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Oddly enough, I couldn’t sleep because my heart was hurting today. However, I heard a knock when I was lying in bed to sleep.


‘Who is this ? What did Emma leave behind?’


Charlotte, who thought it was Emma and opened the door without confirmation, was somewhat embarrassed by the person in front of her.


Carcel was standing in the dark instead of Emma.


What on earth is going on at this hour? Charlotte didn’t put her pajamas on because she thought it was Emma who was knocking on the door.


Carcel, who was so embarrassed the last time he saw her in her pajamas, came to her mind and just stuck her head out the door.


“What is going on at this hour?”


Obviously, if Carcel came to visit her during the night, something was urgent.


Theo was the only thing that had to matter.


Charlotte’s patience ran out when he didn’t say anything.




Blinking, Charlotte noticed that Carcel was different than usual.


First of all, he didn’t care about Charlotte’s clothes like last time. No, to be exact, he didn’t have time to take care of her clothes.


Sad to say, his mind was elsewhere.




This time when she anxiously called out his name. He raised his head slightly and looked at her.


Charlotte was really nervous this time. This was because Carcel’s face was stained with pain.


His hair was wet, probably because he sweated, and his eyes were red. He was gnashing his teeth hard as if to block the pain.


His chin was filled with strength. I’m worried his teeth might break at this rate.


I don’t know what’s going on, but it looked very risky. I figured I shouldn’t leave him alone like that, so Charlotte opened the door wide.


As expected, he didn’t respond to Charlotte’s white pajamas.


“First of all, let go in,it’s very cold.”


Carcel followed her inside as soon as she said those words.


Charlotte quickly put a dressing gown on over her pajamas, tied it tightly, and put more wood to heat up the room.


The flames, which had been quenched little by little, burned out, and the room became brighter and warmer.


“What’s wrong?”


Charlotte urged him to sit on the chair without standing up.


Charlotte screamed as soon as she touched his hand to pull him back into the seat next to her because he was standing still.


“Why is your hand so hot?”


His hands were extremely hot as fire.


His hands in front of the former duchess’s tombstone were also hot, but now they were incomparably hot.


Won’t the temperature be over 40 degrees? I had to worry that if I left him like that, he would die from overheating.


“If you are sick, you should visit a doctor, or a temple instead of coming to me…”


Another idea soon came to Charlotte’s mind when she tried to pull the rope and blame him.


‘Did his mana fluctuate?’


No matter how hard Carcel tried to hide his pain, there was no way he wouldn’t go to the clinic because he had such a fever.


Then the answer was the same.


I don’t know what the story was, but it’s evident that his mana fluctuated and instinctively came to me, who had the ability to calm the mana.


What made him so good at managing his emotions? I was curious but that wasn’t the problem now.


Carcel sat on the chair, and Charlotte sat next to him, collecting mana from their clasped hands. A faint light shone from where they both touched, and Charlotte’s mana started to seep into his body.


Obviously, the process was fast as usual, but it felt very slow. She was tense and anxious.


She’s been taking care of Theo all the time, so even though she’s good at it now, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to calm his mana down. So she is afraid of losing him like that in vain.


However, contrary to her fears, she felt his hand getting colder.


Until the temperature that was hot cools down to a normal body temperature again. Charlotte was nervous the whole time.


Noticing that Carcel’s breathing had become more comfortable, she released his hand.


At the same time, Carcel turned to Charlotte as if he was devastated.


Unlike on the anniversary of the Duchess’s death, Charlotte had to apply great strength to her legs to prevent it from falling down.


Carcel’s body, face, and shoulder were trembling.


Not long ago, like Theo, who would cry for Charlotte and Carcel whenever he woke up after an incident.


Not embarrassed, Charlotte patted Carcel’s head as she had done to Theo.


 I deliberately joked in a tense voice to calm him down.


“If you pout, you must be Theo’s brother. How can you two be the same?”




But I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore.


In fact, I wanted to ask what happened if I could.


