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‘Who is it?’



Charlotte looked around to find the owner of that voice.



Just then, Theo responded in her arms.




“Huh?  Brother? ”












Theo and the owner of the voice continued to speak again at about the same time:




“I just want to make sure Theo is safe.”




Someone came out from between the Heinst  knights.



The knights opened the way, and moved aside as if the sea was splitting.



Charlotte recognized him at a glimpse.



“Carcel Heinst”.




Even if Theo didn’t tell me, it was easy to notice. 



The only person who can stand out from all this crowd is the main character in this world.



The man, taller than the Great Knight, had black hair and purple eyes, as originally described.



Although he was walking slowly on the quill road, I could sense the elegance of an aristocrat and the trait of a knight.



At the same time, I could feel the tension of the predator as it moved impatiently.



Carcel, who stood in front of Caesar a few steps away, asked again.



“Where’s Theo?”



Theo examined his brother’s face.



“ Brother!”



Carcel’s eyes opened wide when he discovered that it was a sweet voice that did not match the increasingly tense atmosphere.






He took a step towards Caesar and approached Charlotte.


It was a fast and impatient run, unlike the way he walked a short time ago.



Theo hugged Carcel’s neck and rubbed his cheek like a child.



“It hurts to watch…”





The crowd muttered as if it was going to explode at once.



It was a terribly low voice.



He couldn’t say anything more with a complicated look on his face.



At first glance, his slightly frowned face seemed to be crying, but he did not shed a tear.




Charlotte  just looked at Theo with a loving face.




‘Make sure you don’t get hurt anywhere from now on.’




Theo looked at Carcel and his cheeks bulged in exasperation.




“Why are you so sad now!” (Theo)



“I’m sorry. For being late, are you sick?”



“No! Let’s eat candy! “







Carcel looked at Theo with a stiff face.



Only after making sure Theo was, okay he sighed and hugged him tightly.



His face, which Theo patted on the back with a slight frown on his forehead, was stained with traces of his hard work.



‘I guess he didn’t sleep nor eat well’(charlotte)




His cheekbones and jaws were as sharp as a wound.



Theo, who buried his face in his brother’s shoulder and burst into laughter, suddenly pointed at Charlotte who stood motionless.



“Say Hello to my sister!”







He, who was slightly upset by the unfamiliar address, looked at Charlotte.




Only then did he bow his head to her too late.



 Charlotte also reflexively bowed her head to greet him.



 At the same time, her hand holding her dress trembled.




‘How will Carcel react? Will he accuse us? Or will he just go?’



Charlotte tried to read Carcel’s mind, but his expressionless face was void of any emotion.




It was a moment when she closed her eyes tightly, feeling uncomfortable for some reason.



She said in a very polite voice




“Thank you for getting to Theo safely.”




Carcel was still expressionless, but at least there was no hostility from him




“The Heinst family will never forget your favor.”




He didn’t say anything more than that. 


 Aside from being grateful for Theo’s protection, if Lannia  was involved, they would pay for it. 


 He didn’t say anything, but it could have been a cause for concern.



 However, Charlotte looked at herself with disdain.


 ‘I can feel  the  silent warning with that cold look.’ 


 She struggled to nonchalantly  look into Carcel’s eyes and remembered the word that described him in the original book.



‘Was it said he looks like a wolf?’



That said, he felt like a monster.



A monster that doesn’t roar violently but poses a threat just by standing up and watching.




She opened her mouth, anxious not to tremble.




“We, Lannia, did what we had to do. We will work as hard as possible to further investigate.”



 “Thank you for your concern.”



Contrary to his cold eyes, he bowed to Charlotte in a completely polite manner.




 Then she patted Theo, who was still chattering, on the back, and turned away.





Theo, who was talking to the cat in the backyard, shouted, looking back  at Charlotte.




“Theo, let’s go home now”.(Carcel)



“And sister…?”(Theo)



“········ sister?” (Carcel)




“Sister Charlotte!”



Carcel did not understand right away, so Theo stretched over his shoulder and pointed at Charlotte.



“Is sister worth it?”




Carcel turned his head and looked at Charlotte for a moment, quickly getting her attention.



