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“Who did this ….”


Charlotte looked at Theo and covered her mouth with her hands.


The child was sleeping in a cold sweat after a nightmare.


To take advantage of the innocence child. I don’t know who did it, but there was nothing as cruel as this.


“It looks like the people who kept targeting Theo did. Physical or magical attacks don’t work in this palace, so I guess that’s why they used such a kind of magic. Even if I say that they seem to think that his mana will fluctuate and he will die.”


“Then maybe….”


Although Charlotte’s question wasn’t over yet, Carcel nodded as if he knew what she was going to ask.


“Yes, it is the doing of someone who knows Theo is Rosito.”


“How can such a….”


“Maybe he knew that Sir Heather was a suitable person. And about you, too.”




Whenever Charlotte remembers the moment she first met Theo, she couldn’t help but feel that something was weird.


Sir Heather suffered serious injuries to the point of losing his life, but how could Theo remain unharmed without any injuries?


Anyway, the only scratch on the back of his hand was caused by a tree branch while escaping.


If they were aiming at Theo, they could attack him blindly. Regardless of Sir Heather’s skills, it would be difficult for him to fully protect Theo and deal with a group of assassins.


Even if Theo instinctively used magic to survive, it wouldn’t be easy for him to not suffer even a small wound in such a situation.


If that was the case, perhaps Theo also healed his body while using magic.


But Theo’s clothes were only stained with Sir Heather’s blood, and there were no traces of wounds on his body. This means he wasn’t hurt in the first place.


No matter how much I think about it, the question cannot be answered, but as of today, all of these questions have been resolved.


“‘He’s been targeting Sir Heather from the start.'”




It wasn’t easy to target Theo in Sir Heather’s arms, and there was even a possibility that he might be defeated.


So the assassins rushed to kill Sir Heather from the very beginning.


If he dies, it’s easy to kill Theo…


“If Sir Heather dies without receiving treatment on time due to being mortally wounded, Theo will die anyway.”


I got goosebumps when I thought that far. Charlotte could hardly hold back what she wanted to shout. Her hand trembled.


What they were aiming for was Theo. However, as long as they knew Theo was Rosito, they could target the right person next to him if they couldn’t kill him personally.


And the right person now is Charlotte herself.


I don’t know if they knew I was the right person or not but if they did, I might be the next target. Like what happened to Sir Heather.


When I agreed to the contract, Charlotte thought I might face something serious one day. Regardless of all this, it was my choice.


However, it’s different from actually experiencing it.


My hand got cold in an instant.


At that time, something warm touched my cold hand. Carcel sat in front of me on one knee and held my hand carefully.


“I will protect you and Theo in some way.”


“Yes …”


“And if something serious happens to you.”


His words came out with a pained face.


“I will send you to another place where they will not be able to find you. Wherever this place is, if they know you’re not with Theo, you’ll be safe.”


Is this true? Charlotte thought about this idea for a moment, but after thinking about Carcel’s words, she was surprised differently.


Sending Charlotte to a different place where she can’t meet Carcel or Theo.


In fact, that word meant the annulment of the contract, that is, the dissolution of the marriage.


Carcel added hastily, looking at Charlotte, who opened her eyes like a surprised rabbit.


“Of course, I will protect you so that that does not happen.”


He told Charlotte all this, his words were like brainwashing.


Carcel was determined to tell her everything. But he couldn’t tell her one thing.


Through the magic stone the cat possessed, the other person probably knew that Charlotte was the right person.


That’s why Charlotte might really be in danger.


I couldn’t say this because I was afraid Charlotte would get scared.


‘If she knew, she would definitely try to go back home.’


Charlotte tried to protect Theo even if she sacrificed herself, but she wouldn’t try to stay here when she knew her life was in danger.


Knowing everything, you could leave this place.


I know I have to send her myself. But I wasn’t sure about letting her go yet.


selfishly Carcel broke off these thoughts and gave his own reasons.


