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Although the shirt wasn’t particularly tight, his chest was stiff.


Charlotte thought about this and then raised her head in amazement. It is impossible for Carcel to read her thoughts. Her cheeks were burning.


Theo was known  as Rosito since young but when he was born the symbol wasn’t clear, why is that?”


“It’s okay. The mana movement is not noticeable at birth. Think of it as if the newborn can’t control its body well.”




“Yes. When the baby starts to walk, the mana starts to fluctuate seriously in Theo’s state. The mana starts to activate before he started walking.”


Charlotte listened carefully to his explanation.


If Theo’s mana was activated before he was able to walk, it was after his mother’s death.


The child must have had seizures sooner than expected due to the shock of his mother’s death.


“Fortunately, we already knew Sir Heather was the destined person for Theo, so there was no need to worry. But if he hadn’t found someone else by the time he left, it would be bad for a two year old.”


Did he already know that Sir Heather was the right person? Didn’t they wait for Theo to be born until they found the right person was him?


“Even before Theo was born, you knew Sir Heather was the right person? How?”


This time Carcel showed the next page and pointed out a sentence and explained it to Charlotte, who could not read the ancient languages.


“Among the families here, there were families who inherited the blood of the first wizard Encia. Prince Heinst of the Kersen Empire, the Marquis Patrian, the Marquis of Dallas, the Count of Etwell, and the Quarson Emperor in the western part of the country.”


This book is probably at least 16 years old,Since the Marquis Patrian had completely disappeared due to some kind of accident.


“Marquis Patrian….”


Charlotte looked again at Carcel’s face and collarbone, and wondered if he could not sense her gaze.


“These four families and the royal family have produced many high-ranking wizards from generation to generation. It is said that there was a wizard who was born in every generation. As such, many Rosito from these families are born with the power of Encia.”


So, the reason why Carcel and Theo are both Rosito is the blood of the first wizard Encia.


According to Carcel’s later interpretation, it is rare for Rosito to be born into other families.


After the explanation, Carcel added some words.


“When my father found out that my mother was pregnant with Theo, he quickly found the right person in this case. It turned out that Theo was a rosito and thanks to my father’s foresight I was not worried.”


He started to think why, but Charlotte had a different opinion.


‘Maybe he was worried about Carcel.’


Carcel was now sealed but the seal did not last forever, as Theo’s death had broken the seal and Sir Heather and Carcel’s fiancée were placed around him just for that reason.


That way, if his seal was broken, he’d be able to keep Sir Heather without a problem.


But Sir Heather died with Theo and Carcel, whose seal had been broken, needed Penelope.


Now it felt like a complex puzzle being pieced together little by little. Events that initially seemed like nothing seemed to be woven finely now.


“So how do you know who the right person is? Are there any special symbols like the rosito?”


“Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell the right person with the naked eye. But as I did with the miss, a little mana can be injected and the matter will be known.”


Charlotte remembered the bright light that appeared when he was holding her hand. he Couldn’t use magic but Carcel could handle his mana thanks to his swordsmanship.


“By the way, I don’t know if that’s true. It is said that when life is in danger, Rosito instinctively moves to find the right one for him. Most of them die, and Theo has been lucky.”


oh? It’s my first time hearing that.


“So you say the reason Theo came to Lannia’s territory is to look for me?”


I asked with an optimistic heart and gently nodded his head.


“Most likely, I asked the two who controlled the mana gate, and they said the destination was Earl Ainz’s property.”


The Earl of Ainz’s estate was close to Lannia, which was a day’s walk away.


When Charlotte went to the capital, she used Earl Ainz’s Mana Gate.


“It is possible that the Earl’s Gate was chosen because it is the furthest from the capital.”


“And then Sir Heather will fight there…”


“Yes, when Sir Heather was in danger it seemed that Theo instinctively moved into the Lannia estate in search of another suitable person. And thanks for that he was able to meet the miss , so he will be safe and alive now.”


As soon as he heard that, Charlotte was relieved. It wasn’t due to the fact that Theo was safe.


‘His father and brothers must have been alive originally.’


In the original work Theo and Sir Heather moved to the property of earl Ainz.


There, Theo instinctively used magic to deal with assassins, but after Sir Heather died, he couldn’t handle the mana running wild and eventually died.


I wondered why such an important event occurred in the original work in Lannia’s humble family, but in fact, it had nothing to do with Lannia’s family.


Theo did not die in Lannia land so Carcel’s wrath could have been avoided.


In the original work, ‘Charlotte’ died of a fever and perhaps the other members of her family lived in peace.


My parents are still trying to take care of the young men and my brothers walk the Knighthood Road in the capital…


‘I am happy .’


When she met Theo, she was gripped by the fear that Carcel will destroy her family. She was worried about her family that will die as horribly as the original story.


It didn’t happen now, but she was upset at the thought that her family had suffered so badly in the original story.


But originally, the original Charlotte only died of a fever, and her family was safely living their lives. I felt comfortable.


‘This must have been set up to lure Carcel to Penelope in no time.’


When Carcel met Penelope for the first time, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t sleep


According to the instinct to find the right person when in danger, it was destined for him since he saw Penelope at the party from the very first moment.


However, the question still remains.


“So how do they get the right person? Like Rosito, is that decided from birth?”


Why in the name of the god am I the destined person?


‘Since I’m from a different world, I don’t think my soul is the destined person’s, and was Charlotte originally the right person?’


Charlotte deduced in her own way and waited for Carcel’s answer, but instead of answering he got up and walked into the library.


Charlotte had a question mark on her head.


Then he brought a book without even saying half a word and put it on the table.


“The destined person is best described in this book.”


He stood behind Charlotte instead of sitting on the chair, put his hand over her shoulder and pushed the book forward.


Then he opened the book.


At that moment Charlotte stopped breathing because of the smell that entered her nose. I smelled the damp forest after the rain from Carcel.


The smell of the tree, which looks like a big old tree, and the aroma of lemon, which is skillfully blended with it.


In addition, he was very close to her. When Carcel pointed his finger at the page, his hard chest almost touched Charlotte’s back.


Charlotte bit her lip, it was the first time she had come into close contact with a man, so her mind was blank.


Nevertheless, Carcel interpreted the book calmly without any problems.


“It is often said that the right people have been in danger of dying before.”


Were they in danger of dying?


With the unexpected phrase, Charlotte forgot that Carcel was right behind her back and focused on the explanation.


“Of course, this does not mean that they really died and survived, but it is a metaphor. There are people who miraculously return to life after death for any reason, and the prevailing assumption is that at this time the mana circulating in the body changes and has the nature of mana invalidating. In fact Most of the right people found so far have overcome the death crisis.”


Carcel got up and sat down again, perhaps he had finished what he wanted to explain.


“Sir Heather, a native of the northern part of the empire, nearly died of his mortal wounds on his way out to conquer the barbarians shortly after his appointment as a knight.”


“Understood .”


“I heard that Miss had a fever too for three years, and you managed to get through the crisis. I think it’s probably because of that.”


That’s right, but the difference is that Charlotte actually experienced death


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