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Charlotte grabbed the arm of the child who was about to rub his face as usual, and put a bracelet on his wrist.

His chubby arm matched perfectly with the bracelet.

The child felt the cold metal touching his body.

“What is this ?”

A gift from Sister to Theo.

“wow .”

Theo smiled broadly at the word “gift.”

Because he couldn’t fully open his eyes, it was funny and cute.

Charlotte managed to swallow her laughter and patted the area near the bracelet.

“You have to wear this all the time, okay?”


Theo bravely replied. However, Charlotte was well aware that Theo could not take off this bracelet even if he did not make such a promise.

Due to the characteristics of children who dislike feeling things for a long time, Lord Ahin put a locking spell, considering Theo could take off the bracelet at any time.

Not being able to remove the bracelet does not mean his life is not in danger, Theo can instinctively remove the bracelet using his magic.

However, to prepare for the emergency, Sir Ahin presents Charlotte with a magic item that rings an alarm bell to removeTheo’s bracelet. 

Theo, who discovered this, opened his closed eyes wide.

“Sister is like Theo!”

“Yes, I have the same bracelet as Theo, right?”

“Yes, I like it !”

Charlotte smiled, following Theo’s smile, and took the child’s hand.

This was to ensure that her mana and Rosito’s mana could be combined to make a magic stone.

Theo looked at Charlotte and she looked at him seriously.

‘What’s wrong with sister? Oh! Are you saying let’s play? this is fun! It’s fun, so I’m sure sister would want to do it too!’

Theo was excited and took Charlotte’s opposite hand with his other and shook her up and down.

“Shake, shake!”

The child waved his arms recklessly. At the same time, nothing happened. That was because Theo had not blown mana into his hand.

But I can’t get Theo to use mana. Charlotte was disappointed but smiled and accepted Theo’s naive play.

‘As expected, should I go to Carcel?’

But what do I have to say when I go there? I have something to check. can i hold your hand Wait, let me hold your hand?

It was strange to think of anything.

It was a challenge from the start.


Carcel looked at the room in front of him with emotional eyes. It’s a room in the ivory and yellow colors that he loves.

It is the room he used when he lived in the Duchy as a child. The interior layout had changed, but it was the room Theo used now.

There were two black-haired children lying face to face in a soft, familiar bed covered with blankets.

Looking closely at each other told me that the two are very close.

“Light the fire again.”

The child lying to his left whispered disdainfully. The child who was about to cry was only five or six years old.

Carcel, who was standing on the right side of the bed, could see the baby’s face from the front.

The moment I checked the baby’s face, I knew it instinctively. That kid was Carcel Heinst himself.

But it was strange.

He had never spoken to a child with the same black hair in his childhood or slept in the same bed with him in this way. No, we didn’t even meet in the first place.

In the empire, black hair is rare, and few people had black hair quite like him when he was young until now.

So, who is that kid he is sitting face-to-face with?

Ah that’s right. This wasn’t the past, it was just a dream.

He quickly became convinced of the current situation. If it was just a dream, something different from reality.

In any case, it was impossible to come to the room where I lived in the past.

So talking to this kid is probably a simple dream that didn’t actually happen.

“But you didn’t do it, right?”

This time, the baby lying on the right whispered gently. Little by little, though, Carcel ended up shedding tears.

Carcel clenched his fist and said, “Don’t cry”.

His father, who was not friendly, when he was crying he would say to him coldly, “What is the hardest thing in life?” .

So Carcel had to secretly swallow his tears alone.

However, the baby said “Carcel” and although “Carcel” was crying, there was no sign of resentment in him.

“do not Cry. You did nothing wrong. Look look . Nothing happened in the end.”

“It’s because you helped me, I didn’t do anything.”

“No, that’s what Carcel did, I didn’t do anything.”

Carcel couldn’t keep up with the conversation between them. Was I about to start a fire?

Not everyone will believe it, but Carcel as a child was shy and a little anxious, unlike now. He would not have done such a daring thing.

But he said, “I managed to stop the fire with your help.” What does that mean?

Is he saying that the unknown boy put out the fire that Carcel accidentally lit?

After serious consideration, he quickly decided to give up understanding children’s conversation.

Although he was a little taller than Theo, the conversations of children at that age were usually chaotic, and this place was a dream.

What is happening in the dream is difficult to understand. When I came to this conclusion, I heard the children’s dialogues.

Indeed, the expression of hearing was strange. This was because the children weren’t able to see him in the first place despite him being so close.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my mana forever. Children are usually able to control mana at the age of five, but now I’m seven.”

“Carcel,” he said, crying. This time Carcel couldn’t keep up with the boy’s talk.

Why should I learn how to control mana? When I became a sword master I was able to use mana.

Heinsts abnormally didn’t have any magic talents, so he didn’t sense his mana until he became a sword master.

Besides, “Carcel” who in front of him now…

‘He talks like a Rosito…’

It might be unreasonable not to control one’s mana at the age of five. This was what distinguished the rosito.

A dream is really a dream. What I am seeing is a bunch of nonsense.

Once again, Carcel ignored the baby talk. He began to stop caring about the meaningless content of the dreams.

“It’s okay if you can’t control your mana. I’m with you . I will protect you.”

“But…we can’t be together forever.”

“Why can’t we be together?”

The child held Carcel’s hand as if it were precious and whispered.

“We were together when we were born and we will be together forever.”

Then the child looked at him.

Carcel couldn’t help but be surprised this time.

The baby lying with Carcel looked just like him. Only the softly smiling mouth and eyes could tell Carcel from the baby.

Yes, like twins.

Once he thought about it, the kid raised his head this time and asked Carcel who was standing up.

“Isn’t that right, Carcel?”

At this moment, Carcel woke up from the dream as if he was stepping out of the scene. Once he opened his eyes he was able to see a familiar ceiling.

Carcel thought for a moment about what had happened, then grabbed his chest over his shirt due to a sudden pain in his left chest.

The pain was so intense that it was incomparable to any pain he had experienced before. In an instant, cold sweat broke out on his forehead and back.

He bent down and waited for his pain to pass. Usually, if it stays like this, the pain will gradually go away.

But today was different. The pain subsided a bit, but it still hurt him more than usual.

His eyes were blurry. Carcel gritted his teeth and struggled to bear the pain.

But this was not enough. He became more and more confused by the pain that not even his willpower could overcome.

When his mind was cloudy, he instinctively thought of Charlotte. A smile like sunshine and pretty white hands that seemed to take care of him no matter what.

Obviously, there was an experience in the past when I held her hand, I felt relieved and the heaviness in my chest disappeared.

His heart was pounding madly when he grabbed her hand, but it wasn’t a bad feeling when he thought about it.

On the contrary, he was excited and wanted to hold her hand more.

It was very embarrassing.

Carcel, who had been thinking this far, quickly got out of bed and started walking. The target was Charlotte’s room.

Is my head paralyzed from pain? It was late at night and Charlotte was supposed to be asleep.

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