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Randro, who had arrived late, magically cleaned Theo’s room and it was perfect. The room, which was so rotten that it was hard to look at, returned to its original state as if nothing had happened.


Carcel went inside and looked at each piece, wondering if there were any clues.


‘No matter how much you think about it, it’s weird.’


Theo, who could not handle his mana yet, lit a fire and instinctively used magic, causing his mana to fluctuate.


However, it was nothing more than a rise in heat due to the mana being released from the body. This way, he didn’t drain all of his mana.


No such case is recorded in the records of the Heinst family. A young Rosito had unstable mana, but at the same time, precise control was impossible.


In other words, it was impossible for Little Rosito to release all of his mana.


In short, it can be said that this event is historically exceptional.


So what would be the Reason? 


It can only be that Someone controlled Theo’s mana in a way.


but How ?


In front of Carcel, a cat appeared before his troubled eyes.


A dead white cat, with no signs of a burn thanks to Rando’s restoration of everything in the room.


There are no cats in the Heinst family. Besides, Theo’s room was on the third floor, so it was difficult for a stray cat to get in through the window.


Above all, he was not a stray cat. Judging by the elegant fur, it was a well-bred cat.


Carcel came closer and looked at the cat and found something and summoned Randro.


“Randor, what the hell is that on the cat’s neck?”


A red gem is attached to the cat’s neck.


Obviously, even though Randro has restored everything to normal, the Red Gem has some scratches. It appears that the crack had already occurred before the fire broke out.


Randro walked over to Carcel and picked up the jewel. His eyes widened as he looked at the jewels.


“Duke, this…!”


“What is this ?”


“This is a mana amplification stone.”


“Mana amplification?”


“Yes. Anyone using this can use magic to the maximum level they have. It’s expensive and hard to get, so it’s usually only used when magic is used on a massive scale.”


Carcel’s face froze as he listened to Randro’s explanation.


“To send the rare magic stone to Theo….”


Carcel stared at the magic stone in Randro’s hand.






“Someone knows he’s Rosito.”


It was most likely the work of someone from outside. Few people here knew that Charlotte was the right person. There was no reason for anyone to make such a fuss.


They could move back and forth inside Theo’s room, but there was no reason to use the cat like this.


But we do not know what is happening in the world. As long as things are going this way, no one in the palace can be trusted.


In particular, it was necessary to double-check those who knew Theo was Rosito and keep them on his side.


At that time, Randro, who was silently looking at the magic stone, complained.


“Duke. This magic stone.”


“What is happening ?”


“This magic stone is broken now, but it seems to have a magical ability to send videos.”


“What is this ?”


“It’s a magic that sends a video of this gem’s whereabouts to another pair of magic stones. Perhaps the opponent was watching the scene by sending a magic stone to the young master through the cat.”




“Maybe he saw Miss Lannia calming Mr. Theo’s mana.”


Carcel took the magic stone from Randro’s hand and then pressed the red gem hard enough to crush it.


“Sir Randro.”


“Yes, Duke.”


“The oath, when can you do it?”


Randro hesitated for a moment and answered.


“It is possible even today. However, Morris is abroad, so I think he needs a few days to come back.”


“Then, for the time being, let us take action so that Lord Ahin and Chase can take the master’s oath .”


“Yes, I understand.”


“Do you have any complaints, Ahin?”


“There is none. If I can prove my innocence in this way, I will do anything.”


“Okay, Morris can do that later. Now let’s stop talking about work for now.”


Carcel, gritting his teeth violently, left the room with Randro.


After he left, Ahin got up, leaned over, and looked under the bed.


A blue magic stone slightly smaller than his little finger. He had previously seen a magic stone of the same color as this one.


Ahin looked around and put the magic stone secretly into his robe pocket.


I don’t know how you did it, but this was Charlotte’s Magic Stone.




Theo wasn’t hurt at all. But it is not right to say that he was completely fine.


The fact that he was trapped alone in the fire left a great shock on him.


“Oh!, I’m scared!”


Theo, who fell asleep, hid under the blanket and cried.


The kid was terrified, so he kept sleeping for a short time and then woke up again to look for Charlotte and Carcel.


Whenever that happened, Charlotte ran to hug him and whispered, “It’s okay,” but Theo couldn’t calm down.


The child, whose face became as white as a sheet, hugged Charlotte tightly while trembling. It was a difficult sight to see.


‘Why wasn’t I there at the time?’


I know it’s useless. Initially, Theo took naps alone, and Charlotte also spent time separately.


Then she would pick up Theo who has woken up or Theo, who has woken up earlier than expected, comes to her. This was their daily life.


However, it was sad that Charlotte couldn’t be next to Theo when he was so scared. So I held Theo’s hand while he was sleeping and silently shed tears.


‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m late.’


The words I couldn’t say out loud for fear of waking the baby were stuck in my heart like a nail.


Then someone put his hand on my shoulder. When I looked back, I saw the face of Carcel, who was also suffering.


He comforted Charlotte quietly while she was blaming herself.


“It’s not your fault.”


“but ….”


“It is the fault of the person who attacked Theo.”


He closed his eyes for a moment and let out the pent-up anger inside, but then he grabbed something and pointed it at Charlotte. It was a red magic stone he had found in Theo’s room earlier.


In fact, he didn’t tell Charlotte everything when he was looking for the spy among the maids. It’s not because he doesn’t trust Charlotte, it’s because he doesn’t want her to get hurt.


He thought if he hid it from her and kept quiet, Charlotte would be safe kept in the dark.


But he was wrong. Charlotte seemed calm, but she was braver and more impulsive than he thought.


When it comes to Theo, she rushes off without thinking. Didn’t she find it out on her own and come forward personally during the maid case?


Even if he hid everything he knew today, she would somehow try to find out.


She will be very disappointed with this because he hid what he knew from her. Maybe she will think he doesn’t trust her.


In addition, Carcel wasn’t willing to keep a secret between him and Charlotte now. He wanted to share everything with her.


“What is this?”


Charlotte carefully picked the gem from Carcel’s palm. The blackened and cracked red gem looked ominous at a glance.


In addition, it was faint, but I could feel the mana flowing out from the stone. It was a magic stone used by me.


There were two types of magic stones.


One was a one-time magic stone, and the other was a continuously usable magic stone.


The magic stone Charlotte was trying to craft was the last. This was because Charlotte’s mana had the effect of calming Theo’s mana.


On the other hand, a magic stone with features like attack magic and defense magic could only be used once.


This also seemed to be a one-time magic stone. Then what is the magic engraved on it? Besides, why would he show it to me?


“It was in Theo’s room. To be precise, it was a magic stone hanging on the neck of a dead cat by the bed.”


A dead cat by the bed?


Charlotte shuddered to imagine the scene. Then she noticed something strange and asked softly.


“Wait, what do you mean cat? Why is there a cat in Theo’s room? Besides, a cat has a magic stone around its neck. Why…it wasn’t there until Theo fell asleep and I left the room.”


“Yes. It looks like someone purposely sent a magic stone through the cat. It seems they took advantage of the fact that Theo loves cats.”


“What kind of magic stone is this?”


“A mana amplification stone.”


“What ?”


It’s the first time I’ve heard of this, but Charlotte knew roughly what it was like.


“It is a magic stone that increases magic in the mage’s body to the maximum, however, there are side effects after using it.”


“It must be unstable because it is more mana than they originally can handle.”


When Charlotte muttered, Carcel nodded.


“yes, it is.”


“Then why did Theo’s mana suddenly explode….”


“Yeah, maybe because he touched the magic stone while touching the cat and his mana went out of control.”


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