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Meanwhile, there was a raging snowstorm in the Indigentia Castle.


In fact, the Grand Duke’s Castle was famous for its black outer wall. But such greatness was now trapped in a snowstorm and turned white.


It was spring at the moment, so there was only one person who could cause such a serious abnormal climate.


The man who was called the world’s strongest man who broke even the Emperor’s cane.


It was Cedric.


“Sir Cedric, please gather in your Weather Magic! A warning came from the Imperial Family!”


A red-haired and green-eyed man lay with his face down, begging while he almost cried. Despite that, Cedric was reading the report with a horrifyingly insensitive face.


“Sir Cedric, at this rate, even the crops outside the castle will suffer cold damage!”


“I know that, and I’m already controlling it on my own.”


“The gates have been frozen since a few days ago, the vassals can’t even go out!”


“That’s what I want,” Cedric replied in a low voice, but he didn’t look back at his aide.


Edwin, his aide, was on the verge of going crazy. “What are you going to do if the vassals are locked up and there’s an uprising!”


Of course, that didn’t make him think that Cedric would lose at all.


However, there also was no reason for him to firmly make trouble.


Whooosh, a fierce snowstorm was heard through the window gap.


The magic to change the whole weather wasn’t easy magic to use just because one knew how. It was possible only when enormous mana and application skills supported it.


But such hard work, Cedric had been doing it for several days without blinking an eye.


‘Should I be happy because my master has been confirmed a genius again, or should I suffer because he’s too genius…’


Edwin wanted to cry a little.


Cedric had been a formidable genius since his childhood. He was adopted at the age of 10 and when he was just 13 years old, he perfectly performed the ‘Gravity Magic’ taught by the late Grand Duke, who was a perfectionist and strict in everything


In addition, when he was 15, he beat the late Grand Duke with his ‘Gravity Magic’. And at the age of 18, he revived the ‘Weather Magic’ that was so difficult it disappeared 120 years ago.


‘The blizzard in the middle of spring outside is the magic.’


Edwin had a headache.


‘It’s been 10 days already. The vassals come to me every day and ask when they can go out, it’s hard to procure food because the gate is frozen, and drinking water has been frozen for a long time…’


The Grand Duke of Indigentia’s Castle, which was said to be the safest in the empire, was experiencing an unusual disaster.


Cedric said to Edwin, who still had his forehead on the floor.


“That’s why, find him.”


“Yes, yes?”


“It’s already been 10 days since the Grand Young Lord disappeared. Instead of the trapped vassals, the servants are moving. They must be desperate to find their master.”




“But there’s still no progress. Edwin, don’t you think it’s weird?”




“This is not just a castle, but the Grand Duke of Indigentia’s Castle. It’s the second best place after the royal palace.


The same goes for you, Edwin felt like he could hear such words. He held his breath and heard an emotionless voice.


“But far from resolving the disappearance of the Grand Young Lord, the fact that they haven’t been able to confirm his status whether he’s alive or dead for 10 days… Do you think that makes sense?”


“…I have nothing to say even if I had 10 mouths.”


“Of course. As you should. That’s why, find him.”




“Bring Calib who is totally fine and unscathed at all in front of me.”  Cedric took his eyes off the report he was reading. He said that, staring coldly at Edwin with his blue hydrangea eyes.


“Until then, the snowstorm will not stop. It’s none of my business whether the vassals starve to death.”


Edwin left the office with a clear decree, couldn’t even smile anymore. Upon hearing him go out, Cedric looked out the window and thought.


‘How dare you still put the Grand Young Lord and try to do the vassals a goodwill.’


No matter how hard it was to procure food and the drinking water was frozen. Still, this was the Grand Duke of Indigentia’s Castle.


In other words, even in a disaster situation, it wasn’t enough to die immediately.


‘You sound like you’re dying just because the same soup comes out every morning?’


He didn’t even know where and how Calib was doing at the moment!


Cedric, who quenched his anger alone, shook his hand lightly. Then, the fierce snowstorm became rougher. 


He lowered his gaze on the report he was reading again. It was a report on the disappearance of Calib, by an external guild he commissioned. In addition to the top guilds with talented people, he also commissioned the dark guilds who do unpleasant things behind the scenes.


‘But there’s not even a trace. This is why it feels like Calib is hiding.’


Obviously, it couldn’t be like that.


Cedric generously worked hard for Calib who didn’t fit in the Grand Duke’s Castle despite being the legitimate child. That’s why he gave up his right to inherit early on, although he’s terrorized by the vassals.


‘And Calib knows all of this. He’s mature, unlike the usual seven-year-old.’


He also knew that running away was always the worst option. That’s why he wouldn’t have run away and hidden.


‘But where the hell are you, Calib? Where is it that I can’t see a clue even if I ask around?’


