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It wasn’t all wrong, because Theo had run into Charlotte and survived unlike in the original novel.


But I never thought I would be the cause of it all.


Thinking about it, it was weird.


Why didn’t Theo meet Charlotte in the original work?


If Theo had been discovered by someone, and had been known he was Heinst young master, of course the locals would have sent him to Lannia’s Mansion. If so, it would lead him to meet Charlotte and living in safety.


But he died, leaving only one person in the family.


‘He didn’t have Charlotte.’


Originally, Charlotte died of a fever three years ago.


I managed to suppress the tears that threatened to fall.


“I almost died three years ago.”


I remembered the day that I didn’t even want to remember.


When I had an accident and closed my eyes, I thought my life would end this way.


That was normal, who would have thought I would reincarnate in a fantasy novel?



I thought I would miraculously survive and be in a hospital bed.


‘It was a totally different world, when I opened my eyes .’


When she opened her eyes again, what she saw was Baroness Lannia crying as if on the verge of fainting, and Baron Lannia trying to calm her beside her.


It’s a strange situation for her, but Charlotte wondered if she should scream because she didn’t know where she was.



It was because her body was heavy, as if a large rock had crushed her, and her breathing was heavy. She licked her lips, unable to make a sound.


In the end, she fainted again.


It was known at that time that ‘Charlotte Lannia’ was suffering from a high fever.


So much so that her two brothers in the capital had taken a leave and came at once here.


Charlotte’s original life may have ended at this time in the original as well.



What has changed this time, is that she has entered this empty body.


Unlike the original , this was the only way to save Theo.


Then I wondered if what I had said was useless.


‘What if she thinks it’s strange?’


Teresa spoke in a calm voice, as if she was able to read her fears.


“Don’t worry, I won’t doubt what the little miss is saying, and I won’t tell anyone.”



At the same time Charlotte asked her, it was an instinctive question.


“Is there a reason for me to be here?”


Like Theo who came back to life.


Until now, Charlotte never wondered why she became “Charlotte.” .


But after hearing Theresia’s words she had no choice but to doubt it.


Is there a special reason to come here?


Teresa shook her head, thinking she would answer.


“How can I understand god’s profound will ? All I know is that god brought a soul here.”




Teresa let go of her stiff expression and smiled sweetly. The cold eyes smoothly sculpted as if they had never been cold before and were drawn in a crescent shape.


“Since god guided you here, I will help you with all my heart.”


Teresa took Charlotte’s stiff hand. Teresa’s hand was very soft.


The moment Charlotte grabbed her hand, she felt as if she was holding the hand of her mother, who she had forgotten.


Her Korean mom has rough hands.


Her hand was not like Teresa’s but for some reason she felt like it is.


“Miss also needs my blessing.”


Teresa whispered softly, her breathing calmed, and sacred energy escaped from her palm.


She felt an intangible energy flowing through her hand into her body. She had a completely different energy than the mana Carcel had sent her.


At the same time, she felt sleepy. Fortunately, she didn’t faint like Theo, but her legs momentarily loosened and collapsed to the ground.


Teresa gave strength to her hands and lifted Charlotte.


“Now, the miss is very important so If you want something, don’t hesitate to come.”


It was definitely close, but Teresa’s voice was far away.


“But miss, unlike the young master you have two different threads connected, so they can break at any time.”


She reassured Charlotte by directing her out of the room.


“So you have to be careful at that time. You never know when that thread will break.”


When the thread breaks, does that mean she could die?


Charlotte turned her head when she came to her senses, but Teresa was nowhere to be seen.




Charlotte came back from the way she came, but on her own.


I thought Carcel and Theo had gone somewhere else, but they had stayed in the temple.


The only thing that had changed was that Theo was lying in the chair and Carcel’s jacket was placed on his stomach while he was soundly asleep.


Carcel immediately got up when he sensed my footsteps approaching.


“You’re later than I thought.”


“Yes, the Holy Lady did tell me some words from god.”


“Have you been blessed?”


“Yes .”


When Charlotte answered, she looked at the glass painting she had seen for the first time.


The Three gods of fate weaving the thread of fate. She lowered her head and looked at the hand that Teresa held.


‘I don’t know what this is.’


I thought there was something for Theo.


She was a little surprised that she already had a thread of fate, but she was not shocked when she heard that Theo’s thread seemed to be on the verge of breaking.


‘My thread was cut and then tied.’


This, too, was not unexpected. In any case, it is true that “Charlotte” disappeared somehow, and I entered her current body.


But the words Charlotte was worried about now were the words of Teresa that she followed.


So I have to be careful from now on. I don’t know when that thread will break.


What does the thread being cut mean? Does this mean the risk of death like Theo?


But unlike Theo, Charlotte didn’t have anything special. But now she does not know what to pay attention to.


Charlotte walked toward Theo, who was sleeping peacefully.


She already had a question in the meantime.


Why did Theo, who died in the original story, stayed alive this time? Why did Theo come to Lannia Palace among many places?


The first question has been resolved. Originally, ‘Charlotte Lannia’ had already died from fever.


It was three years ago, so Theo couldn’t find a new destined person.


However, there is still no answer to the second question.


‘Why Lannia’s property of all places?’


Perhaps this is an issue that needs to be resolved in the future.


‘Maybe the reason I came here had something to do with Theo.’


Thinking this way, I felt even more sympathy for Theo.


Charlotte took the sleeping Theo in her arms.


“Woo, Sister.”


“Okay, let’s go home now.”


Charlotte said as she wrapped Carcel’s jacket around the child.


“Now, shall we go home?”


Only Those simple words that touched her heart returned to her .




The opposite of how they were when they came to the temple in a hurry. On the way back they returned slowly. Everything was resolved, so there was no need to rush.


Charlotte was also able to look at the outside scene with a clear mind, unlike when she was going to the temple, her heart was pounding with worry.


The sun was shining in the green forest and the wind was cold. It was also nice to hear Theo’s regular breathing while he slept.


‘He must have been surprised today, so should I ask for Theo’s favorite candy to be made?’


At the time when Charlotte was thinking about what to do and looked at the child again.


Suddenly, a commotion erupted from outside, and the carriage hurriedly stopped.


Charlotte let out a silent cry and grabbed the child again so that he would not fall.


The child cried out loudly when he woke up like this. Emma was surprised and asked Charlotte.


“Miss, what’s going on?”


“I don’t know either.”


Charlotte tried to get her head out of the carriage, trying to figure out what was going on.


But before she knew it, dame Celine came close to the window.


“Miss, stay inside until I tell you it’s all right.”


“What ?”


“Never go out. Don’t even open the window.”


Then the window closed. A few seconds later, I heard the sound of swords clashing and screams outside.


“Damn it, cover the wagon, never let them get close!”


“Don’t waste your time!”


“Let’s take care of it!”


Her back was shivering.


I don’t know who attacked the duke’s carriage, but I can tell that things were going just fine.


Theo’s cry rose as if he felt troubled. Charlotte covered the child’s ears and smiled.


“Theo it’s okay.”


“Theo is afraid.”


“It’s okay, Sister is here.”


At the same time, the carriage shook vigorously as if someone had collided with it.


Theo screamed and buried his face in Charlotte’s arms.


Although Theo’s ears were blocked, Charlotte was worried that the little boy would hear the ringing of a fight around him.


She began to sing a lullaby in Theo’s ear.


“An angel lives over a rainbow. Let’s dance to the sound of the trumpet. 1, 2, 3, Miss Goat and the Hen and the Rabbit are jumping la la,la la la. “


“La la la,la la la.”


Theo was crying but he sang the song.

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