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It’s a story that appears a lot in romance novels.


The story of a man and a woman who meet by chance, fell in love  at first sight, but parts ways without a proper farewell.


“Before the Duke returned, he dropped something valuable. I picked it up and kept it. And when you came here to find Theo, you saw what had fallen from you then, and found out that I was the one you met two years ago.”


‘The woman he loved saved his brother’s life and took good care of him.’


Besides, his younger brother follows the woman like his sister. 


Carcel, who saw Theo following Charlotte, was again in her favour.


‘Doesn’t it look a lot like a fairytale?’


What if it is?! 


This world is in a novel anyway.


In addition, in this world where there are so many political marriages, and most of them have been happening upon meeting at the prom.


It is not strange to say that he was in love with the one who took care of his only younger brother.


“That sounds good.”


Chase nodded.


All that remains is Carcel’s opinion.


There was no saying if it was okay or not. 


I just kept my mouth shut with a worried look on my face.


“Two years ago, the festival was delayed ·····.”


before the founding festival, Carcel’s mother, Duchess Heinst’s health, was rapidly deteriorating after Theo’s birth.


A year or so later, she passed away in early winter two years ago.


Given that the National Foundation Festival was held in late autumn, the Duchess’ condition at the time of the founding would have been poor enough to predict her death.


This is how it went for Carcel.


“Is it too much? If so, let’s think of something else.”


Carcel muttered in a low voice.


“It’s okay, miss”


It was an affirmative answer, but he seemed somewhat hesitant.


“If you don’t like it, we can look for something else.”


“No, thinking about it, I was out in town at that time.”


It’s almost their only possible chance of contact, so would be the best option .


Charlotte asked carefully, examining his facial expressions.


“So, is there anything you might have dropped that day?”


Carcel was unable to answer at Charlotte’s sudden question right away. 


So she asked the question more specifically.


“Even if you lost something on the street two years ago, I mean there needs to be something that could attract people and for the story to be credible, for my part, I didn’t carry anything specifically that day.”




“I wore a sapphire jewellery bracelet that I received as a gift, but I don’t have it now. Even if I had it, I wouldn’t say I lost it two years ago because my family saw my bracelet after the festival. “


“Something I lost……”

Carcel agonized for a moment and pulled something from his arms.


It was a necklace in two parts split in half, and when the two were glued together, it became a circular necklace with a star engraved on it. It was a two-chain necklace.


‘Why are you carrying something like that?’


Charlotte thought, but she certainly didn’t ask.


Carcel passed her the left necklace.


“It’s something I’ve always carried since I was a kid. I think it’s okay to say I lost it two years ago because no one knows about it.”


Chase, who was examining the shape of Carcel’s necklace, opened her eyes wide.

“It’s definitely something I don’t know about.”-chase


If the aide next to Carcel who stays with him every day didn’t know, no one else would really know.


“This will do the trick.”


Charlotte ,who was handed the necklace , stared at it. Perhaps it was a precious thing since childhood,however the necklace was still in good condition,there weren’t too many blemishes and it glowed brightly.


I’m sure this will do the trick.


He lost it on the street, and I hid it in a jewellery box, so that even Emma, ​my personal maid, couldn’t have seen it .


“It’s beautiful.”


Charlotte, who had raised the necklace to eye level, smiled slightly as she looked back at Carcel.


“Okay, let’s keep up the good work.”




Baron Lannia returned that evening, just as Charlotte had expected.


Charlotte, who had been checking the window the whole time, heard the horse screeching and rushing to the first floor.


“ Welcome back dad!”


Charlotte lunged at Baron Lannia as he got off the horse.


Baron Lannia’s expression brightened, although he looked tired from the past few days of hard work.


From the bright smile on his face, Charlotte knew that her plan might succeed, and tactfully guessed it.


However, I asked as if I was in a hurry.


“How was it?”


Baron Lannia petted Charlotte’s head as if he was petting a child, this was the baron’s habit.


It wasn’t something he should do for his adult daughter, but Charlotte felt that she was loved every time.


“You don’t have to worry anymore. I brought a good amount of money, that filthy viscount can no longer pursue you.”


“What do you mean by that?!”


The old saying, <The tiger comes when you talk about it>, seems to be a popular saying here.


Charlotte turned her head, frowning at the rough voice that sounded like a pig’s.


