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“Why isn’t it working?”


Charlotte asked Ahin in a disappointed voice. She had no choice but to do so.


It’s already been over a month since I started making magic stones. It had been two weeks since she had been tutored directly by Morris.


She had been training every day for the past few days and had no sign of success.


I failed to make the magic stone because it contained too little mana. 


She sighed deeply as she saw the remains of the blue magic stone that had fallen into pieces on the table.


“Why does it break while I’m making it? Sir Ahin obviously said that if I start making the magic stone from now on, I might succeed. Why do I fail every time I try?”


When Charlotte, usually quiet, raised her voice, Ahin rolled his eyes here and there, perhaps because he was nervous.


Perhaps sensing that, Theo, who was reading a picture book on the couch, jumped up and crawled onto Charlotte’s leg.


Charlotte hugged Theo’s warm body. Only then did her mind seems to calm down a bit.


Charlotte continued quietly, resting her chin on Theo’s head.


“You really don’t know the reason, Sir Ahin?”


“I’m trying to figure it out, but honestly, I don’t know why you keep failing at this point. It’s never happened before. As I already told you, if you don’t have the ability to craft a magic stone, you can’t even create the shape of a magic stone.”




“But the miss has already made the shape of the magic stone and we discovered that it is blue, right?”


“Right. But I’m a little frustrated because I don’t know why.”


“To be honest… .”


Charlotte stopped grumbling and focused on Ahin’s words.


“Isn’t the miss’s mana different from normal mana?”




Sure enough, the magic stone Charlotte was trying to craft was just to calm Rosito’s raging mana.


It was different from ordinary magic stones that could condense mana and introduce various magics.


“So I thought the process of making a magic stone would be a little different from the general method.”


“Are you saying the approach was wrong from the start?”


“No, I think the approach itself is not wrong because I have seen some magic stones being made. However….”


Although Ahin was talking to himself, he showed an incomprehensible expression. He wasn’t sure because he had never done it before.


“I wonder if any other condition is necessary.”


Another condition?


“Yes, when crafting an ordinary magic stone, we need some unnecessary resources, and also a suitable environment, and so on.”


Charlotte listened to him and fell into her own thoughts.


‘Seems reasonable.’


The reason was understandable, but it was still elusive. What does the other condition mean?


Nothing particularly comes to mind even when I think of the mysterious origin.


Obviously, if such special circumstances were needed, there would have been a scene in the original work mentioning that.


But there was no scene as Charlotte remembers. I don’t know if it really doesn’t exist, or I simply don’t remember.


‘The only thing Penelope did was run the mansion and spend time with Carcel.’


Running the mansion and spending time with Carcel is what Charlotte does too.


“Anyway, it’s hard to find something special.”


“I think so .”


Ahin bowed his head when he saw a disappointed expression on Charlotte’s face.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t help.”


“Sir Ahin, what do you have to apologize for? You’ve helped me a lot until now. Without you, I wouldn’t have advanced to this level.”


Charlotte smiled broadly at him and patted Theo’s plump belly. She seemed to feel a little better when she heard his stomach growl.


Then I remembered something you hadn’t thought of.


‘Carcel’s Library….’


There might be something similar to this somewhere in the library.


Could Penelope have thought of this in the original work?


Charlotte grabbed Theo and got up.




“Theo, do you want to go see your brother?”


Theo, who was confused by this one sentence, smiled.


“I love that!”


“Mr. Ahin, I’ll go to the Duke’s Library and see if there’s anything about it. See you later.”


Ahin shook his head as he watched Charlotte quickly leave the room.


“If it were a book about the destined person, it would be an old book…”


Ahin, who was left alone in the room, looked out the window. Looking at the thin trees, somehow the weather felt colder today.




“How is the research going?”


Carcel muttered in front of a small orb. Soon after, the orb lit up, and a sound was heard.


[Currently, we are following up on Miss Ohene’s whereabouts.]


The voice coming out of the bead was Morris.


This time, as he was ordering Morris to investigate, Carcel gave him a magic ball that allowed him to communicate independently.


Morris, meanwhile, had been secretly commanded to find a suitable person, for he was somewhat dissatisfied with the Randru’s orders, who had lately urged him to quickly find a suitable person.


The master’s oath was an oath putting his life on the line, dying as soon as he inflicts harm to the person taking the oath.


So Carcel thought that Randru had never done anything to harm Heinst. But he changed his mind.


In the past, the person Randru swore to was not Carcel himself but his father, ‘Samuel Heinst’.


In other words, in order to preserve Samuel Heinst’s oath, Randru could do anything outside of Carcel Heinst’s will.


He would never harm the Heinst family. His father thought of his family anytime and anywhere, so Randru would never do anything that would harm the family.


But what if it goes against Carcel’s will? What will happen?


For example, he told Morris to find a suitable person. If he already had Charlotte, why would he need someone suitable?


“You’d think Theo would be safe until he’s five, but we have to be prepared just in case something happens,” said Randru.


So Carcel decides to contact Morris himself. Fortunately, Morris was faithful to the current duke, not the previous duke.


With that, just in case, Carcel was going to make Master’s Promise soon.


“Have you found out where Miss Ohene has gone?”


A disturbed voice came from behind the crystal ball.


[Sorry . I still haven’t located Miss Ohene yet.]


“Yes .”


Carcel was not disappointed by Morris’s words that there was no trace of her. Instead, he took a clue from the news.


Since Miss Ohene’s whereabouts are unknown, it means that someone has deliberately concealed her whereabouts.


So, is the person who visited Miss Ohene really connected to Theo’s case?


Carcel asked.


“Don’t you know anything about the person who accompanied Miss Ohene?”


[Oh, I get it. He is a man with blond hair, who appears to be a young man in his twenties. It is said that he is handsome.]


Blonde hair. It is common in the empire. But it’s better than no information at all.


“Good job. Keep tracking her whereabouts.”


[Good .]


After breaking the magic of communicating with Morris, Carcel called Chase.




“Yes sir .”


“Let’s try to find the blonde-haired man who went to Baron Ohene’s mansion recently… the probability that he is a mage is high, the probability that he is a noble is even higher.”


Carcel ordered without hesitation. Until recently, many people, even non-nobles, visited Baron Ohene, a wealthy merchant without a title.


However, Baron Ohene wanted to join the aristocratic society and bought the title with money.


There was no way he could get his daughter, Penelope Ohene, to accompany a commoner.


Chase’s head became very complicated. Blonde hair. There was evidence that he was noble, but the scope was too wide.


However, since it was a seemingly important matter, it seemed that the task should be dealt with as quickly as possible without argument.


“Good .”


“Oh, and…”


“Yes .”


“Reinforce the boundaries of the palace. Increase the escort of Charlotte and Theo. Any suspicious person should be reported immediately. If there is any blond person coming in and out of the palace, investigate.”


“Yes, I understand. We will take action immediately.”


Chase quickly bowed and walked out of the office.


At the same time, Charlotte and Theo entered the room as if they were waiting.




Carcel quickly grabbed Theo in his arms. The child’s face reddened.


“Brother, I miss you!”


Carcel softened his expression.


“Yeah, I missed Theo too.”


Carcel patted Theo on the back, this time looking at Charlotte. A smile automatically formed on his lips.


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