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Charlotte looked at Robert, who had stopped in front of  the next room, with a slightly puzzled look.


Looking at Robert’s expression, the room next to Theo’s room seemed to be hers. 


Charlotte said to Robert, comforting Theo, who was dragging her arm.


“Theo was so excited to come to the capital that he didn’t take a nap. He might get tired and sleep. Can I get Theo to sleep first?”


“Then I will guide you again a little later.”


“No . It’s okay, just move the luggage, and I’ll go by myself, it’s right next door, right?”


“Yes it is .”


“Sister! Where are you going? !”


Theo thinking he was being ignored, puffed out his cheeks and gave a sullen expression.


Robert smiled sweetly as he looked at Theo and when his eyes met Charlotte’s, his expression quickly changed back to normal.


“Yes, I understand. If you need anything, please let me know anytime.”


“Yes. Thank you .”


Charlotte smiled at him and followed Theo into the room.


As soon as Theo entered the room, he let go of Charlotte’s hand and jumped onto the bed.


Then he jumped off the bed and ran again, holding the brown bear that was lying beside the pillow in his arms.


“This is for you!”


Theo carried the teddy bear proudly for Charlotte.


Extending her hand, Charlotte couldn’t accept the bear and at the same time she couldn’t refuse it, and she stiffened in place.


She barely opened her mouth as she watched Theo waving the bear at her hurriedly.


“Are you giving this to your sister?”


“Yes, sister!”


However, when Charlotte hesitated he gave her the doll in her arms.


Maybe it wasn’t enough, so he put him on the ground and ran again and this time he took a candy out of the box.


He brought a book of fairy tales from under the bed…


Charlotte’s hand was filled with Theo’s treasures.


Theo who ran enough to make his forehead sweat, smiled widely when he saw the things around Charlotte.


“Sister! Whooo!”


Then he blew on Charlotte’s forehead.


“Sister, don’t be sick.”


“I’m not sick.”


Did he keep worrying about this?


Charlotte touched her forehead, which had been itchy since the wound had crusted.


Theo’s heart, that should never get hurt , was beautiful. 


But she was sad at the same time. 


Ah, as a child he should only see  and hear good things.


‘I think Theo would be relieved if I get treated right away.’


Carcel said that when she reaches the capital, a mage from the Heinst family would cure her.


But no matter how many times she said she was fine, Theo’s expression was still serious.


However, the healing would take some time because mage would be too busy to pay attention to such things right now.


‘So it may be difficult to treat it today.’


It’s okay for her to be sick, but she didn’t want to see Theo sad, so she decided to turn Theo’s attention somewhere else.


“Wow, Theo. What is that ? Would you give all this to sister?”


When she touched the toys Theo had brought her, Theo looked away from her wound and instead looked at the toys.


He started gossiping and explaining how to play with each one.


When Charlotte listened to his sweet explanation, she began to take a closer look at the toys. 


Then suddenly her gaze fell on the bear.


A bear was often carried by Theo in his arms.


The strange thing was that the bear was made of cheap cloth that did not match the atmosphere of the duchy.


‘I think I saw that somewhere.’


As Charlotte picked up the bear with a puzzled face, Theo grew excited and began to speak like a bell.


“Brother gave it to me!”


“Your brother ?”


“Yes !”


Theo took the doll from Charlotte’s hand and held it in his arms. 


By looking at his happy face, she could tell how much he loved the doll.


Charlotte looked at Theo and his doll as he smiled widely.


‘He really becomes more lively during the day.’


But no memory seems to come to mind.


In fact, all teddy bears usually look alike, so she may have been confused with something else.


I frowned and tried to remember when I heard a knock in the back.


“Come in .”


In response, Charlotte quickly turned her head.


Soon the door opened, and a young man with reddish-brown hair walked in with Robert.


The man bowed his head slightly and smiled when his eyes met Charlotte. 


He was a very attractive man with a wonderful smile.


“My name is Ahin, the mage of the Heinst family. I heard you got hurt. If you don’t mind, can I take a look at your wounds?”


“Yes sure .”


Charlotte got up from her seat and sat down in front of the table across from Ahin.