Viscount Routine with a squeaky red face got off the carriage.


Perhaps because of his fall from the stairs yesterday, Lord Routine’s face was bruised and swollen.


Duke Routine grumbled as he approached Charlotte and Baron Lannia.


“You describe me as a rude man. When I just made a good proposal to Lannia.”


Charlotte cursed under her breath.


“So have you prepared the money? I do not think so.”


Baron Lannia calmly replied, unlike Duke Routine, he only spoke one word at a time.


“I’m ready,” 

he takes a piece of paper from his jacket’s pocket and hands it over. 


A check issued by the Imperial Bank for the amount on the front and an imperial seal on the back.


“50 thousand gold coins in full and 5 thousand gold coins in interest. A total of 55,000 gold coins.”


“What ?How!?”


His eyes widened.


Lord Routine took the check from Baron Lannia as if it had been possessed.


He opened his mouth as he checked the check. 


“How the hell did you do this in a few days?”


“I told you.”


Charlotte folded her arms and looked at him arrogantly as she did yesterday.


“I can pay you back.” 


She remembered what happened three years ago when she saw the rotten masterpiece whose plan had failed and his collapsed face .


It was about a month after Charlotte came here.


At the time, she admitted that she had become “Charlotte Lannia” and was studying one thing after another about the territory to live properly as Charlotte.


What is the main crop of Lannia County, how to process this crop, etc.


Even accurate information about the state of Lannia’s ownership over the past few decades.


I quickly came to a conclusion after studying and reviewing it,


“As expected, agriculture is a high risk business. ”


There is a risk in anything, but agriculture could have failed for a year without people having a chance to take care of it if a sudden natural disaster occurring.


Sudden cyclones, floods and droughts. Charlotte saw many farmers crying and laughing at the same weather in Korea.


When there was a drought, the fields were dry, and when there was a hurricane, the sowed  fruits would fall to the ground and destroy a year of cultivation just before the harvest.


According to records, Lannia’s property never failed, thanks to the good weather, her harvest was normal.


Maybe that’s why Baron Lannia reassured her not to worry.


Perhaps he was thinking of running a farm for his youngest daughter, he must have thought she wasn’t knowledgeable.


But Charlotte still couldn’t relax.


So she decided to have a plan for insurance.


Whosever Charlotte Lannia is.


She is a possessed person who has already read what will happening in this world.


Charlotte decided to make full use of her anxiety and her studies.


According to the book “The Case of Southern Mine Discovery”, an accident occurred in which a mine was found in the southern part of Lannia land.


Penelope’s father was the owner of the mine.


Penelope’s father, a commoner, made a fortune from it and bought the title of baron.


Then Penelope became an aristocrat and went up to the capital for the party, which allowed her to meet Carcel.


Three years later, she forgot a lot about the novel, but Charlotte had read the novel, so she could almost remember the location of the mine.


After looking at a map near there, I found out where the mine was supposed to be and invested in it.


At first, Baron Lannia objected, calling it a ridiculous idea, but in the end he took his words back.


Charlotte’s plan was ultimately successful.



After Lord Routine sensed Charlotte’s arrogant look, he shouted with his hand holding the check.


“This is fake. Where did you pick up a fake check!” 


He couldn’t get over his anger and tore the check in half.


He Rip it up again, as if that wasn’t enough and, again. 


In the end, nothing was left.


The check can be issued again, so it doesn’t matter if he tore it up.


The problem is that an impassioned Lord Routine snatches Charlotte’s wrist and starts moving.


“I haven’t liked it since yesterday. How dare you ignore me like that?”


“What are you doing!?”


Baron Lannia grabbed Baron Routine’s hand to separate them, and this time Routine grabbed the Baron’s collar with his other hand.


“Do you think I’m going to just sit there and watch? I’m going to sue you! “


Tap tap tap.


Carcel who approached him from nowhere… trusted a sharp blade to his neck.


Lord Routine couldn’t breathe properly because he was afraid that he would cut his throat if he moved even a bit.


“What kind of disrespect is this…” said Carcel, in a voice softer than a blade’s.


Charlotte was reminded a little bit about his character, who was described in the novel.


Carcel looked at Lord Routine, Routine’s swollen face that was red turning into a pale blue.


“…what are you doing to my fiancée?!”


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  1. I’m very happy all of that stuff regarding Theo being a wizard was exposed so quickly!

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