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“La la la, Good things will happen tomorrow, now baby let’s go to dreamland.”


“La la la , la la la”


Charlotte couldn’t cover her ears because she was covering Theo’s. So she had to hear the harsh moaning outside.


The sound of a sword cutting flesh , the sound of something breaking and falling to the ground. 


The sounds that she heard once from movies were ringing in hear ear.



This was the first time she had felt such a strong fear of approaching death. 


When I died in my previous life I had an accident, and it was in an instant that I was not afraid of death.


For the first time in her life she was unable to think properly.


She knew that there were a lot of escorts outside but no matter what, her body kept shivering.


So much time passed like an eternity and the roaring ocean gradually calmed down.


Charlotte could barely hold back her tears and continued to sing a lullaby, in front of her Emma was crying and praying to god.



The sound of sharp swords and the uproar gradually diminished.


Instead, the smell of blood stimulated her nose. Charlotte was hoping that Theo didn’t know the smell of blood.


Finally, the window opened, this time it was Carcel, not Celine.


His face looked as if it had nothing to do with what was happening outside.


He didn’t sweat and wasn’t breathing hard, yet his neatly trimmed hair was somewhat scattered.



His clothes were so clean that I wondered if he was even fighting.


He was wearing a light suit suitable for the temple, but there was no trace of blood on his upper body, at least through the window.


“Are you okay ?”




Theo poked his face from Charlotte’s shoulder, she was scared if there was any trace of the bloody battle, so she held Theo tightly preventing him from looking outside.


Carcel looked at Charlotte and quickly shook his head as if everything was fine.



“From now on, we will run at full speed to the capital. Be careful not to get hurt. Even if you get motion sick, please be a little patient. “


In such a situation, there is no way to complain about motion sickness . Charlotte nodded wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Theo.”


“Thank you .”


By the time I closed the window, the carriage started moving immediately. As Carcel warned, the carriage’s speed was faster than when going to the temple.


Charlotte carried Theo in one arm and held the chair in the other, praying that there would be no more raids.


Does prayer work? Did Teresa’s blessing work?


After that, the three managed to reach the capital without any other attacks.


But Charlotte did not calm down until after reaching the palace. She bit her nails nervously, trying to calm herself.


‘Who attacked us?’


Apparently Teresa blessed Theo and assured her that her child would be safe in the future.


However, despite their promise, they were attacked shortly after they left the temple.


Who was targeted in this attack? Carcel or Theo?


Charlotte was sure that the raid was targeting Theo, not Carcel. If it was Carcel, he wouldn’t have to leave with all these escorts.


Carcel was spending a lot of time alone, and if they wanted to assassinate him, they would think of another time and not today.


There was only one answer, it’s that it is not known that Carcel was engaged to Charlotte.


‘They were targeting Theo.’


But who ? Why?


Is the original novel still trying to kill Theo? Or are those who attacked in Lannia estate still around and targeting Theo?


Will Theo really be safe in the future?


Charlotte’s hand was trembling anxiously, and she did not take her eyes off the child until he fell asleep.


She could tell that she was lucky. Out of all these misfortunes, Theo didn’t get hurt.


Charlotte, who was close to Theo, finally came to a conclusion.


‘The assassins are here.’ ( -she means in the capital)


However, Theo’s visit to the temple today was unplanned and unexpected, so there was supposed to be a spy in the palace.


If a knight had been within reach of Carcel or Robert like a servant or a knight, they would have already found the spy the moment Theo disappeared.


There was only one answer.


‘You must be one of the maids.’


Theo’s disappearance was a secret so Carcel and Robert were unable to publicly investigate the house.


Even Robert the butler can’t look at the maids’ private spaces.


When she finished thinking, she noticed that only Celine came as an escort alone.


Why was it supposed to be Celine? Charlotte knew that Celine was a great knight.


However, Celine wasn’t used to one-on-one escorts, so why would Carcel have to appoint her such a task.


‘She is watching over the maids.’


‘That’s it!’


While Sir Celine accompanied Charlotte, she was secretly observing the servants.


Charlotte looked at Celine standing behind her.


I think I should watch Celine for a while.




Carcel tapped the desk with his fingers as he thought.


He had a sudden accident on his way to an unplanned trip to the temple.


They weren’t just thieves who wanted money, they were people who wore black from head to toe hiding their faces, they were trained assassins.


They hid in the trees and then attacked as if they knew the wagon would pass here.


Then something strange happened. In most cases, the attack would be aimed at Carcel.


As the head of the Duchy, he had many enemies in the empire and neighboring kingdoms. There were many attacks like this before and after his succession.


However, contrary to expectations that they would rush to Carcel, the assassins were relentlessly targeting the carriage. Carcel easily noticed that they were targeting Theo.


He also knew that they were partnering up with the assassins who were targeting Theo in the Lannia estate.


A maid must have quickly leaked the information. This was the only possibility.


When he went to the temple today, he made sure that the information was not leaked outside the palace, so the culprit was definitely someone from inside.


Then Carcel clenched his fist and was about to blame himself, but Chase came and knocked on the door.


Carcel bent down and grabbed the three reports that were in front of him.


This is  Dame Celine’s report.”


When she met Carcel, the report added some explanation.


“There are a total of three suspicious maids , Jesse, Ellie, and Hazel. They are said to have left work after the Duke had left the palace for the temple. And one of them tried to communicate secretly, but it was not possible to determine who was the spy.”


Carcel looked at the personal information of the maids and didn’t miss anything, and knew why Celine couldn’t find out anything about them.


An elderly father, a sick brother,and a single mother.


All three were struggling for life for their own reasons.


The Heinst Palace paid the highest salaries among the noble families, but if they had a family to support, it would be difficult to live on the salary alone.


When someone gave them a large sum and asked them for information about the Duke, it would be easy.


“I request Dame Celine to keep a close eye on these three, and if you find something suspicious you must report it to me immediately via the magical communication tool.”


He pulled out two blue jeweled bracelets from a drawer that he locked with a key.


This pair of bracelets had a magic domain that they could communicate through using the magic stone embedded in the middle of the bracelet.


“Well understood . And the ….”




“No matter how much I think about it, wouldn’t it be better to ask Miss Lannia for help? There seems to be a limit for Dame Celine to keep a close eye on the maids….”


“I refuse .”


This time Carcel emphasized the answer without thinking.


“No matter what happens, Miss Lannia shouldn’t get involved.”


Chase didn’t ask twice.


“Okay, I’ll pass it on to Dame Celine.”


He politely bowed his back and then left the office.




These days, Dame Celine felt her head throbbing. This was because of the assignment that Duke Carcel had passed on to her.


I thought there was a spy among the maids. She became Miss Lannia’s escort, so she could find out who the spy is.


At first, she thought that she would find her soon, because untrained maids found it difficult to hide such a big secret.


Even if a trained spy crept in as a maid, she thought the investigation wouldn’t be too difficult because she somehow thought she would stand out among the maidservants.


However, the investigation was not that easy. Charlotte had no contact with the maids and was spending most of her time with Theo.


The maid that Charlotte  met was only Emma and the services were in her room, and she seldom saw the maids of the laundry or the kitchen staff.


Fortunately, after attacking them on the road I was able to distinguish between them.


‘I don’t know if I should call this luck.’


As a result, it’s fortunate that Theo and Charlotte weren’t hurt, if …


Thinking about such a terrible thing, Celine shook her head.


After she managed to regain her composure, she arranged her thoughts again.


There was a group of three candidates to spy on.


Kitchen maid, Jesse.


Laundry maid, Ellie.


Hazel who is in charge of Charlotte’s room.


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