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It was early in the morning, not fully awake, Charlotte suddenly woke up to a heavy weight that she could feel on her stomach.


She was sleeping and Theo was lying on her stomach while he was sleeping.


She closed her eyes thinking she had seen it wrong, then opened it again, but surely the bright blonde hair she could see was Theo’s.


Why the hell is Theo here? Is he possibly sick? Did he have any nightmares?


But contrary to her fears, Theo’s face was relaxed. In the first place, he would have been crying, so everyone in the palace woke up if something happened.


So, was he asleep and only came to see me?


It seems to be the most likely cause at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ignored.


Asked Charlotte, gently patting Theo’s warm back.


“Theo, why did you come to Sister?”




Theo was so sleepy that he couldn’t answer correctly. Charlotte asked again.


“Theo, did you have a scary dream?”


 But the only answer I heard was Theo’s breathing. Whatever I heard it was just the baby’s breathing.


‘Maybe not a big problem.’


Charlotte thought Theo might have come because he wanted to see her. Now she had no choice but to sleep with him.


Charlotte finished it up, grabbed Theo’s body and moved him to the right.


Theo’s body, which was on hers, flipped over, and gently fell onto the bed. She held Theo in her arms.


Now this fall is in full swing, the morning air is cool, but Theo’s arms are warm.


Charlotte covered Theo with a blanket to keep him from catching a cold.


“Good morning.”


It was time for bed now, Charlotte pressed her lips to the child’s forehead. Theo wanted to move his hands between hers and his sleepy voice leaked out.


“….go .”




“…let’s go.”




“Let’s go see peas….”




Why are peas mentioned here all of a sudden?


Charlotte thought about his words, quickly realized what he meant and burst out laughing. Theo ignored the voice flowing above him and slept well.


‘He wants to go see the field.’


Hearing that the field would sprout after he had slept all night, he begged to go there whenever he had time.


After snacking, peas! Peas while playing! After dinner, peas! Even before he fell asleep he cried and said peas!


He complained again that he had to sleep all night until the peas sprouted, and begged me to go see them tomorrow morning. He must have woken up since he was excited and couldn’t sleep.


Charlotte burst out laughing again as she wiped his sleepy eyes and imagined him staggering here and there.


“Theo, we still have to sleep a little more. Then we eat and go see the peas.”




Theo let out a gentle voice, not sure if it was an answer or if he was talking while sleeping. Charlotte hugged him tightly and closed her eyes.


It disturbed her sleep, but she wasn’t feeling bad at all, it was a fairly nice morning.




After eating breakfast,Theo begged to go to the field again. Charlotte washed Theo’s face and put on clothes he could get as dirty as he wanted.


Theo grabs Charlotte’s hand and hums the song. It was a song he learned from Charlotte.


“Let’s sow the seeds!”


He simulated spraying peas with his hand, which Charlotte does not hold.


“Grow!,grow!, buds sprout!”


Yay! His voice in the garden was more like a scream than a song.


When the field began to appear, Theo let go of my hand and began to run.


There was a big change in the field. The field wasn’t what it was yesterday, Theo’s field was in bloom.


But that wasn’t the only change, Theo’s eyes widened as he looked at the field.


“Sister! Beans!”


Where the beans were sown yesterday, there were ripe bean stalks. The stem also had bean pods that were longer than Theo’s fingers. Behind him were green and red tomatoes.


It was an overnight change.


Theo ran around the field screaming ‘I did just like a sister said and I watered them, and I slept!’


“Theo gave it water!”


“Yes, has Theo watered the beans, tomatoes, and peas?”




Charlotte raised her thumbs to the gardener Ron, who was smiling from afar.


Last night, Ron and the servants planted full-grown seedlings all night long. It was Charlotte’s thought.


It would be nice to show Theo how peas grow, starting from sprouting, but there are side effects.


Will the grains that Theo planted be able to grow well?


Even if Ron the gardener helped him, he was still a gardener, not a farmer. He also said that he is not confident in growing vegetables in the field.


‘Even if he slept well it might take a long time.’


He started this to correct Theo’s wrong eating habits, but Theo and Charlotte would be leaving the capital in about a month, he wouldn’t be able to see the planted peas.


So Charlotte decided to secretly grow the seedlings.


The peas were originally harvested in late summer, but as an empire with different climates, the bean stalks weren’t hard to come by.


That alone would be enough motivation for Theo.


As expected, Theo jumped excitedly. Charlotte Theo took in front of the peas.


Theo shoved the peas and burst out laughing.


Then he narrated the field like yesterday.


From now on, the young farmer would gradually know the joy of harvesting.




“This is a bean!”


Theo pointed at the green beans and confidently shouted.


He definitely remembered it because he only learned it yesterday from Charlotte. As long as a bean is the length of his finger, this is definitely a bean, and the green bean next to it is a tomato.


Charlotte sister told me it was green because it was still a small tomato. She said it would turn red when it was a big tomato.


Then sister promised me to make delicious pasta with these red tomatoes.


Theo  reported to Danny about the crops planted one by one.


Carrots slightly protruding through the moist soil, various herbs with fragrant green leaves, onions, etc …


That was all he planted it with Charlotte, at least Theo thought so.


“Wonderful !”


When Danny clapped his hand, Theo shrugged his shoulders excitedly.


Danny raised his thumb up this time, and Theo didn’t realize that his limbs soared so high in the sky.


Irina, who was sitting at the table watching the two children playing in the field, burst out laughing. She had already heard from Charlotte the whole story about the field.


“How did miss think of that? I didn’t even think about it.”


She gave Charlotte a reasonable reason to think about it beforehand.


“In my hometown ,the kids there help their parents in the farming. They know that farming is hard, so they don’t complain about the food, so I thought of this method.”


The first part is the truth, and the last part is a lie. But sometimes, if you confuse truth with a lie, all the facts become the truth.


Irina believed her words without a doubt.


“That’s right, I think I’ll make a field for Danny as well.”


“It’s okay, you can bring Danny to play a lot. Theo loves Danny a lot.”


“Really ?”


The two looked at each other and smiled. Meanwhile, the two children ran to the table with both hands full of peas.




“Yes .”


“I want to eat this.”


“Are you asking me to cook peas for today’s lunch?”




Danny nodded in place of Theo. Danny seemed to enjoy playing on the field like Theo.


“I’ll take it to the kitchen.”


Emma, ​​with a faint smile, approached, and opened her apron.


Theo and Danny poured their precious peas on her white apron. Emma quickly took the peas and disappeared into the kitchen.


And just as the two kids wanted, boiled peas came as a side dish for lunch.




Theo picked up a pea and raised his hand up. Theo, who had been throwing peas for a few days, had disappeared.


“Theo can eat this!”


Then he pushed the peas into his mouth. Perhaps that wasn’t enough, so he scooped the beans with a spoon and stuffed them into his mouth.


So did Danny, who sat across from him. The two children eat the peas first, as if they are betting on who will eat all the peas first.


“Yes, you are eating well, now Theo will be able to grow like his older brother.”


No matter how she looks at it, the “Theo Greens Field” project has been very successful.


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