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The accident happened in an instant.


Eunha finished all her lectures, bought a cake from her mother’s favorite bakery, and kept waiting for the sign.


She thought that if she gave her mother the cake and apologized, everything would be fine.


After that, she was thinking of eating her favorite dish that her mother would make. 


At that moment, the color of the footpath changed from red to green, and Eunha happily passed by.


A white car seemed to be running suspiciously from afar, and without stepping on the brakes, collided with her. It happened so quickly that there was no way to escape.


With shock affecting her entire body, she leaped into the air and then fell to the ground.


Because of the intense pain, she could not feel anything at all, nor could she feel her own body.


My vision also changed, I wasn’t able to see well, and I couldn’t even move one finger as I wanted to. The only sense that did not disappear was the sense of hearing.


So I heard people around me screaming.


— What? What? He’s running away! Catch him!


— Take a picture of the license plate!


— Call the police! No, call an ambulance first!


In fact, she did not think about her body. She thought of the box of cake she wanted to give her mother. She saw the cake box even though she couldn’t see clearly.


The cake was crushed as it flew through the air and fell to the ground.


when she felt the reality, tears appeared in her eyes.


— mom.


She and her mother shouldn’t end like this. They walked out angry in the morning but she couldn’t properly say she was sorry.


My mother will make dinner and wait for me. But what if I can’t go?


What would my mom who always said she couldn’t live without me do?


Her mind became foggy, the image of her mother was in her imagination, and tears flowed.


Many tears flowed, and much blood came out for the first time in her life.


So she died with a lot of regrets in her life.


Maybe because I had so much desire to live god gave me the chance to reincarnate. and Wake up as Charlotte Lannia.


I cried a lot at first, if I’m going to live anyway, why didn’t god save me as Eunha?


It’s been a long time since I’ve been living this way and I’ve decided to acknowledge my situation.


I’m Charlotte Lannia from now on. If god saved me, there must have been a reason.


Moreover, if I die here again, my mom will be even sadder. On the other hand, it would be reassuring to know that I am alive anywhere.


So I will live. I will live happily ever after.


After living this way, if I ever figure out how to get back to Korea, I will.


After that, Min Eunha, no, Charlotte admitted the reality and started coming to terms with it. In order not to look behind her, Min Eunha hid her memories behind her as best she could.


Halfway through, I found out that this was a fantasy world, but it didn’t matter. I was a side character who had nothing to do with the events of the novel so I could forget everything and live on.


But my life started to twist when I met Theo. As I was thinking about the contents of the original novel, she began to think of the past, which made her think of her mother.


She definitely wanted to be happy….


I tried to control my feelings, but it didn’t work. Tears gathered in her eyes and eventually fell down her cheeks.


Charlotte didn’t want to show this to Carcel, so she lowered her head, but Carcel who had good eyesight had already seen it.


Why is Charlotte, who was happy so far, crying?


He was nervous, Charlotte was so beautiful even crying.


But apart from that, Carcel had no desire to see her cry. He felt that the more he saw her crying, the more his heart continued to beat faster, and he was upset.


It would be good to know why she was crying. If there’s something I can do for you, I will always. No, even if it’s something I can’t do on my own I will do it somehow.


Caressing Charlotte’s wet cheeks with a complex face.




He tried to raise her head in an attempt to satisfy his desire, but Charlotte shook her head and refused.


He lowered his head and looked at her face.


The tears that were on Charlotte’s trembling eyelashes were painful. He bit his lips lightly and wiped the corners of Charlotte’s eyes with his thumb.


Tears flowed down his fingers again. With every drop of these tears, he felt very sad.


“Why are you crying?”


Charlotte bit her lips tightly. It was such a blunt refusal of hers that she didn’t want to respond.


If he was an aristocrat who appreciated civility, he would deny her will. Originally, that would have been the case for Carcel but he had no desire to do so.


“Why are you crying? If you tell me why, I will do something somehow….”


Weeping, she raised her head and looked at Carcel. He revealed his feelings in an unusual way and Carcel was waiting for her answer.


Instead of stopping the tears, more and more flowed. Carcel wiped away those tears with his gentle touch, without showing any sign of disgust.


His hands were rough from training, but his touch was extremely gentle and careful.


“If you’re in pain, you don’t have to tell me.”




“But I would like to hear what bothers you so much.”


Charlotte couldn’t answer, her lips just trembled.


She had a lot to say. But this was a pain that no one would be able to understand. If I said anything, I would just be treated like a stranger.


She herself didn’t understand what was happening to her, so she could understand even if others looked at her strangely.


But she hated that Carcel saw her that way. She doesn’t understand why she feels that way, but she doesn’t want to raise her face for Carcel to see her in this state.


However, I felt ambivalent and wanted to tell everything to Carcel alone. So she opened her mouth impulsively.


“I’m not in pain.”


“Really ?”


“I’m just sad.”


Her sad voice followed, becoming disorganized. She was missing her mother.


Carcel asked again, bringing her body closer to him, thinking there was something else she should say.


“So what makes you sad?”


“Mom… I miss my mom.”




Strangely enough, Carcel, who was responding, suddenly closed his mouth with a serious face.


Charlotte did not notice this and continued to babble. Her tongue was twisted under the influence of alcohol but he was barely able to understand.


“I couldn’t even tell my mom that I loved her so much. There were so many things I wanted to do with my mom. We go shopping together, eat delicious things, and travel.”




“But I never get my time with my mom right because I’m busy. I’m a really bad daughter. In the end, I got upset with my mom and walked out.”


It was strange. An honest story she couldn’t even tell her best friend in Korea but could in front of Carcel.


Is this because of the alcohol? Or was it because I was comfortable with Carcel? I don’t know.


Carcel, who had put Charlotte on a chair, continued wiping her face with a handkerchief and silently listening to the story. Charlotte, emboldened, become more honest.


“I always missed her but I couldn’t even say I missed her. I kept it inside me thinking that if I missed her I’d miss her even more. But I miss Mom so much today. What am I to do? What am I to do? Poor Mom, how do you live without me?”


A story that hasn’t been told to anyone yet and has only been contained. Those feelings have been lingering and rotten for the past three years. How does Carcel accept this ugly story?


I was curious about his reaction, but after finishing all the stories, I suddenly started to feel sleepy, as if I had just relaxed.


Maybe because I cried and felt drunk. She quickly leaned helplessly on Carcel’s shoulder.


His shoulder was wet, but Carcel didn’t push her and kept patting her back.


Charlotte’s irregular breathing began to stabilize. When he finally realized that she had fallen asleep completely, he softly muttered an inaudible answer.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t think that far.”


He left the balcony with Charlotte in his arms. He could not see Theo, and this indicates that he had fallen asleep, and they were both inside the balcony talking.


Seeing that Irina and Danny weren’t there, he thought Irina might have gone to sleep with the two kids.


After Carcel made sure Theo wasn’t there, he headed to Charlotte’s room.


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