Theo stared at the floor full of things and ran toward Charlotte with the doll in his arms.


Charlotte put him in her arms because he was begging with his eyes to hug him.


As usual, Theo lazily bowed his head in her arms.


Ahin carefully took off his gloves and removed the bandage that had been surrounding Charlotte’s wound.


The wound that had not yet been removed was swollen.


James wrapped the wound well, but the scene was not good.


The man who was examining her wounds took a chair and sat in front of her began to examine more seriously.


“It must have been very painful.”


Ahin gently touched Charlotte’s forehead and a light radiated from where she touched his hand.


There was a tingling sensation in her forehead and then a tickling sensation enough that she wanted to scratch her fingernails.


Charlotte scratched Theo’s stomach.


However, since Theo was holding a teddy bear, what she felt on her fingers was a soft teddy bear, not Theo.


I felt some kind of remorse.


Eventually when the light disappeared completely the itching disappeared.


Ahin stared at her white forehead, which had regained its former appearance without problems.


“It’s done.”


Charlotte rubbed her forehead, not feeling a thing now.


She did not feel any pain and the touch of her fingertips was soft and without scars.


Even without looking in the mirror, she could tell that the wound had fully healed.


Theo turned his head, then smiled when he saw Charlotte’s forehead.


The expression on the child’s face was more beautiful than when he saw his favorite  snack.


“Sister, are you not sick now?”


“Yes, sister is not in pain anymore.”


“Thank God !”


“Are you okay, young master?”


Ahin put his palm on Theo’s forehead. 


Theo nodded a little belatedly as he watched Charlotte’s perfectly clean forehead now.


“Yes !”


“You look healthy to me, but just in case  let’s check it out, okay?”


Another light leaked from Ahin’s hand. 


Theo suddenly shivered as if a shiver went through his body and then bit the ear of the bear he was carrying .


“Fortunately, Young Master is fine as well. I think it’s because of the miss.”


Charlotte noticed from Ahin’s words that he knew she was the destined person.


So she decided to tell the story she had been thinking about all the way to the capital.


“Pardon ….”


“Yes .”


Ahin, who was about to get up, sat down on the chair again and focused on Charlotte.


Charlotte opened her mouth after getting rid of the vague thoughts that were floating inside her head.


“Can you teach me how to deal with mana?”


“How do you deal with mana?”


Ahin opened his eyes wide as if he was interested and quickly managed to control his expression.


“I’m sorry . But miss is not good at magic, besides that….”


“I know I’m the destined person. And unlike a healer, a proper person can’t control mana.”


Ahin smiled and nodded this time without hiding his facial expression.


“Looks like you heard this from the Duke.”


“Yes .”


Charlotte remembered what Penelope had done in the original work as she looked at Theo, who was rubbing his face in the bear.


‘Penelope has learned how to handle mana.’


The right person should stick next to the bearer of Rosito’s Curse. 


This was the explanation that’s been tacitly passed on to a few people so far, and Penelope has been suspicious of it.


Is there a way to solve it even if I’m not there?


Regardless of being his wife, Penelope couldn’t stay by Carcel’s side the whole time.


There were times when Penelope left Carcel alone, such as having a meeting in a place where only vassals would meet, or when he had an audience with the Emperor.


Every time she did leave him, he didn’t show it, but he was suffering badly.


Penelope, feeling sorry for Carcel who was in pain, tried to find a way to ease his pain even a little.


I have already know how.


Charlotte spoke, remembering how she had done it.


“I heard that magic can condense mana to make it into magic stones.”


“Yes that’s right .”


“Then, wouldn’t I be able to condense my strength and make it into something like a magic stone? If that’s how it is …”


“Even if he is far from the miss, if he has this magic stone he can stop the symptoms of delirium of the mind.”


Ahin murmured.


Fortunately, he did not object to Charlotte’s words as nonsense.


Instead, he quickly turned his head and got serious, thinking it was a reasonable assumption.


Charlotte waited for Ahin to speak while playing with Theo, who was bored.


Ahin, who was writing something she didn’t know whether it was a formula or a scribble, in squiggly letters on a piece of paper, dropped the quill and put it down aloud.


“That makes sense, let’s try it.”


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