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Carcel, are you busy?


“No, I just finished the urgent task.”


He immediately grabbed Charlotte’s hand as she approached him.


“But what’s going on?”


‘Do I have to have something to come here? Although I really do have something.’


Charlotte smiled softly. Thinking about it, I would look for Carcel whenever I needed something.


In the future, even if there is no special reason, I will come often.


And with that determination, she explained her real reason for coming here.


“Are there any books about the right people here?”


“Yes, it is in my personal library.”


“There is something I am looking for…”


“Is that so ?”


Carcel got up holding Theo, and when Theo’s eye level was higher than when Charlotte was carrying him he exclaimed 




Charlotte walked down the hallway after Carcel, who was carrying Theo. After a while, he reached the room at the end of the hallway and turned the doorknob.


When the door opened, Charlotte spoke.


“Wow, so big.”


It didn’t look that big from the outside, but the actual size was three or four times larger than expected.




Theo also gave a false astonishment as he was following in Charlotte’s footsteps.


“Yes, it is the magic of space. It is a magic that allows more space to be used than what is visible.”


Carcel entered during the explanation. As soon as Theo came down he started running between the bookshelves.


“Theo, you might fall, be careful!”


“Yes .”


Well answered Theo. But Charlotte and Carcel had to watch the baby because it didn’t seem like he was going to stop.


“What exactly are you looking for?”




Charlotte thought for a moment. I tried to tell Carcel after making the magic stone, but now I think I have no choice but to tell him.


“Actually, It’s about making a magic stone.”


“A magic stone? If you need a magic stone, why didn’t you tell me?”


Charlotte quickly shook her head as if he was going to ask Chase to get a magic stone right away.


“No, it is not an ordinary magic stone. It is a magic stone made with my strength.”


Charlotte raised her right hand to him. The blue diamond in the ring sparkled under the light.


“The power of the right person. This is my idea, but I thought that if I made a magic stone with my own power and gave it to Theo, the mana would calm down even if I wasn’t by his side.”


Carcel was lost in thought, perhaps because it was the first time he’d heard of this.


“It makes sense. But I’ve never heard of this before, so I guess I’ll need some time to see if there’s a book on the subject.”


“It’s okay, I’ll check with you, too.”


“If it were a book about the right person, it would be an old book. Let’s look for it together.”


“Aren’t you busy?”


Carcel, who was walking to find the book, looked at her and smiled slightly.


“It’s alright.”


Charlotte quickly ran to Theo at the sound of a thud when she saw him walking away. Who got up Theo fell to the ground bravely without crying.


“I said you shouldn’t run, right?”




Then the child walked quietly while holding Charlotte’s hand.


Carcel diligently searched for the book, but there was no information on the magic stone.


“I think it will take longer than I thought.”


Carcel said as he closed the thick book. Charlotte nodded as she patted Theo, who was yawning in her arms, on the back.


“Yeah, I think so. It’s time for Theo to take a nap, so I guess I should stop here today.”


“Yes, I see.”


The three quietly left the library. Before Charlotte could go to the baby’s room, Carcel stopped her.


“Charlotte, just in case, be careful of men with yellow hair and blue eyes from now on.”


Yellow hair and blue eyes?


Charlotte deliberately joked to calm the tense atmosphere.


“Isn’t that Theo? Should I beware of Theo? Just kidding. Does this have anything to do with the recent incident?”


“Probably .”


Charlotte’s face froze.


“Well, I have to tell Theo to be careful of strangers.”


Charlotte greeted Carcel and headed to Theo’s room. The baby was put to bed, and after making sure that Theo was soundly asleep, she left the room.


She didn’t know that something with blue eyes was hiding in the corner of the room watching this scene.






The cat made a meowing sound.


Theo, who was taking a nap, raised his head rubbing his sleepy eyes at the sound of a cat coming from somewhere.




The window, which had been closed before Theo fell asleep, was now wide open. A white cat sat on the window frame.


The cat’s eyes were blue, like Theo’s.