But it was a topic that needed to be approached more carefully. It’s a conversation to have when more intimate conversations come and go and Carcel opens his mind.


And honestly, Carcel doesn’t seem very open until he tells her all those stories.


If you want to get close to someone you like, you have to start with small talk.


But only today did Charlotte realize that she and Carcel hadn’t been talking about everyday trifles.


Meetings and exchanges became more frequent, but the conversation revolved around Theo and the attacker targeting him.


Now that we can call each other by our first names, shouldn’t we be slowly sharing each other’s stories?


Then Carcel who was trembling seemed to be able to calm down a bit.


But what should I start with?


thought Charlotte, and at least brought up a topic to talk about.


“Actually, I suggested making the field for Theo so he wouldn’t be so picky about food.”




Charlotte whispered in his ear as if telling a great secret. Although no one is eavesdropping.


“Actually I really hate carrots.”


“Is that true ?”


Fortunately, Carcel replied as if it was an interesting fact. However, that seemed difficult to answer.


Charlotte was worried about him, but she kept speaking in an excited voice to avoid getting anxious.


“Yeah, so I’m a little embarrassed these days. Theo plays

The role of the carrot knight.”


“What is that ?”


“He uses the carrot as if it were a sword. The long carrot looked like a sword, so he picked it and said, ‘Yeah, let’s go hunt monsters!'”


When Charlotte imitated the baby’s voice, Carcel laughed. I became somewhat embarrassed and coughed aimlessly.


“It was even worse when Danny came. The two children played with carrots in a sword fight. A carrot that breaks can only be used to make soup.”


“I heard carrot soup is very popular these days. Is that the reason?


Carcel’s breath suddenly calmed down. He raised himself and looked at Charlotte.


His bright eyes were lighting up from the soft flames coming from the fireplace.


What made him endure everything so much?


“This is correct. But now that Danny is gone, carrot soup won’t be made for a while. Instead, there will be a lot of potato dishes. Theo digs potatoes.”


“Can I say something too?”


“What is it ?”


He whispered to Charlotte as if he was telling her a secret.


“I don’t really like potatoes.”




Charlotte was really surprised.


Of course, there must be at least one food that humans hate, but somehow I thought Carcel wouldn’t be like that as a non-picky eater.


“Have you not eaten it well yet? Didn’t you say you’re not picky about anything?”


When I asked about Theo’s first field sure enough he said he’s not picky.


were you lying When Charlotte asked with her eyes, Carcel answered quickly.


“Uh, I don’t like it but I’m not picky.”




‘The next week or so is going to be tough. Somehow Theo pulled out half of the potatoes’


Charlotte laughed and thought in her mind.


Carcel hates potatoes. So tomorrow I have to tell Theo to play with the other vegetables.


“What else do you hate? I will tell them so they can consider this on the menu.”


“I am not picky about anything else.”


“What about sweets?”


“…. Sweet stuff too…”


“That’s what I thought too.”


Charlotte spoke to him for about 20 minutes after that. In fact, it was a little embarrassing to say that we had spoken.


It was Charlotte who usually spoke, and Carcel only responded briefly in the middle while silently listening to her story.


However, it was a peaceful time. The air outside the window was cold, but the warmth of the fireplace, and the sound of logs made me feel good.


Charlotte, who explained what she had done at the festival two years ago, followed by stories about her two brothers, began to ask.


“what happened today?”


Carcel, who was good at answering even if he didn’t speak for himself, fell silent again.


“There must be something, right?”




“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”


Charlotte cautiously grabbed Carcel’s hand, who now looked a little stunned.


“Just remember that I’m always here when you want to tell someone something difficult that you’ve been through. I’m your fiancée, right? Always with you for the better and for worse.”




“don’t you think so ?”


Charlotte looked straight into his eyes, and he was still without an answer.




The closed absurdities were finally opened.


“…if I ever need someone to talk to.”


“Yes .”


“Will you listen to me?”


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