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At those words that followed, Viscount Routine who started having hiccups turned pale.




“Hey, you’re his fiancée?!”




But there is someone who is more surprised than that.




“Charlotte, what the hell is he talking about?”




Upon hearing Baron Lannia’s voice from behind, Charlotte wrapped her hand around her head.




It wasn’t wrong since we had signed the contract, but the timing was far from right.








As if Charlotte had become a criminal, she looked into the eyes of Baron Lannia, who was sitting in front of her.




After Carcel dropped the Bomb, Baron Lannia, who had called the two of them into the lobby, remained silent for twenty minutes.




He picked up the crimson teacup without taking a sip and sighed as he looked at Charlotte and Carcel several times.




‘I look like the kid who had an accident.’




I am not a child, but I had an accident.




Originally, Charlotte planned to introduce Theo and Carcel to Baron Lannia step by step and then talk about the engagement.




It was divinely ordained to meet the person I met in the capital again, and I wanted to speak and say that I wanted to continue my relationship with Carcel and Theo.




Very quietly, Baron Lannia and the Baroness could have fully understood.




‘But suddenly the engagement story appeared out of nowhere.’




How do we leave the introduction and the main topic and suddenly talk about the conclusion?




Charlotte stared unknowingly at Carcel as she sat worriedly beside him.




The cause of this disaster sat with a completely  expressionless face as if he had done nothing.




When Charlotte saw his expressionless face, she wondered what he was thinking.




‘What the hell was he thinking when he said I was his fiancée?’




“That’s right, Charlotte.”




After a long silence, Baron Lannia finally opened his mouth as he moaned.




“Engagement, what do you mean?”




His face looked tired just by asking.








Charlotte told the Baron the story she made up with Carcel earlier.




I’m not used to lying, so my voice took me away ,as if I was reading from a script, and I struggled because I couldn’t remember the story right away.




But fortunately, the Baron was still in a state of shock and did not notice the lie.




“Yes, we met on founding day.”




Baron Lannia sighed and touched his temple.




He left before Charlotte met Theo, so he was able to hear the Heinst family story of late.




It was surprising in itself that even when he was far away, it was possible to determine Lannia’s fate.




‘And suddenly Charlotte and Carcel are engaged?’




Charlotte never showed any sign of that.




‘No, wait a minute. She was saying that she wanted to go to the capital over and over again.’




Charlotte begged to go to the bustling capital by the time she got tired of her usual routine.




By now, in Baron Lannia’s head, this turned into a plausible romance.




“Did you say that you want to go to the capital to find Duke Heinst there?”




“What ?Ah! Yes.”




Charlotte took out the necklace that was hanging around her neck to the Baron.




He found the other half hanging around Carcel’s waist and swallowed his sigh once more.




Lannia’s land was lacking in many things, but Baron Lannia always tried to raise his daughter without regret.




It was because he was always sad to see Charlotte always in mourning because she had older brothers and no sisters.




In particular, since the youngest daughter, Charlotte, suffered a high fever three years ago and became more mature .




He sent her to the capital two years ago because he thought she was just depressed.




Baron Lannia looked at him regardless of whether his opponent was the Duke. 




His anger rose because Carcel did not budge.




Of course, Carcel was a better candidate compared to Ariel Routine, who threatened him with debts in exchange for marriage.




It was good and more than enough.




But after covering everything, he will feel that everything is fine, but how easy is marriage?




If Charlotte, who used to live only in the county, now lives in the capital, specially in Heinst’s mansion, there is a good chance that she won’t be able to stand it for at most a year and then run away.




The Baron needed to feel reassured, it wasn’t just a game, but he wanted to feel certain that Carcel would really love and cherish Charlotte.




“Duke Heinst, do you really need this engagement?”








“Wait a minute, don’t get involved.”




Charlotte could no longer respond to the baron’s firm words and looked at Carcel.




Carcel looked at her, placing his arm on her shoulder.




It was a careful and gentle gesture, as if he was dealing with his long-awaited girlfriend.




“It is surprising. But it’s true, I need the lady.”




Speak slowly and clearly. Wasn’t wrong. 


Carcel definitely needed Charlotte to keep Theo safe.




But due to the situation, the meaning of these words was a bit different.




“I will not let the miss regret anything.”




After listening to Carcel’s words, Baron Lannia couldn’t ease his fears, instead making him anxious.




After much thought, he sighed.








“Yes, dad.”




“Are you sure you won’t regret it?”




Honestly, she didn’t know what was going to happen next.




If Penelope showed up while looking after Theo without any special event, it was not expected whether they would continue the courtship or if a bigger accident occurred.




But this is her choice.




Charlotte smiled and responded.




“I will not regret it.”




Baron Lannia, who was thinking about it after hearing this, got up from his seat and approached Charlotte.




Then the corners of his eyes became wet as he stroked his little daughter’s hair.




“Yes, if you wish, But if it’s tiring, come back at any time.”




At the same time, Charlotte was so touched that she felt like she was about to burst into tears.




Obviously, it was a fake engagement, but she still had a strange feeling that she was leaving her little family.








“This is the report you requested.”




Chase put the report in front of Carcel. 


The report was so thin that there were only a few pages left.




Given Chase’s ability, that means he has nothing to investigate rather than fail to investigate.




In fact, Lannia’s property was not something special to investigate.




It is a quiet city that is strangely involved in such a thing with Theo.




Carcel remembered Lannia’s property, which he saw with his own eyes, and read the report. 


Chase, who was looking at him turning the first page without writing anything, hesitated a bit and then opened his mouth.




“As I said earlier, it was a hasty decision.”




“What ?”




Carcel kept his eyes on the report and then asked.




“I mean the engagement t. Because Miss Lannia was the one who suggested it.”




“There was no other way, Theo would be in danger without Miss Lannia.”




“However, I was hasty, what if Lannia’s family was involved in this assassination?”




Only then did Carcel drop the report and look at Chase.




“So how do you see it, do you think Rannia’s family is involved in this?”




Chase, who was answering well, answered quickly.




“There was no such thing. Baron Lannia was also investigated, there was nothing special about him.”




“so what’s wrong ?”




“What I don’t understand is  why would you make this hasty decision that you wouldn’t normally have?”




“It will not change even if Lannia’s family is involved. Whether they are allies or enemies, Theo needs the girl, anything else?”




“But ….”




Carcel raised his hand to stop Chase.




“Even if Lannia’s family were hiding something, they would have forced me to get engaged. I better keep her close and watch her.”




Chase said nothing else and looked at the door. 


Chase, who realized the meaning, bowed his head and left.




Even when he was alone Carcel didn’t pick up the report right away, he closed his eyes for a moment from the pain he felt under his left chest and took a deep breath.




The chest pain that started after Theo disappeared, oddly enough, didn’t go away after Theo returned.




There was one time when this pain completely disappeared.




Carcel opened his eyes and looked at his palm.




Today, when he held Charlotte’s hand, he felt as if the pain in his body had completely disappeared.




The tiredness and dreadful headaches that had accumulated over the past few days had disappeared within just a few seconds of holding her hand.


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