Even the information guild, which the empress often used, was in vain.


‘All that’s left is the dark guild.’ Cedric swallowed a quiet sigh and reached for the next report.




Another week has passed since then.


It had been 20 days already since I lived with Calib. Time really went fast.


Calib, who had become a ‘child’ just a week after spending time together, was now completely hated at the age of 7.


No, I said that but it’s not like I hate him.


He, who used to answer gently every time, “Yes, I got it,”, now complained, “I don’t want to eat carrots.”


This is obviously so cute.


Now I have a complete grasp of Calib’s taste. He preferred chamomile to apple mint and lemon to peach. He liked to sprinkle pepper on potato soup, and he ate it well when I ground onions in potato potage. He liked salmon, but trout was fishy for him, and he ate chicken legs well, yet he scratched off the meat without fat.


He said he learned from a crazy etiquette teacher who starved him for dinner that he had to eat anything well, but there were certainly likes and dislikes.


I was so excited to learn about Calib’s taste that I was looking forward to meal time.


“What do you want for lunch today?”


“Grilled salmon that I ate a few days ago. That, and the potato soup with a lot of pepper.”


“Is your dessert going to be cold chamomile with lemon?”


At my words, Calib smiled brightly and nodded.


“Great. Can you pick some lemons from the back?”


“You said we could harvest it by today, right?”


It was when Calib was about to leave the house.


Chaotically! A mysterious man who wore black from head to toe rushed into the house without notice.




In addition, he reached out to Calib right away.




When I saw his big hand grabbing Calib’s shoulder, I swung the frying pan greatly without realizing it.




At the same time as the loud sound.


“Brother!” Calib called the man who was hit hard by the frying pan.


…Huh? Brother?!


“Brother, Brother! Brother Cedric! Are you okay?!”


Oh my gosh.


The man whom I beat with a frying pan was the brother who was cursed and triggered Calib that he became a villain.


I can’t believe I hit a home run with a frying pan!


I opened my mouth in shock.


Flop, the man who was hit by the frying pan I swung collapsed.


“Brother, Brother Cedric!” The sound of Calib’s desperate call for his brother woke me up.


Gosh. Dammit.


I said, throwing the frying pan away in the mood of destroying evidence. “First, first let’s move him to the bed.”


“Huh, huh?” He looked up at me with a face covered with tears.


“We can’t leave him on the floor just like this. And everything will be fine. It’s just the sound that’s loud. It’ll be okay.”


It had to be okay.


I have no intention of accelerating the darkening of the young villain.


I quickly helped Cedric, who was weakly dropped. Calib added a small-cat-like hand, and we whined while moving the giant man.


“Phew.” I wiped off the sweat on my forehead and looked down at Cedric, who was lying on the bed poorly. 


I felt sorry for him turning pale and his closed eyes, but his natural handsomeness wasn’t covered.


“It’s better to take off his uncomfortable robe.”


Calib was trying to take off the black robe that was uncomfortably wrapped around Cedric’s body when I said.


“I’ll do it. Calib, firstly…Can you bring me some water and towels from the back? I think he has a bump on his head.”

“Huh? Yes, I got it.” He wiped away his thick tears and ran out.


I turned my head and looked at Cedric again while watching such Calib.


“Ha, please don’t die. No, maybe it’s okay to lose a momentary memory, but…” I muttered and untied the knot of the robe tied near his neck. The buttons on the shirt were also filled up to the end of the neck, yet when I touched it to loosen it, grab.


My wrist was grabbed.


“… This, right now.”


Soon after, his eyelids, which had been closed as if he was dead a while ago, shook.


“What are you doing?”


Blue hydrangea eyes were clearly opened. 


I blinked blankly as if I was possessed by those eyes, but he said with contempt.


“This pervert.”




I opened my mouth blankly. He woke up slowly, held his head which was beaten by a frying pan.




The mumbling low voice sounded quite good, but it wasn’t the time to listen to it.


His hydrangea eyes shone coolly.


“So it’s you.”


“Yes, yes?”


“It’s not enough to kidnap Calib, but this pain…” 


As his head rang every time he talked, Cedric said with such thick and handsome eyebrows.


“You do even assault.”


I was speechless at the moment because of his expression that showed I had committed a crime very evenly.


He grabbed his throbbing head and looked around. Then he spoke. 


“And how dare you confine Calib in this worthless hut?”


What? Confine?


“Your liver is going out of your stomach.” He coldly threatened, making me sink on the floor at once.


It was the Gravity Magic that I’ve only heard of.


Cedric pulled out a sword that felt cold on my waist, without me knowing what to do.


Gosh, it’s crazy. It’s a real knife. This one!


It was at the time when I opened my mouth in fear.




Calib, who didn’t know anything when he came in, poured water on Cedric and shouted.


“What are you doing to Ellia?!”


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