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“Come on~ Young master. Come on~ open your mouth?”




The Heinst’s doctor, who followed them from the capital, gently Examined Theo.





He was like a grandfather with an impressive gentle smile.





Charlotte was worried that Theo might refuse to say “aah” again, but the kid unexpectedly opened his mouth right away.





“Yeah, well done,” 





he was a very skilled doctor





He pressed his tongue with a long wooden stick to examine his mouth and carefully examined his body as he lifted his clothes. 




Theo accepted his touch without resistance. 





Contrary to what happened when he showered for the first time in Lannia’s Mansion, he was not ashamed of his doctor lifting his shirt.






On the contrary, when the doctor pressed his swollen belly, he burst out laughing, saying that it tickled. 






Charlotte sat next to Theo.





I hugged his stomach and watched the scene. 





I couldn’t relax because I was nervous.





He had a seizure that turned his eyes upside down just 12 minutes ago. 





There could be a problem, even if it seems fine.





It was strange that the child, who was likely to faint at any moment in the first place, became so well.





Yeah, it is really strange.






It’s Something that would normally have  never happened.




Charlotte raised the hand from Theo’s belly and examined her palms.





 There was nothing special.





There was no such thing as a sudden pattern, or a cross of mana around her hand, as is often seen in novels.






On the surface, Charlotte was still an ordinary baroness.






If Carcel didn’t face any problems, he could have left with Theo as originally planned and gone back to his normal daily life.





I will miss Theo, who has become attached to me for the past five days, but will soon forget him.





Later I can feel proud  hearing Theo’s news that he is doing so well from afar.






 ‘Yes, this does the trick.’ 






I’ve got involved in the original book for a while, but now it’s time to break out of the story as an extra. 






While thinking about it, Charlotte couldn’t let go of her nervousness.





It was because of the sight I saw a while ago.





‘I didn’t see it wrongly.’





Evidently, the moment I touched Theo, his face brightened. 






In addition, the same thing happen holding Carcel’s hand.





I didn’t know exactly what happened, but I did know that I saved Theo. 





And the long-term romantic fantasy reader’s instinct told me. 





This is an emergency situation. 





I can no longer live as a quiet extra, and that’s more danger if you ask me.





Carcel was more suspicious. 






When Theo had an epileptic fit, he lost his mind and called a doctor, but he did not even show his face throughout Theo’s examination.





He even asked for understanding and left, saying that he would be away for a while due to an urgent matter.





Normally There is nothing more urgent than Theo here.






‘What was the order of events in the original work?’





Charlotte looks back at the original novel, which she can’t even remember. 






If the events were related to the main character’s younger brother, it must have been significant.





But I can’t remember.




This is because there are many novels that I have read, and it has already been three years.





Charlotte stared at the palm of Theo’s innocent hand.





“The examination is over,”




 said the doctor, who examined Theo from head to toe. 





Only then did Charlotte raise her head and looked at the doctor. 





The doctor’s expression seemed more relaxed than before, perhaps because she thought it was a lie.




“Oh really?”





“Yes, so you don’t have to worry,”






 the doctor said politely.





I was stunned for a moment.





By the way he was so polite that it felt excessive. 





The other person was the Duke of Heinst’s doctor.




Even the Doctor could have been of a higher status than Charlotte, the Baron’s daughter.






Moreover, given that the age gap, he also looked like Charlotte’s grandfather, there was no reason to show such an attitude towards her.





“Are you okay?”(the doctor)





Charlotte, frankly blinking, shook her head when the doctor asked her,




“Yes, I’m fine.”






There was no reason for her not to be fine, because it wasn’t her who had a seizure, it was Theo.






“If you suddenly feel tired or sick, feel free to tell me. I will prescribe the appropriate medication for you.”






“Yes, thank you.” 





‘I wonder why he would say that.’



While she was thinking, Charlotte just nodded her head.





Then she opened her mouth again because something crossed her mind.





“Is Theo really better now?”





“Yeah, like I said, he’s fine.”





“He had a fever last night. I got better after taking medication and sleeping, but it wasn’t too bad.”





Charlotte inadvertently rolled her eyes and looked into the doctor’s eyes.





If something was wrong, he might have looked at Theo again, but he was still smiling.





There was no response of astonishment, no sign of concern.





