had completed his role, urged with a proud face.


That madman ruined other people’s parties and said that his job was over.


Deep in my heart, I wanted to run right away and pull out all the hair on his head, yet it was a regret that I couldn’t.


I got a migraine because of the anger that passed through the top of my head.


Ah, I think I’m going to pass out due to stress.


I stumbled and staggered.




Cedric was startled, firmly supporting my waist.


“Oh my, what should we do…”


“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime day, though…”


Seeing that, the ladies sympathized with me.


That’s right, they need to pity me. 


It wasn’t enough that the marriage was ruined, I heard that my husband has fallen out of favor with the Imperial Family!


Even people in the world know that we’re getting married because we really love each other.


That’s why, how pitiful it must look.


Even I pity myself too!


In fact, it was the same as a once-in-a-lifetime wedding.


If I divorce Cedric after the contract ends, who else would I meet?


I can’t believe they ruined my wedding, which I’ve been nervous about for days, like this…!


On the inside, I was hurt, but in reality, my legs were loose and I could only lean on Cedric.


Calib flinched as if he wanted to run this way, and I saw Daphne jump up from the gondola.


Either that or not, I was busy enduring it with my fists clenched so as not to commit murder at the wedding.


Edwin, who watched for a while, spoke quickly to put an end to the situation.


“Groom, bride. March.”


It seemed that even if I collapsed, it was better to collapse in the waiting room rather than in front of people.


I walked the long wedding road with Cedric’s escort, no, support.


When I entered, I bought everyone’s envy, yet when I left, I bought everyone’s sympathy.


Although applause broke out belatedly, it didn’t soothe the miserable heart.


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  1. Oh no, I feel so bad for them!! Thank you for the update!

  2. WTF that was soooo planned, plotted I tell you! They wanted to close it since Cedric can now legitimately enter. Those snakes!