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Charlotte smiled and nodded her head.


“Yes, at any time.”


Carcel looked at Charlotte and licked his lips.


Charlotte waited for him to tell her what he wanted, but he didn’t.


After waiting for a long time, I felt that it still needed more time.


Well, it’s too early for him to fully open his heart.


So I get it. To be honest, I can’t even tell Carcel. My biggest secret is that I died three years ago and came to this world.


“Hey, Carcel.”


“Yes .”


“Can I hold your hand again?”


Unfortunately, that is not what I wanted to say. The words I gathered in my head all the time were different, but I was very blunt.


“Hey, I didn’t mean anything weird.”


“Yes .”


“Didn’t I tell you that I making a magic stone and to give it to Theo?”


“Yes, I heard that you were practicing making a magic stone, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it.”


Charlotte didn’t know how to bring it up, so she screamed inside. Lord Ahin confirmed that she had made the Magic Stone, but in truth, Charlotte wasn’t quite sure how to make it.


“This, I think, is a little strange, too.”


“It’s okay because it’s not strange at all.”


Charlotte, who was speaking seriously, burst out laughing without realizing it when he affirmed.


“How does Carcel know it’s not strange when I haven’t spoken yet?”


“Everything you say is not strange.”


It was a strange and embarrassing word. At the same time, it was also an encouraging word.


Charlotte muttered, avoiding his gaze.


“A few days ago, the day the accident happened to Theo.”


“Yes .”


“Actually, I had a hard time at that time. Honestly, I thought I was losing consciousness. But when I held your hand like this, I regained consciousness and was able to use my mana properly. ”


“Is this true? I’ve never heard of this before.”


This is correct . Because I didn’t tell anyone you were Rosito.


However, Carcel, who didn’t know the situation, seemed somewhat disappointed. Charlotte hastily added after seeing his face with a slight change in expression.


“No one ! I didn’t tell anyone! I just told Carcel! I was hesitant so I needed some time to think.”


Only then did his stiff face soften a little. However, he didn’t seem satisfied.


“Don’t make that face. I told the duke first. Anyway, when I got your help, I managed to craft a magic stone.”




This time Carcel looked a bit surprised.


“Yes. So I made some assumptions.”


Charlotte hid the secret and prepared in advance for a reason that Carcel could understand.


“Carcel, I think it’s because you were so upset. I tend to have a small amount of mana in my body, so I guess you transferred some mana to me.”


“This is possible .”


“I did an experiment with Theo in anticipation, but Theo didn’t know how to handle mana, so there was no reaction.”


“Yes .”


“But… it is too much to experience from Sir Ahin and the other magicians.”


Carcel immediately cut it off and responded.


“Yes, this is not allowed.”


Then he extended his right hand to Charlotte.


“Isn’t it better to do it with me than with someone else?”


He was pretending to be calm, but in secret, he showed his jealousy.


But Charlotte didn’t hate what he said. The truth embarrassed her.


Even a while ago, wasn’t the distance between her and Carcel wider? But I didn’t know that the distance would narrow so quickly after I decided to be honest with myself and called him by his name.


But that was fine, so I grabbed his hand with a smile.


“If you didn’t, I would have suggested it first, so don’t worry.”


Carcel asked in a slightly calm voice.


“What should I do?”


“From now on, I will collect mana on my fingertips. Can you collect mana in your hands at the same time as me? You helped me a lot when I was in the fire, right?”




“You can do it the way you did it before, try it.”


Charlotte placed her palm on Carcel’s large palm and gathered the mana into her hand.


Carcel also felt the concentration of mana on his palm. He felt satisfied when the warm energy came into his hand.


‘Will I be able to pass this time?’


Charlotte opened her eyes and looked at her hand. As always, a blue magic stone was made on the palm.


She had always tried this with her palm up, but this time her palm was facing Carcel, and the location of the magic stone was a mystery.


The moment Charlotte intertwined her fingers with him and clenched her fist tightly, a falling sound was heard.


creek –


Carcel’s mana was scattered, and Magical stone was broken again. Charlotte cried unconsciously.


“Duke. No, Carcel!”


You’re leaking mana! I looked at Carcel to see what the hell was going on, he turned his head and covered his mouth with the hand I wasn’t holding.


“One more time, I will try.”


“This time you can’t pull your mana in the middle.”


Charlotte paid attention to it and then concentrated the mana on her palm again.


In the same way, Carcel’s energy passed through her hand. A pleasant feeling of sleepiness in the body.


I told Carcel to focus, but she felt like she was going to lose focus.


Charlotte narrowed her eyes and looked at her palms.


Soon, a blue magic stone the size of a little finger landed on Charlotte’s robe. It was an easy success for her compared to what she had been struggling with.


‘Did I succeed ?’


Charlotte picked up the magic stone with a puzzled face. A magic stone that matures with the same energy as Theo’s. It was successful.


“Oh, it worked!”


Charlotte yelled at Carcel with joy.


“Did you see that? you passed! I made another magic stone!”


Then I noticed that Carcel’s ears were strangely red.


‘Thinking about it….’


She lowered her gaze and looked at her hand.


Her fingers intertwined with Carcel’s hand.


Unlike Charlotte, who was holding his hand tightly, Carcel was extending his fingers.


To anyone, it seems that Charlotte molested him and it is not a close relationship between the lovers.


Soon after, Charlotte’s cheeks were even redder than Carcel’s ears.


“I mean, this is a magic stone made…”


At the time Charlotte would have pulled her hand away.


“Even if you don’t need me anymore now.”


Carcel brought Charot’s hand close to his.


“Can’t we stay like this a little longer?”


Charlotte wondered if she heard it right, so she couldn’t answer and closed her eyes.


Does that mean you want to hold my hand for a little while longer? Even if there is no reason for this…


After thinking about this point, Charlotte’s face instantly turned redder than Theo’s Adult Tomato. The redness reached her neck.


She had no dating experience before coming here. What’s more, she had never heard such unfamiliar words before.


Not knowing how to react, she bowed her head in response.


“We can.”


Then Charlotte followed him and intertwined their fingers tightly.


It was pathetic, obviously holding Carcel’s hand didn’t happen just once or twice, but it seemed like a special act today.


What makes my heart beat and my face warm?


‘Oh, maybe one last time, Carcel….’


Charlotte remembered how Carcel ran away from her after grabbing her hand. at that time.


She smiled at the thought that she felt the same way.


“Why are you laughing ?”


I think you’re kind of cute. Charlotte swallowed the words in her mouth.


“I loved making magic stones.”


“Is it that good?”


“Yes . Carcel does not know how much I suffered.”


“You already said you made one for Theo, why are you working so hard to make another one again?”


“Ah, this.”


Charlotte was drunk with joy and for a moment forgot what she was going to do with this magic stone.


‘I’m going to make an engagement ring.’


Actually, I wanted to make a magical stone and give it to Carcel as a gift.


However, there seemed to be no reason to hide the matter.


It would be better to talk and decide on the design or size together.


I thought about it and muttered while holding his hand.


“Ah, I can’t give you an expensive engagement ring like you did to me.”


“It’s okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to burden you.”


“No, I’m the one who feels sorry.”


Charlotte said, her mouth feeling dry.


“Instead, I will process this magic stone to make a ring. It’s the same color as the blue diamond you gave me, so I guess everyone can believe they’re the same pair, right?”


Carcel opened his eyes wide as if in surprise, rolled his eyes slightly, and then smiled.


“I’d love that .”


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