“No, Theo, it’s just you and your brother.”(charlotte)



“Why?! Why!!”



“Sister is sleepy, your sister needs rest.”



“ Sister……”



Carcel took some time to get used to this unfamiliar scene and said.



 “Sister will stay here.”







 “Because here is her home.”



 “Then I will live here too !”



 Theo scrambled as if he was going to go down quickly.


Carcel’s face, who had always been very calm, looked a bit awkward.



“Theo, you can’t do that. We are going home.”



 “Brother! I hate you!”



Theo turned and reached out to Charlotte.



 “Sister, I will stay with my sister!”



At that moment, Theo’s eyes became wet with tears. 


In his pathetic appearance, Charlotte reached out reflexively and grabbed him again.


 “Theo, Theo needs to go home.”



 When Charlotte rejected him, Theo twisted his body further and shouted.



“I hate you! I hate you too!”



 “Theo, calm down. Well, let’s calm down. You can’t be mad. “



Carcel tried to calm Theo with a look of bewilderment. 


His Little brother simply grumbled.


 It was an exaggeration to say charlotte was embarrassed about it.



“I hate you, brother! “



 “Theo, please calm down!”



Carcel said bitterly.



 Theo’s body, who was struggling, suddenly drooped and started shivering.


 His eyes turned upside down, and his face paled, unable to breathe properly.



 “Where’s the doctor!”



Carcel shouted in a sharp voice and Theo was on the ground.



 The doctor jumped out of the crowd and quickly looked at Theo’s condition, helping him to breathe by tilting his head back, turning his eyelids, and looking inside his mouth.



 Charlotte clenched her hands nervously as she watched Theo trembling up and down.



 Now, the doctor’s words she had heard before resounded in her head.



—But we don’t know when the after effects will occur, so we have to watch carefully in the next few days.




Perhaps, as the doctor said, the effects of a high fever appeared too late.



‘What’s wrong with Theo? No, more than that, why can’t he breathe properly? ‘



Of course, the doctor knows better than her in medicine, but Charlotte was so frustrated that she could no longer stand idly by.



 So she pushed people and approached Theo.





The people here don’t seem to know of artificial respiration, so she was going to try it herself.






That was the moment Charlotte shoved the doctor and grabbed Theo’s dull cheeks.






A bright light began to erupt from his soft cheeks. 



A light brighter than the autumn sun on his head, it was an intense light.



 Charlotte couldn’t shake her hands off of  Theo even though she thought something was off.



To be precise, it was like her hand got  stuck to his cheeks.



When the bright light that was rapidly spreading throughout Theo’s body finally faded, Theo’s hoarse breathing became even more comfortable.



 The tremor in his body disappeared.



“Are you okay?”



 As if he was asleep, you could hear his breathing and thought calmly.



At the time when she was retreating.



 Carcel grabbed her hand, still clasping Theo’s face,






Surprised Sir Caesar tried to separate Carcel’s hand from her, but the fast Heinst Knights stood in his way



 And Carcel put his palm in Charlotte’s.



 ‘His hands are trembling like he’s desperate, but it doesn’t feel scary ‘



 This is what she felt



 Perhaps that is why Charlotte did not refute Carcel’s impudent attitude and did not slap him.



 For some reason, she thought she shouldn’t do that. 



 Carcel’s hand, which she touched, was larger than her finger and were as cold as ice.



 ‘It’s just his hand in my hand, and I’m still alive.’



 Charlotte thought for a moment a funny idea that he was going to eat her.



 Charlotte, who was trying to ask,



 “What are you doing now ·····?”



 In hindsight, she was surprised by the sensation in her hands and fell silent.



 Carcel’s hand, which was cold, became hot for a moment, and little by little intangible energy began to flow onto Charlotte’s fingers.



 At the same time, the connection gradually shines.


It’s the same thing that happened with Theo.



 It was a silvery light. 


Carcel’s eyes grew slightly wider, who was staring insistently at her hand.



 He muttered while holding Charlotte’s hand.


“No way·····.”


 His eyes briefly turned from Theo and stared at Charlotte’s face.


 Charlotte didn’t know what just happened, so she just blinked with a confused face.


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