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“Your son ?”


Charlotte, who asked in a hoarse voice without realizing it, noticed her rudeness and bit her lip tight.


‘I didn’t think she would have a son.’


She was also surprised that Irina, who looked her age, was married and had a son, so of course she was.


As if she was aware of this kind of reaction, Irina answered calmly.



“It’s okay. Everyone is initially surprised when they hear this the first time. Danny is the same age as Theo, so since he has no peers, they have been playing together since birth.”


Since Danny and Theo are the same age, Irina said that she naturally plays Theo’s nanny.


“Danny is at home now, so next time I will introduce him to you. Since Theo loves Miss so much I think Danny will love you too.”



Later, when Danny gets older, it would be nice to be Theo’s assistant, as Chase did, then Irina added.



“Anyway, Danny was very sad when he heard that Theo was going far away. But when it was said that Theo had an accident I was really shocked, how could the mana portal be disrupted?”


When Charlotte heard this part, she realized she didn’t know anything about Theo’s attempted murder.


‘She thought it was just an accident.’


It would have been better if it is disguised as an accident than to have it exposed as a case of assassination.


It wasn’t good to know that the Heinst family had been targeted by someone.



“Sir Heather’s job didn’t go well. He was a really nice guy.”


Charlotte handed her handkerchief to Irina, whose eyes were slightly wet.


Irina buried her face in a handkerchief and wept while shrugging her shoulder, then smiled with bloodshot eyes as if she had calmed down after a while.


“I’m sorry .”


“No ,What happened to Sir Heather makes me sad, too.”


“I heard it was the miss who rescued Theo, who was wandering alone in the woods after losing Sir Heather. I’m a little late, but I want to say thank you. Theo is a very precious child to me.”


Probably because she has a child of Theo’s age. Irina seemed very sensitive about him.


Irina, who had folded the wet tissue and placed it neatly on the table, naturally changed the subject.


“I was only talking about very depressing stories. May I listen to Miss’s story? I was surprised by what happened to Theo, but I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I heard Miss’s story.”


It is not unexpected to be surprised. 


Because Charlotte herself, is still amazed and cannot believe it until now.


“I don’t know if you know this. But the Duke had never been interested in the opposite sex for as long as I remember. So even if Mister Robert told me earlier, I didn’t believe it until I actually met the miss.”




“Can I hear the Duke and Miss’s story in detail? I am so curious.”


Charlotte told Irina, whose face was filled with anticipation and curiosity, the story she had invented earlier.


Irina clasped her hands together when she heard that they had met two years ago.


“Gosh . This is a fateful story.”


Irina admired the necklace Carcel had given her, which Charlotte had shown her.


“So you two are engaged, but maybe you don’t know each other very well?”


“Yes . So we decided to get to know each other gradually during the grace period.”


Irina grabbed Charlotte’s hand tightly.


“Don’t worry . I will help both of you. You said you two met on founding  day two years ago?”


“Ah yes .”


Charlotte looked at Irina who seemed to be sincerely cheering their love, and couldn’t say anything else.


‘It’s okay…right?’


Carcel was rigid, but Charlotte liked Irina, maybe they could be good friends in the future.


She had a feeling that life in the capital, which was full of strangers, would be more comfortable.




Carcel was led by Chase into the dungeon.


In the deepest part of the Rotten and dark Dungeon, there was a chained man from his limbs with his mouth gagged.


When Carcel approached the cell, the man flinched.


There was the sound of chains moving loudly.


Carcel looked at the man with eyes devoid of emotion.


But Chase, who had been watching him for a long time, knew that what was hidden behind his numb eyes was a quiet dangerous rage.


Carcel blinked his eyes and the knight who was guarding the prison entered inside and removed the muzzle from the man’s mouth.


“Who did it ?”


The man flinched at the deep voice, then barely moved his cracked lips.


“I do not know .”


The knight who was listening kicked the prisoner’s stomach with full force, then the man coughed up blood.