I don’t think I could live without Charlotte.


So he couldn’t speak until the end.


However, I decided to keep in mind the fact that I had to let Charlotte go if it got dangerous here.




Carcel, who came out of Theo’s room, looked up at Rando with a stiff face.


Randro thought he was going to leave the magic stone to him, but unexpectedly, Carcel didn’t give it to him.


Instead, he asked something else.


“Theo is still suffering a lot. Is there any way to help him?”


“It was too terrible for the young master to go through.”


Rando mumbled like a grandfather who seemed concerned for his grandson. While arranging thoughts, he finally opened his mouth and looked at Carcel.


“There is only one way.”


“What is it?”


“It is about erasing the young master’s memories.”




“You can think of it as stamping the memory of the moment the fire started rather than erasing memories. It’s not a complete erasure of memories, so there could be a bit of a risk.”


Carcel couldn’t answer right away. He thought over and over again and hardly responded.


“Is there really nothing wrong with Theo’s body? Is there a possibility that his memory will return soon?”


When Carcel proposed marriage to Charlotte, he told her that if she refused, he would erase her memories.


But while saying that, he didn’t want her to refuse. I heard that erasing memories is harmless to the body, but I was worried that there might be side effects.


Fortunately, thanks to Charlotte’s acceptance of the proposal, her memories were not erased.


However, when I thought of erasing Theo’s memories, I was confused.


Although there were no side effects, could Theo’s body handle such magic?


When Randro read his concerns he calmly explained.


“There is no harm to the young master’s body. I can assure you of this. As for the possibility of returning your memories, it is…”


He continued as he stared into Carcel’s eyes.


“It’s not like the memories will never come back. Even if the memories return to him, they will return when the Young Master has grown up a lot.”


“By then, Theo will be able to handle it.”


“Yes, this is correct .”


“But are you sure? How can you be so sure?”



“I have already seen such an example. There are people who cannot remember sealed memories for more than 10 years.”


Carcel thought again. Even when he heard that this wouldn’t cause any harm to Theo’s body, I still couldn’t completely shake off this uncomfortable feeling.


However, Randro had pledged to his father.


Before his father died he asked Randro to take care of Carcel and Theo, so he couldn’t do anything harmful to Theo.


Above all, isn’t Theo suffering now?


I no longer wanted to hear Theo cry with a fearful face.


I no longer wanted to see Charlotte crying next to the baby and blaming herself.


Carcel nodded his head after coming up with an answer.


“Then please.”


Carcel exited Rando’s lab and headed for Ahin this time. Lately, he, who voluntarily took the Master’s pledge, has fallen ill with a fever.


When Carcel visited his room, he was lying in bed with a towel on his forehead.


“How do you feel ?”


“Ah, my lord duke.”


After hearing Carcel’s voice. Ahin got up from his seat and the towel fell to the floor.


Carcel picked up the towel himself and sat down beside the bed.


“I interrupted your rest.”


“No, it’s okay. I just have a slight fever.”


Carcel looked at Ahin with different feelings than before.


When asked if he could make a master’s pledge, he answered without hesitation. In addition to the words, he actually carried out the pledge with Chase.


As a result, Ahin escaped suspicion from the recent swordsmanship competition.


If he had done something harmful to Carcel before, his heart would have exploded before signing the pledge.


This was one of the reasons why the master’s pledge was rarely used.


Most witches not only cannot keep the oath of the master, but will also die if they defy him even once, even after, or before the oath is taken.


Chase and Ahin were the only two people he could completely trust at this point when everything was chaotic.


Carcel opened his eyes after closing them for a while and offered a

magic stone to Ahin.




“It is a magic stone that was found in Theo’s room earlier.”


“Yes, why do you present it to me and not to my teacher?”


“Could you investigate this source in place of Sir Randro?”


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  1. I’m glad that he’s not trusting Rando. Even if Rando has good intentions I feel that because his pledge was made to the father he has the leeway to interpret what is “best” for Carcel.