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Carcel didn’t say it, but I thought it might be possible.


‘I’ll make tea and give it to him.’


Why didn’t I think of this before? If it weren’t for Irina, I guess I wouldn’t have thought about it.


Charlotte went back to the table again and picked enough flowers for tea alongside the flowers for the bracelet.


asked suddenly by Irina, who was making the bracelet for Danny with Charlotte’s help.


“By the way, didn’t you say that this flower only blooms in the south? I didn’t know it would also be here.”


It was a nonsensical question, but Charlotte’s cheeks quickly turned red. Seeing that, Irina smiled.


“Oh my God, maybe?”


Perhaps the rumor was true. But Charlotte pretended not to know anything and completed the bracelet.


Just as she was about to call out to Theo, Irina changed the wording of the question.


“Did the duke do it for you?”


“Ah yes .”


Charlotte explained the story to Irina.


Of course, she made some adjustments. He kept the fact that Theo became a spy for Carcel a secret because it was unusual.


Besides, I was worried about Irina’s violent reaction.


Although she explained that Carcel had arranged this flower garden for her, which she longed for in her hometown, Irina had an adorable expression on her face.


She brought her hands together and her eyes twinkled.


“I didn’t know that a duke could be so romantic. To create a flower garden like this for the young lady. I see this for the first time in my life.”


Charlotte just laughed awkwardly. In fact, she didn’t even think Carcel would do such a thing.


“Okay, now that we’ve made the bracelets, can we dry the flowers to make flower tea?”


“Yes .”


Charlotte cleaned the flowers with Irina. Throughout her work, her mind was only filled with thoughts of Carcel.


‘Is he sleeping well?’




“This is a gift.”


Charlotte held a bottle the size of her fist. Inside the glass bottle were finely dried yellow flowers. This was the flower he had planted for Charlotte in the greenhouse.


Carcel accepted the gift with pleasure and asked:


“What is this ?”


“It is a flower tea from the Lannia estate, the flowers are dried and drunk like tea. They are well trimmed, washed, and dried, so there should be no problem in terms of hygiene.”


“Understood .”


“It’s a good tea to get rid of insomnia.”


Charlotte paused for a moment, looked at him, and continued.


“It seems you can’t sleep these days. If you can’t sleep well at night, it would be a good idea to put two or three flowers in hot water and drink it.”


She spoke as if she had entered his mind and just left.


She certainly does not enter his room or come out of it, and how did she know and notice that he could not sleep?


As Charlotte said, Carcel didn’t sleep as much as he used to. He used to sleep less, but these days it’s even worse.


It was hard to sleep at night, I couldn’t sleep well and woke up several times in the middle. Judging from the timing, it may have been after the onset of chest pain.


So he suspected that the insomnia was related to chest pain, but his doctor couldn’t find any specific connection between the two symptoms.


It was said that there were diseases in which both could occur at the same time, but this was not the case for Carcel.


A physician intervened with herbs that were said to be helpful for sleep but had no effect.


‘I once slept soundly.’


Carcel remembered that day. It was his mother’s Memorial Day, the day he came to see his mother’s gravestone with Charlotte.


That day, when he looked at his mother’s tombstone, he felt an excruciating pain in his chest, and the pain vanished when Charlotte held his hand.


Moreover, I went to bed earlier that night than usual. I didn’t really think about going to sleep, but as soon as I lay in bed, I fell asleep, and when I woke up it was morning. I never got up in the middle.


It was definitely different from when my mom passed away last year, who couldn’t sleep all night and stayed up without a wink.


That day, I thought I slept peacefully because I had been nervous about Theo, and then the stress eased.


But looking back now, I wonder if it had anything to do with Charlotte.


Charlotte was the right person. And she had the ability to pacify the mana in the body of the opponent in front of her, was it just for mages?


As a sword master, Carcel knew to use mana at least a little.


He thought of the chest pain disappearing for some unknown reason due to Charlotte’s ability.


Carcel impulsively grabbed her white hand in place of the bottle Charlotte had offered.


He wanted to make sure. Will you be able to stop the pain in his chest?


But it was strange. The pain has not subsided, but my heart is beating faster. Soon, the heartbeat, which had been regular, began to beat irregularly.


So much so that I wondered if I actually had heart disease.