Theo crawled to the edge of the bed and reached out, and the cat jumped onto the bed. Every time the cat moves, a red gem dangles on its neck.


“Meow, where is your mother?”




“You do not know ?”


Oh, that’s sad. Theo’s shoulders dropped.


“Did you separate from your mother? I was also separated from my mother.”


What if the cat is sad too? Theo, who sensed that the cat could not find his mother, jumped up, burning with justice from within.


“It’s okay! Theo will find your mother! If you tell Charlotte sister, she will find her for you!”


Theo desperately hoped that the kitten, who had been wandering around after losing her mother, would find her mother. I have to hurry up and go to sister for help.


At that moment the child took the kitten in his arms with these thoughts. The red gem that was hanging from the cat’s neck shone a bright light around Theo.




Theo’s mana, which could hardly calm down, began to fluctuate.




At the same time, flames started to rise near Theo.


“Brother! Sister!”


Theo’s entire body was engulfed in flames after Theo’s frightened voice.






A loud explosion was heard somewhere. Charlotte, who was getting ready to fetch the baby because Theo should be waking up, was startled and looked to the side where she had heard the sound.


He was definitely in the direction of Theo’s room.




At the same time, the palace started to shake. It was as if a huge fire tornado had erupted as in a martial arts competition.


Charlotte, who was about to make a move to reach Theo, lost her balance and rolled to the ground.




Emma, who fell to the ground, crawled towards her.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m fine. More than that, Theo….”




I heard an explosion again. At the same time, flames were seen billowing outside the window.


There was no longer any doubt that it was a fire in Theo’s room.




Charlotte swept her stunned legs out of the room at high speed and into Theo’s room.


The people who had already heard the commotion gathered in front of Theo’s room and were very confused.


You are not protecting Theo but trying to protect yourselves! Charlotte manages to overcome the escalating anger and walks through the crowd.


“Get out of my way!”


Charlotte could approach Theo’s room as the staff stepped aside.


However, the moment I grabbed the handle to urgently open the door, I had no choice but to reflexively let go of my hand because of the heat I felt on my palm.


I held it for a moment, but there was a red burn mark on my quickly white palm.


“Madam! This is dangerous!”


Emma stopped her from behind, but Charlotte quickly tore off her skirt, wrapped it around her hands, and grabbed the knob again. I still felt the heat on top of the fabric, but it was still more bearable than before.


Charlotte turned the handle and bit her lips to bear the pain. However, the handle was not opened.


“Bring the key!”


“there he is .”


At the same time, Charlotte screamed, Robert, who came running, carried the key. Charlotte put the key into the slot with her trembling hands and turned it, but this time the door did not open again.


‘Is it magic?’


In this case, the feeling prevailed. Charlotte, trying not to get nervous, covered the door with her body and touched the handle so that others wouldn’t see it.


When the mana flowed out at the fingertips, the door opened.


However, through the slightly opened gap of the door, hot heat and a blazing fire escaped.


Charlotte reflexively pulled back and covered her face with her arm. The assembled employees also shouted and dispersed.


The inside of the door was already so red that she couldn’t see anything inside.


Just entering that way was suicide.


But Theo was inside. I can’t wait for others to come along like this.


Charlotte muttered firmly.


“Emma, bring water.”




“quickly !”


Emma thought Charlotte was looking for water to put out the fire, so she brought plenty of water with all the staff around her.


However, unlike the staff who poured water inside the door to put out the fire, Charlotte poured water on her head. Soon her entire body was wet.


“Miss, what are you doing?”


“I have to get Theo out.”


Charlotte tried to take a step by getting wet and removing the hair attached to her cheek. But before that, Emma grabbed her arm.


“No! You can’t go! If you enter, the young lady will die!”


“If I don’t go in, Theo will die.”


“If you enter, you will both die!”


I know. I don’t know what caused the fire, but if Theo’s room caught fire, it might be too late to save Theo.


However, Charlotte knew what Emma did not.


‘Theo is a Rosito’


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