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“Yup, cat doll, let’s have a bath with her~”


“Miaow Miaow Miaow”


“Wow! It’s letting out a cat’s meow~”


The nanny went back to wash Theo’s back, despite the child’s desire to reject it, but he was already distracted by the doll in front of him. 


That why he didn’t refuse it.


Charlotte and the nanny began to bathe the child when he was calm.


When the originally leftover dust was washed away, Theo’s face, originally soft, became brighter.


Charlotte touched Theo’s cheek, which was like fresh bread. Then she took a closer look at his body.


She checked again to make sure if there is any undetected injuries.


‘Huh? W.hat is that?’


Then he found something around his arm bone, and she opened her eyes wide.


‘Did you get hurt?’


I don’t think he was injured but…


When Charlotte looked closely, she frowned. The black spot looked more like a tattoo than a bruise !


It had a mysterious geometric shape


‘Was it said that he had a tattoo in the original?


When Charlotte touched the mark, Theo turned his body away from her:


“I’m sensitive.”


Charlotte saw no sign of pain from his expression, so she sighed in relief.


‘I’m sure now that he wasn’t injured, if the mark is not an injury  then there is no need to pay attention to it’


“Theo! Don’t move like that, the water splashes! “




Theo sat obediently while she was talking to the cat doll.


“When will my older brother come?”


Although his words were not clear, Charlotte actually understood what he meant…


‘He misses his older brother, who has not yet to come.’


Charlotte felt a pang in her heart without knowing why.


‘Such a little kid’


Though Theo is only three, he lost his mother when he was just one year old, half a year ago lost his father and now lost his escorts.


He is alone in a strange place surrounded by strange people he has never met before, and he cannot find his only brother, there is no doubt that fear o, and whelming him now.


When Charlotte came into this world for the first time, I couldn’t leave my room. 


That’s why the moment she laid her eyes on Theo, she had already opened her heart.


‘I have to take care of him well.’


At first, Charlotte prioritized her safety first. Even now, that remains unchanged.


However, it is important for Theo to like her now and to prevent her family from disappearing.


Her new family, staff, and young people I met here were already dear to her.


This simple life was the driving force for her to forget the past and move on to the future.


But looking at this beautiful child. I just wanted you to see this kid’s bright smile.


“Maybe even if I were to go back in time, I would have saved Theo.”


Even if he threw a huge bomb into my life, I would still save him, I wouldn’t let him die.


In any case, I am grateful for saving such a lovable child, at least until this moment, because no one knows what will happen in the future…


☆ ☆ ☆


Theo, who was beautiful when Charlotte first saw him, became even more beautiful and cuter  after he finished washing.


Skin as smooth  as honey, bright blonde hair, eyes as blue as diamonds, plump cheeks as red as a ripe peach.


Even those who didn’t know Theo’s identity thought that he was a high-ranking noble if they saw him.


“By the way, wouldn’t your clothes be uncomfortable?”


I looked at Theo’s arm.


Of course, Lannia’s family home is a child-free home, so there will be no baby clothes for Theo to wear.


The clothes that Charlotte’s brothers wore were not of Theo’s age.

So one of the maids hurried to get the children’s clothes from downtown.


Even if you buy the best clothes on the market, the kids wear there. 


The fabric of the clothes was rough, and the ends were uneven. These clothes can not be suitable for Theo.

Indeed, Theo protruded his lips like a duck, because his clothes were uncomfortable. Once Charlotte fastened all the buttons, he moved his hand and started scratching his belly.


“Sister, this is bothering me.”


“It’s a rough  and uncomfortable, isn’t it? But I washed your old clothes, so let’s put these on today. Tomorrow, you’ll be wearing your old clothes, oh My!”


Charlotte laughed at the pouting child.


“You look really cute”


Does he think he’s being teased~


Theo pursed his lips and grabbed the edge of his clothes and lifted it up trying to take it off, but ended up stuck to his head and arms.


“Sister, help me”


Charlotte put some moisturizer on his neck and itchy wrists, along with his rough clothes


“Now, that’s better, right?”


He said, 




He’s still not happy, but he didn’t complain, saying it was uncomfortable.


Charlotte, combing wet hair, sat the child on the chair and ordered Emma, who was standing next to her, To prepare a simple meal.


Theo, who was fed up with the clothes, couldn’t eat. He didn’t even eat the food that Charlotte tried to feed him.


‘What does he prefer?’


She called out to Emma, ​​who was looking at Theo with his cherry red lips.

After hearing Charlotte’s instructions, she hurried to the kitchen and came back with cheese and butter.


‘Lannia county has delicious milk’


Fresh and salty milk is squeezed from the cows that graze freely on a large farm. It didn’t taste bad when the dairy was made using fresh milk.


Fresh milk and fresh  product.


Charlotte dared to trust the dairy products of their Lannia estate can be certified with the best produce in the capital.


Besides, how about bread? In high quality flour bread.


 It’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Even if I eat it because it’s soft, I can’t help but like it. I’m sure of it!


Theo showed interest in sandwiches with butter and lots of the Cheese and ham. At first, he only ate the small edges as if he was tasting them, then he took a big bite. 


Every time he chewed his mouth, his chubby cheeks trembled.


“Is it delicious? Drink this”


The child emptied the cup of warm milk in one gulp.


Charlotte wiped the white speck of milk around his mouth with her fingertip and took the box that had been left on the floor.


There were different coloured wooden blocks in the box. Charlotte used to play with it when she was little, so the paint was peeling, but it was still enough to play with.




Theo, who followed Charlotte’s back, shouted at the cube game. Charlotte poured them on the rug and Theo sat next to her.


“Do you want to play with your sister  right after eating before “of sleep?”




Theo was excited and grabbed the block with his hands. 


However, he has not yet been able to construct the blocks in detail, possibly due to the various subtle shapes.


But he was not disappointed or upset about it. 


Instead, he begged Charlotte to stack the blocks on top of each other, and when Charlotte piled the blocks high, he ran and knocked them over.


Then he burst out laughing, saying it was fun. When the laughter of the strange child who was in the mansion was heard, the staff looked into the room.


One of the maids claimed to become Theo’s exclusive maid, saying that she could take good care of the child because she had a younger brother.


“But Theo’s stature did not allow a lowly maid to take care of him.”


Two hours of playing with cubes and drawing. Theo’s eyes were half closed as his full stomach became thinner.


Charlotte sat on the floor and stroked Theo’s hair slightly, rubbing his closed eyes.


“Do you feel sleepy? Are you going to sleep now?”




Before he fell asleep, Theo ran and lay on the bed. The blanket, familiar to him, was pulled up to his chin.


Charlotte decided to take a book of fairy tales and sat beside him on the bed. Her parents also read  fairy tales before she went to bed when Charlotte was little, and the book’s edges were too old.



Theo said it to Charlotte, looking for a moment at the illustrations on the cover of the book.


“Once upon a time, there lived a great wizard named William. William had a close friend named Celine.”


It must be a fairy tale about a magician. Charlotte had some memory of the original “Charlotte.” 


However, I have never heard of this fairy tale because her childhood memory was very dim.


‘Will it be difficult for Theo to understand?’


When I looked at Theo, he was listening unexpectedly and his eyes glimmering.




<Theo’s not speaking properly>

Instead of falling asleep, he was urging her to continue. 


Charlotte smiled again at his cute figure and read the fairy tale again.


“The two of them went on a journey together to defeat the fearsome dragon. Then one day. Celine disappeared without saying a word. William was surprised and searched for Celine. But he couldn’t find Celine anywhere.”


The events that followed this were horrific. Is this really a fairy tale?!


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