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She had seen Hazel, and only heard the names of Ellie and Jesse, had not seen their faces properly.


Hazel may be in and out of Charlotte’s room, but it’s hard to meet Elle and Jesse, who only work in the kitchen and laundry room.


“Dame Celine.”


“Yes !”


Celine got lost in her thoughts, and raised her head when Charlotte called her.


Charlotte, who was wrapping the scarf around her neck, looked at her and smiled a beautiful smile.



“I’m going for a walk to the garden with Theo, will you come with us?”


“Of course, if I don’t go, who will accompany the miss?”


“Good .”


“I love that !”


Theo who was very excited was the first to walk out of the room. Charlotte followed him, then Celine.


‘Who is she ?’


Walking down the hall all the way behind Charlotte and Theo, Celine paid little attention to the maid who greeted them.


The brown-haired girl standing in the middle was Hazel, one of the candidates for being a spy.



She seemed too weak to be considered a great spy. Even now as she greeted Charlotte she bent over so as not to make a mistake.


Or maybe she was shivering because there was something she felt guilty about.


After the short observation, Celine turned her attention away from Hazel as if nothing had happened.


Celine had more developed senses than anyone. 


She sees birds that fly better than others, so she quickly took her eyes off Hazel.



At first, it seemed like it was just a glimpse of the maid who had suddenly appeared. No one suspected that she was investigating the maids.


No, there shouldn’t have been anything.


However, someone was looking at Celine carefully.


“What’s the matter, miss?”


Celine paused and stared strangely at Charlotte, who was looking at her carefully.


Charlotte smiled brightly as she looked at her face.


“No nothing . Let’s go .”


Celine immediately grabbed Theo’s hand and did not think of Charlotte, who had gone out into the garden.


However, the moment Theo arrived at the garden and went to pick up the rocks. Charlotte was greeted by everyone and approached Celine.


“Dame Celine.”


“Yes Miss.”


Celine bowed to Charlotte and fixed her eyes with her.


Charlotte whispered in her ear and raised her palm.


“As expected, there is a female spy among the maids, right?”


How did you know that? Celine was surprised by Charlotte’s words and made up a lie.


“It ‘s not like that .”




Charlotte crossed her arms with a meaningful face.


“Celine, shouldn’t you say you don’t know what I mean? It’s even more skeptical when you say no.”


Celine realizes too late that Charlotte’s question was not “Is there a spy among the maids?” But she said it directly.


So Charlotte knew everything and thought of Celine.


In such a situation it seemed that it would not be good for her to lie more.


“How on earth did you know? I’ve been silent, have I been too obvious?”



“No, there is nothing wrong with dame Celine. I wouldn’t have  known if I hadn’t asked.”


In fact, she wasn’t convinced it was until Charlotte looked closely at Celine in the hallway.


Not to mention any other time, Celine looked at the maids for a very short time.


Only to the point that no one would have even known she was monitoring the maids.


It was because of Celina’s answer, as she had already said, Charlotte was convinced.



She may have been good at hiding her gaze, but she wasn’t that good at lying. Perhaps she was not used to one-on-one escorts.


Celine said with a sigh.


“Miss, I don’t know how you knew this, but can’t you just pretend that you don’t know anything like you had until now? The master should not know this.”


“Why didn’t you ask me for help? Was the duke against it?”




Was I wrong this time too? Celine was making excuses for nothing, but she bit her mouth to make sure she didn’t do another mistake.


“Why did he do this? It would be best for Theo to find the spy quickly.”




“Well, you wouldn’t have been able to disclose such a secret to me. The fewer people know about it, the better.”




Celine broke her promise to keep her mouth shut in a second and began to speak for Carcel.


“The master did this because he was worried about Miss. He was worried that Miss might get involved in this and get hurt.”


“Well, it doesn’t look like that…”


“It is the truth .”