“D, duke?”


When he let go of the bewildered Charlotte’s hand, he was convinced that Charlotte was not calming his heart but rather making the pain worse.


This was just too much



It was Theo’s birthday, and everyone in the mansion was busy preparing for the baby’s birthday party.


Meanwhile, Theo, the star of the party, has been busy running and playing with his friend Danny, around the spacious mansion.


Charlotte and Irina also got busy throwing a memorable party for Theo.


The food for the party, the decorations, and the gifts were chosen. As a result, time passed like lightning.


However, Carcel was a little weird.


‘Why is he avoiding me again?’


After they had dinner again with Theo, Carcel, and Charlotte began to go about their usual routine.


Therefore, I thought he was burying what happened in Theo’s bedroom at the time and living normally.


At one point, however, Carcel never came to the restaurant again and began avoiding Charlotte. It was from the day you gave flower tea as a gift.


Carcel grabbed her hand without warning, regretted it after a while, and then disappeared. His ears were obviously red like strawberries.


‘Why ?’


To say that he was as shy as a teenage boy just because he was holding her hand was a bit ridiculous.


Before that, Carcel held Charlotte’s hand several times. Because, first of all, in social settings, a man’s greeting to a woman was to kiss the back of her hand.


What kind of change in feelings made him avoid her in this way?


Before, she didn’t care if Carcel was avoiding her, but now she did.


However, Carcel has deliberately avoided her, and Charlotte, preoccupied with preparations, does not have time to pursue him.


So I couldn’t speak properly, and Theo’s birthday morning was bright.


Theo, who was so excited and couldn’t sleep well yesterday, gets up early in the morning and runs to Charlotte’s room.


“Sister! It’s morning!”


“Ah, Theo.”


The baby jumped up and fell into Charlotte’s arms.


“Sister, wake up!”


Charlotte, who had been very sleepy in the morning, remembered what the day was like, and opened her eyes.


“Huh? It’s our Theo’s birthday!”




Theo buried his face in Charlotte’s arms and laughed. As opposed to waking her up early in the morning, Theo spent some time in her arms, and he loved it.


Charlotte also hugged Theo rubbing her sleepy eyes and then started her morning normally after that.


After Theo took a shower and put on the clothes he had prepared for the day, Theo felt like a noble. The naughty boy who was playing with a lot of soil in the field has disappeared.




But the fun is still there.


“Come here!”


Once the two kids met in the restaurant, they grabbed forks and started fighting. Taking care of Theo’s birthday, Irina and Charlotte let the kids play to their heart’s content for the day.


Theo’s birthday party was scheduled for the evening. However, for today’s main character, the breakfast menu is also more varied and colorful than usual. It was filled with only Theo’s favorite food.


“I love my birthday!”


Inside his head, his birthday was a good day. Theo stuffed a batch of moist egg-cooked toast and made his cheeks plump. And Danny ate the food after him as if they were in competition.


“But, why can’t I see the duke?”


Irina, who was licking Danny’s lips, backed away and looked at Carcel’s empty seat.


Charlotte muttered, poking the toast with a fork.


“He doesn’t eat with us these days.”


She didn’t mean to, but her voice came out on its own. Irina shook her head as if in confusion.


“Strange, why would he do this?”


“I don’t know, he suddenly grabbed my hand and… Uh!”


Charlotte, who answered involuntarily, belatedly covered her mouth.


In front of Irina, who is the same age, her personal stories appeared in this way. She probably did it more because she had no one to turn to for dating advice.


In contrast to her sullen face, Irina married Chase after a long-distance relationship.


I began to seriously analyze the cause.


“Isn’t he shy?”


“He only held my hand? It’s not like he grabbed my hand for the first time.”


Irina patted her hand.


“Hello, holding hands is different from holding hands when greeting!”


“That’s true, but…”


Charlotte remembered the day Carcel held her hand. He grabbed her hand and raised his other hand and placed it on his chest.


— Duke? Do you feel bad?


At the time Charlotte was going to approach him to see if he had another chest pain.


He let go of Charlotte’s hand, as if he had seen a ghost and took a few steps back.


— Sorry.


Then he disappeared as if running away. That was the last she saw him.


thought Charlotte, remembering his appearance at that time.


‘Is he just really shy?’


Carcel? Really?


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