“If you’re concerned about the after effects, that’s okay. Thanks to you the young master overcame two great challenges. Thank you very much.”






The doctor stood and bowed to Charlotte as if she was Theo’s benefactor.





Charlotte sat bewildered, her upper body bent with him.





Then Carcel appeared when she heard a knock.





He approached Theo with a calmer face and clearer eyes.





Theo sat on Charlotte’s lap and smiled at him.





“Hi!” (Theo)

< omg he’s so cute ^-^>




“Yes, are you okay now?” (Carcel)









Carcel’s eyes turned to his doctor this time.





“As you can see, he’s fine without any pain. Then I think you two have something to talk about, so I’m leaving now. Call me whenever you need me.”






The doctor, who hastily arranged the bags, bowed to the two and left the room.






Then Emma, ​​who was waiting outside, came and brought some refreshments.











Theo’s eyes glowed with the chocolate biscuits on his plate. Charlotte put the biscuit in his hand, who was shaking his short arms to grab it.





Theo looked at her as if he thanked her, smiled and bit the Cookie out loud. 




The wet cookies crumb left Theo’s bumpy gums.





“My sister! Drink this.”






“Do you want this?”





“Do you want to drink too?”





“No I’m fine.”




Theo ate a lot!




His mouth, becoming convex like a squirrel, munching hard and reaching for another biscuit.





Charlotte got lost in thought for a moment, holding a second biscuit in her hand




‘But why is Theo still attached to me?’





For the past few days, I thought he was attached to me because only strangers were around him.





But it is different now.




His brother Carcel is here. 





Even in the past few days Theo showed signs of wanting to see his brother. 





Given that Carcel ran up to him as soon as he arrived,  normally he should  be attached to him, not me.




The most interesting thing is that Carcel did not say anything about it.





He didn’t say a word to Theo to come here or to Charlotte to hand Theo over.





He just sat across the table and stared at the pictures of the two best friends. 




Charlotte gave Theo a third biscuit and looked at Carcel for no reason.




‘Why do you keep looking at me like that?’





It would be better if I said anything, but I kept bothering to shut my mouth like that. 




‘That’s because I felt like he was watching my every move, not just looking’









That was when Charlotte opened her mouth because she couldn’t resist the silence, Carcel got up suddenly and walked on his long legs.





Charlotte was intimidated when she stayed under the great shadow of his head, like a herbivore before a natural enemy, when he got closer and stood in front of  her.





Carcel then sat down on one knee in front of Charlotte, pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped completely the corners of Theo’s mouth, which seemed far from paternalistic, but wiped his face and hands.




The touch was gentle and tender.




“It’s dangerous because eating crackers in one go can clog the airway.”




However, the choice of words was not very good.





Theo, who had bitten off another piece of the biscuit, blinked slowly and asked.










“It’s tummy…”





Charlotte corrected Carcel’s words to match the child’s level of understanding.





“If you eat such a big thing at once, you’ll have a big stomach. It can hurt you. So your brother tells you to chew on it, right?”(Charlotte)





“Oh! Oh, really !”(Theo)





“Yes, 30 times.”(Carcel)





Theo looked at the two and bit the biscuit smaller than before.




Then he moved his mouth slowly and began to chew the biscuit.






And each time he moved his mouth, he folded his biscuit-free fingers and counted, one, two, three, four, five.





Theo started stuttering because he wasn’t familiar with numbers.




That’s why he relied on Charlotte to count for him. 




Then she turned her head when she suddenly felt a persistent stare, and met Carcel, who was still sitting in front of her.





Charlotte couldn’t take her eyes off his face as if she was possessed by something. 





He is very handsome. 





Of course He is the protagonist of the romance novel!!!





He had a more beautiful appearance than Charlotte could have imagined.





His sharp eyes and narrow mouth made him look cold, but thanks to his soft speech, he wasn’t intimidating.





A man who feels strong but handsome.




Certainly, as described in the original novel, he had a mysterious atmosphere.





I think he has a different personality. 




In the original book, Carcel Heinst had a cool but cruel side.




And in place of his original personality, his character changed after he lost Theo.




And in order to find out who killed Theo, he tortured people without the blink of an eye and cut their throats.




I’ve always felt on edge, so no one…





No one could get close to him. 





Except for the heroine Penelope.


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