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Charlotte looked back in surprise, through the open part of the door she met Carcel’s eyes.


He was still wearing his outer clothing. When Charlotte found him, she moved back as if surprised, but then he opened the door wide and walked out.


“I didn’t know you were here.”


He was about to get out when he sensed the movement of someone in front of the door.


He thought she was a maid because her footsteps were so light in front of the door that he thought they were Robert’s, but he didn’t know that Charlotte was outside.


Charlotte never came to him for no apparent reason. This time, it must have come for a reason.


He knew it, but Carcel was glad she came to see him.


But he didn’t know why he felt this way.


Just looking at Charlotte’s smiling face made him feel tired.


“I’m here because I have something to tell you.”


Carcel didn’t say anything but looked at Charlotte. I looked at him and added hastily.


“I’m sorry to come at such a time. But I can’t meet the Duke if not now….”


“It’s okay. Do you want to come in?”


“No I’m fine !”


Charlotte waved her hand so much that she felt like she had exaggerated, since it was a simple conversation she didn’t have to go to the office and sit down and talk, it would be enough to talk here.


In fact, it was just an excuse. Charlotte has been embarrassed since the last time she was alone in the library with Carcel.


Because of its close proximity to him. If she goes to the same place, her face may turn red when she remembers these memories again.


But Carcel did not think about that.


Carcel looked out the window while Charlotte slapped her cheeks.


Now that autumn had begun, the night air had become colder. Charlotte said she was fine, but she couldn’t stand here without her coat.


He opened his office more widely.


“Come in.”


He can’t keep a woman standing in a place like this.


He didn’t add anything, but she somehow got the illusion that he meant it this way:


Perhaps he recommended going into the office because the corridor was not the place to talk.


Charlotte hesitated for a moment, then entered.


Robert, who came, brought a cart of chamomile tea, useful to sleep.




Charlotte watched Carcel sipping tea. Probably because he was busy with work, he couldn’t even eat properly, and his jaw line became sharper within a few days.


Then I asked rashly.


“Did you eat dinner?”


His hand trembled as he moved to grab a cup of tea. Then he straightened his body without raising the cup.


“I only ate a little.”


Charlotte looked at Robert, who was waiting at the door. He shook his head slightly from an angle that Carcel couldn’t see.


Charlotte thought for a moment before whispering softly to Robert.


“I’m a little hungry, may I order some food?”


“Okay .”


Robert quickly left the room. Looking at how quickly he disappeared from the room, it seemed as if he was waiting for those words.


‘What am I even saying?’


She had originally intended to come back after talking to him about Theo. But when she promptly asks Robert for something to eat, things get murky.


‘Have you gone too far?’


In fact, she wasn’t hungry. She and Theo had hearty dinners and snacks. You will likely feel full until tomorrow morning.


Only because Carcel didn’t eat well.


Charlotte opened her mouth.


“You must be really busy these days.”


“No, I do what I always do.”


Well, I can see that Carcel was so pressured that Robert was worried.


“Take a break. You need to get enough rest to improve your work efficiency. You can leave your brother because I am by his side anyway and….”


Charlotte paused for a moment.


“Theo wants to see the Duke a lot.”


Carcel drank a sip of tea instead of replying.


Unlike before, there was no atmosphere in which private conversations were dismissed. But he doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s going to say.


‘It’s weird .’


Obviously, the relationship between the two hasn’t changed, but the atmosphere seemed to have changed since the last time they talked about Rositos.


Even then, it was awkward when they were alone, but now the silence wasn’t awkward even if they didn’t feel comfortable.


However, there were other disturbing things. It was because she had remembered that day.


The firm body that touched her back and the low voice whispered in her ear.


Charlotte immediately felt the heat, and started waving her hand over her face to bring the heat down.


Until then, Carcel did not respond.


‘Am I exaggerating ?’


It seemed she was the only one who felt a little comfortable. Is Carcel still uncomfortable?


‘Because I am not Penelope.’


Charlotte shook her head remembering the original work. In the original story, Penelope followed  Carcel when he was working to the point that she was bothering him.


Make sure you eat, get enough sleep, take a day off on the weekend, etc.


These were words that were no different from what Charlotte was saying now. They were words that Robert said every day anyway.


Carcel, who had not been pretending to listen to Robert, began to change a little when he heard these words from Penelope.


He dined with Penelope every day, and on the weekends he would spend a day or a few with her preparing papers.


But Charlotte is not Penelope. She was in no position to give him such personal advice.


Now he might be upset with her for trying to cross the line.


It was then that Charlotte realized her rudeness and was about to apologize to him. Carcel put down a cup of tea and spoke.


“I’ll try to take things easy. And Theo…”


He looked directly into Charlotte’s eyes and spoke.


“I’ll try to have dinner with him soon.”


Was he listening to me now? Charlotte looked at his expression, though he kept an expressionless face.


But she knew intuitively that he wasn’t offended by what she had said.


Then Charlotte relaxed and smiled.


“I think Theo would like it.”


“Miss …..”


At the time when Carcel was going to say something. The door opened and Robert entered. On the cart he brought were placed sandwiches and fruits by type.


Charlotte pushed her plate of sandwiches in front of Carcel.


“That’s too much, and I can’t eat alone, can you eat with me?”


As she said, what Robert brought was not a meal for one but too much for two.


Carcel took a smoked salmon sandwich and took a bite.


Seeing this, Robert bowed his head slightly to Charlotte, then backed away and stood in front of the door. Charlotte smiled at him in return.


Saying he had dinner, it was surely a lie, Carcel ate half the sandwiches. Charlotte kept the peaches and waited until he finished his meal.


“Why is the lady not eating?”


She showed him the fork and ate the nectarine when he asked her why she wasn’t eating.


When he had finished the meal, Charlotte finished the peaches and set the fork aside. Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter.


“I saw today, Theo is very picky about food, especially vegetables.”


“Yes .”


“So, I thought of a way to fix his unhealthy eating habits. I can’t force him to eat something he doesn’t like, but he’ll grow if he eats evenly.”


Theo is also slightly younger than his peers. Charlotte added something she was thinking about for a moment after she hesitated.


“So why don’t we make a little field in the corner of the garden for Theo to take care of?”


Carcel responded unexpectedly.


“….field ?”


“Yes .”


Charlotte remembered a story she had heard a lot in Korea. It was farm weekend.


Children who live in cities have fewer opportunities to interact with nature. Therefore, there were parents who took care of their children and weekend farm every weekend by setting up a small rice field on the outskirts of the city.


Children took care of vegetables themselves and learned the value of food, at the same time they changed their eating habits little by little. It’s a hand-grown vegetable, so it’s a familiar one.


“Wouldn’t Theo handle the vegetables if he took care of them?”


Then there will be no more throwing food on the floor like today.


I don’t know if I can fix his picky way of eating, but maybe he’ll be better than he is now.


“I think it would be rewarding to see Theo grow vegetables himself, and I think his unhealthy eating would be reduced.”


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