Carcel raised his right hand to stop the knight, who, even though Chase and the knight tried to persuade him, went straight into the prison.


Carcel, who was sitting on one knee in front of the kneeling man, grabbed the man’s chin.


Blood gushed from Carcel’s hand, who was pulling the man’s chin so hard that it almost crushed.


“I’m asking again. Who did it ?”


“I do not know ah- ,really…”


Carcel’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the man coldly.


Carcel observed at the man’s face again .


‘It looks like he doesn’t really know.’


Apparently, whoever requested this assassination was working unanimously.


There was no way he would reveal his identity when he assigned this job.


In the first place, this man was caught not to find who was behind him, but to find traces of Theo who had disappeared.


After he had found Theo, there was no reason to hold on to that man anymore.


Carcel said to the knight in a low voice:


“Take care of him .”


“Wait, moment.”


The man quickly tried to grab Carcel’s clothes, but Carcel avoided it with a slight movement.


He walked out of the cell, leaving the man behind with an excruciating scream.


Chase, who had been covering his nose with a handkerchief the entire time in the dungeon, took a deep breath.


As an ordinary employee, his stomach was weak compared to knights, so he was bad with blood.


Carcel waited for a while until his pale, tired complexion returned to normal.


“Are you really okay with that? There is no other evidence….”


“He doesn’t know anything anyway.”


“Then how are we going to find out about the spy?”


“I don’t think it was on the part of the Knights or the Subordinates.”


Chase responded quickly.


“So from the mansion staff?”


“That’s a possibility.”


“Considering that a person is cleverly hiding. Probably a maid. And because the hostess’ seat was vacant in the palace, there could have been fewer restrictions on her actions.”


While Chase was organizing thoughts, he looked at Carcel and asked cautiously.


“Shall I ask Miss Lannia for help?”


Carcel refused without even thinking about it.


“You don’t have to.”


“But the miss will be in charge of the maids from now on, so it will be easy to find strange things, and since she knows this, won’t she help us?she signed a contract with the master as well.”


Carcel thought of Charlotte, who got hit in the head with a flower pot instead of Theo.


Since it’s for Theo, Chase said she’d be happy to help.


Carcel knew very well that it was a good method in many ways.


But somehow, he didn’t like it. She will try to find the spy and put herself in danger….


“Theo could be in danger if something goes wrong.”


Carcel justified the anxiety that was boiling somewhere in his chest.


“The contract is only for Theo’s safety, nothing else.”


Because of Carcel’s firm words, Chase retreated.


“Okay, what should we do next?”


“We’ll leave it to dame Celine.”


Celine had the highest ranks in terms of her skills even among the Templars, and because she was a woman, she could easily approach the maids.


“Then, what if we entrust dame Celine to accompany Miss Lannia? It suits her in many ways, and it would be easier to find the spy if she was with her.”


At the end of the conversation, Carcel came up with an answer.


“Let’s do that.”


Then he went straight to the horse.


By the time Carcel got back from work, it was already late in the evening.


Carcel walked into the quiet hall and came into his room at once, untied his tie and asked Robert who was following him.


“What about Theo?”


“There was nothing special. He was playing without his mana fluctuating, had a good dinner, and fell asleep.”


“Oh really ?”


At this moment he was supposed to walk out, but he paused for a moment before asking.


“….what about Miss Lannia?”


“During the day, Mr. Ahin took care of her wounds, in the afternoons she enjoyed tea with Baroness Renner, and in the evenings she spent a little time with the young master, and she is now in her room and does not seem to have slept yet.”


“Understood .”


After Carcel handed him his coat, Robert bowed and walked out of the room.


Carcel bent down and slumped onto the sofa without changing his clothes.


He didn’t do anything special, but his body was exhausted as if it had been crushed.


He raised his hand that was covering his eyes and looked at the empty palm.


The palm that was holding Charlotte’s hand. 


If I can hold her hand again, will I feel as comfortable as I was last time?


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