Celine was disappointed. She had been watching Carcel for a long time, confident that she could absorb some of his hidden feelings.


This was the difference between him and the other knights who knew nothing but his sword.


When he gave her orders not to speak to Charlotte, it was clear that Carcel was worried about her.


Isn’t it supposed to be like this? The master, who did not show any interest in women, fell in love at first sight.


But Charlotte did not believe in this at all.


But she nodded before Celine said something else.


“Okay, well, he said that.”


“Uh .”


“Anyway, the important thing is not to tell me, right?”


“Yes .”


“I will keep it a secret. I will keep it a secret from the Duke, so please let me help you.”


“No, it could be dangerous.”


“I promise… I will never show any sign of knowledge to the Duke, nor to Sir Reiner or Robert. Just let me help you in secret. All I can think of is Dame Celine.”


Celine thought for a moment and then gave up. She doesn’t know if Charlotte doesn’t know about it. There was no way to stop her, as she now already knew.


Charlotte, whom Celine saw in the meantime, is soft and gentle, but surprisingly strong.


If she says no to her here and now, Charlotte would probably follow her and go tell Carcel.


“Good. I’ve already been caught, but you just have to pretend you don’t know, do you have a plan about finding the spy?”


Charlotte smiled as she pleaded with Emma as she brushed the dirt off Theo’s clothes.


“In the world of maids, you should send a maid as well.”




“Madam, what will you buy as a gift for the Duke?”


Asked Emma, ​​combing Charlotte’s hair. Charlotte let out a sigh.


“I’m thinking about it, but I haven’t decided anything in particular yet. You know, I still don’t know the Duke’s taste. What if I buy something, and he doesn’t like it?”


Emma shook her head, wrapping her sullen shoulders.


“I do not believe that! The Duke will love anything the Lady gives him! He’ll be happy if you just give him a letter !”


“However…it’s my first gift, so I want to give him a gift he likes.”


When she sighed, Charlotte pointed at Hazel.




“Yes Miss!”


Hazel raised her head at the sudden call.


“How long did you say you worked in the palace?”


“I worked for a year and a half!”


“So do you know what the duke likes?”


” I’ve never attended for the master, so I don’t know…ah! My sister Annie will know! She’s in charge of the master’s room! Should I ask her?”


Charlotte smiled shyly and placed her index finger on her lips.


“It’s a good idea, but that won’t do. The Gift preparation is a secret from the Duke, but the fewer the people know about it, the better, right? Because if you ask the maid in charge of the duke’s room, the duke might notice.”


Hazel wiggled her fingers.


“Oh, is that right?”


“Yes. Are you going to keep it a secret, too?”


“What ? Yes ! Of course! I won’t tell anyone!”


She covered her mouth with both hands. A very cute reaction, Charlotte inadvertently hoped she wasn’t the spy.


‘No, my heart can’t be light.’


Charlotte suppressed her heart. Until she reveals the culprit, she must not lose to her heart in front of Hazel.


“It’s okay for it to be small, can you tell me what the Duke likes?”


“Alright. Since he does a lot of paperwork, how about a fountain pen? It will become the only item on the table while engraving the words the Duke wants to write.”


“Oh, that’s a good idea.”


“Or I think cuff links would be good, too. It is fashionable these days to put matching cuff links and accessories as a couple .”


“And therefore ?”


“Yes! If miss gives him cuff links, won’t the master give you accessories to match?”


Emma, ​​while fixing Charlotte’s ponytail, spoke to herself only low enough that Charlotte could hear it.


“I don’t think the Duke is familiar with such things.”


That’s what Charlotte agreed. However, the type of gift didn’t matter, so she didn’t say it out loud.


“This is a good Idea. I think a jewel that resembles the Duke’s eye color would be fine.”


Charlotte folded her cheeks with her hands and pretended to smile shyly. Looking through Hazel’s eyes, it looks like she’s trying to hide her blushing cheeks.


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