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“Well, since Theo just fell asleep.”


Carcel took her to his office.


This time, he didn’t even call out to Robert. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he had forgotten that he should offer her some tea.


After he managed to organize his thoughts, Carcel broke the long silence and spoke.


“I heard that the person who came up with the plan was Miss.”


Charlotte was surprised, but responded calmly without any sign of agitation.


“What’s plan ? It’s the first time I’m hearing about it.”


“The carriage Operation.”


‘How ?’ 


I think he knows everything.


Even when she thought that Carcel knew everything, she spoke as if she knew nothing.


“I don’t know what do you mean. It was a crafty operation, but what happened?”


“Dame Celine has told me everything.”


 Celine, why did you do that? We were supposed to keep it a secret.


Charlotte bit her lip and smiled embarrassingly.


Usually as long as you smile no one would care what you say (even if it’s wrong) so I thought it would be better if I smile.


But I could still feel the cold wind blowing from Carcel’s direction .



It was a reaction that Charlotte could not understand.


It was a big deal for Dame Celine to reveal the secret, but in the end it was a good thing because in the end they found the spy.


She couldn’t technically say that Charlotte was unrelated because she considers that she was attacked too.


‘Oh, maybe because of Theo?’


Carcel probably thought Charlotte and Dame Celine had put Theo in danger and his reaction was understandable.


“If it was because of Theo then don’t worry, he was hiding in the palace with Emma at the time. It wasn’t Theo who rode with me, it was a tedy bear in Theo’s clothes.”



I thought this explanation would soften Carcel’s expression but for some reason his eyebrows wrinkled even more.


With this unexpected reaction, I realized that this was not what he wanted.


‘So why ?’


No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t find the answer and then asked Carcel in a slightly angry voice.


“What were you going to do, miss?”


“What ?”


“Miss could have been hurt.”


“Nothing happened… Sir Ahin was beside me, and I went straight to the palace. Even if the transportation magic didn’t work, Sir Ahin would have protected me. Of course, Dame Selene and the other knights were there.”


Charlotte added cautiously, watching Carcel.


“These are the knights that the Duke personally chose, you trusted their skill.”


“They are reliable and highly skilled people, but what if something went wrong….”



He paused and let out a sigh without even continuing to speak. He couldn’t understand why he was arguing with her in this way.


As a result, things went well. No one was hurt and everyone was fine, and with Charlotte’s help they were able to find the spy faster.


He should thank her, he should be thankful, not angry at her.


I just need to end this by saying thank you for being so helpful to Theo again.


After thinking for a while, he asked again in a calm voice.


“Do you consider yourself not important?”




“You have only one life. But why do you keep sacrificing yourself the first time? Like the flower pot incident or when a broken wooden sword flew… this time too.”


Because his head was complicated, the words became longer than usual.



Charlotte stared back at him for a moment.


When asked why she didn’t value herself she had of course only one answer to think of, Charlotte answered hurriedly.


“I am precious.”


I knew the cost of my life more than anyone else. She had this vague fear of death because she had died once before.


The fear and pain she felt at the moment of her death.


This feeling stuck to her like PTSD, and Charlotte forgot about it for a while after she came here.


Even if she didn’t have any loved ones, and even if she had nothing to do all the time, it was her fear of death alone that made her want to live here.



If she was not afraid of death, she would have killed herself when she came to this world.


When I met Theo for the first time, I saw the trembling hand of Carcel, who had come to get his brother.


“Then Why ?”


Charlotte managed to answer this question without hesitation.


“Because Theo is precious.”


Although they were together for a short period of time, Theo had already occupied a place in her life.


“And I went out because I was sure I would be fine. If there was a slight risk factor, I would not have been involved.”


She gave all the answers she was able to because Carcel didn’t answer.


Charlotte decided to think about why he was overreacting.


‘Is he worried about me?’


He may have been, but to be exact he would have cared more about Theo rather than Charlotte.


Because if she was in danger, Theo would be in danger, too. Seeing that he had brought her as his fiancée for insurance and a trustworthy escort, he couldn’t help but respond sensitively to her safety.


Only now does Charlotte seem to have found the answer.


“I’m sorry .”




“If I wasn’t safe Theo wouldn’t be safe too, but I was too busy thinking about protecting Theo, so I didn’t even think about it. I will take care of myself in the future, I promise.”


“I did not mean that ….”


Carcel was going to speak quickly, he quickly bit his mouth and gave her another answer with a sigh.




He kept talking to her while he was still turning his back on her.


“Every time I become indebted to the miss, this time I will do my there something you would like to get?”


Charlotte scratched her cheek shyly.


“there isn’t something I would have liked but….”


At this moment, Ahin’s words came to her mind.


-Maybe there is a book on Rositos and the destined Person in the Duke’s library, you should read it.


Ahin assured her that of course she could go in because she was the duke’s fiancée.


But Charlotte disagreed, naturally thinking he wouldn’t let her into such a private space.


So she wanted to tell him if she could see the library.


Is this even possible?


“It’s okay to be materialistic, but you have already given me so much. However, if possible, I want to see the Duke’s library.”


“My library?”


“Yes, Sir Ahin said that there could be books on the destined Person and Rositos in the Duke’s personal library. I want to know more.”


Charlotte hesitated, then continued.


“But I’m an outsider, and there are a lot of classified documents in that library, so I understand if you said no.”


“No, I’m going to tell Robert, so you can come in through him.”


Charlotte didn’t know he would easily grant permission, so she looked at him in astonishment.


“That easily ?”


“Is there a problem ?”


Then he looked at her again and Charlotte shook her head.


“No, actually I didn’t think you’d let me in… Thank you.”


“If it’s about Rosito and the Destined person, you should definitely get to know it better.”


Carcel replied indifferently and looked at the clock on the table.


“I have some work left, so I guess I should go first.”


“Yes, you should before it’s too late.”


“So good night.”


He bowed lightly and then left the office. Charlotte waited for him to leave completely and then got out and went to her room.


From catching the spy to dealing with Carcel who was looking kind of angry.


Today has been very difficult.




Carcel and Chase headed to the dungeon located near the palace.


The knights who were in front of the prison beforehand saluted him and explained the situation. Carcel entered, trying to maintain his composure.


The person who was imprisoned at the end of the prison was a woman who looked like a maid. The maid who was crying crawled to her knees as soon as she saw Carcel.


“My Lord!”


“How dare you?”


When the knights tried to separate her from him, Carcel raised his hand to stop them.


Thanks to this, the maid reached out of the dungeon and grabbed the duke’s pants from below.


“Duke, please save me. My brother was a hostage, so I had no choice but to rescue him.”




“Without me, there is no one to take care of my younger brother. He is a sick child who cannot take care of himself properly. Sir, please!”


The maid, who looked tired from the continuous crying since the moment she was caught, started crying again.


But Carcel’s look at her was cold.


Then he opened his mouth.


“If you cared so much about your younger brother why not take care of someone else’s younger brother?”


Carcel lowered his head to bring his eyes to hers and grabbed her chin.


“My brother almost lost his life because of you three times. Are you still asking for my mercy?”


“Ah, please…”


“It is better not to ask for forgiveness.”


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