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Carcel stared at Theo, his mother often making him hold Theo.


She was complaining that her arm was hurting from carrying him, but he knew she was doing this so that Carcel could hold him. Although he knew this, he was carrying Theo.


Theo looked at Carcel with round eyes and quickly folded his eyes beautifully and laughed.


“goo, boo”


The child’s strange babble sounded as if he was saying, “Good brother!”


Carcel wondered why Theo was following him so much. Carcel was not a social person.


The same applies to his personality, it was not easy for people to approach him because of his position. Since childhood, children of his age were reluctant to approach him.


But it seemed that Theo was not afraid of him at all, whenever he made eye contact he would smile and extend his arm as if he wanted him to hug him.


If Carcel was still without holding or hugging him, he would fold his lips and eventually break out in tears.


However, Theo wasn’t hugging just anyone. Unexpectedly, when the maid tried to carry him he would pull on his hips and hug Carcel.


His mother looked at Theo and whispered, “My child loves his brother very much.”


“When Theo starts to walk, can you hold his hand and walk with him? Because Theo loves you more than me and your father. By the spring of next year, he will be able to walk by himself quite well.”


“ah !”


“Look, Theo is very good.”


Not knowing what that meant, Theo smiled brightly.


Without realizing it, Carcel smiled slightly as he watched Theo smile.


” Yes, I will do that.”


There was a slight breeze. This was a daily life that could be enjoyed without any problems. Neither Carcel nor his mother knew that his mother would die before the winter of this year.


The garden filled with laughter lost its vitality in an instant. He was always crying and looking for his mother, who never came no matter how much he looked for her.


Every time he did this, his mana would fluctuate, and his temperature would rise, and he had overcome this obstacle many times.


Carcel kept his mind occupied every day for fear of losing Theo after losing his mother.


In just one season, the scenery inside the palace changed.


The winter was so cold that he suspected that spring would never come again after this dark winter was over.


Winter passed and spring came.


Fortunately, Theo was the first member of his family to come out of this shock.


He was no longer crying and looking for his mother, at the same time his mana gradually stabilized, and his temperature did not rise.


However, when the child was looking at Carcel he was smiling. His arms and arches were strong, so he would be able to walk when spring came, his mother said. It wasn’t perfect even though he had fallen on his butt many times.


Carcel did not come into the garden with him, although Theo’s limbs, which were small, became longer, and he was able to run in the garden quickly.


He was busy. After his mother died suddenly taking over the position, he had difficulty taking the position as usual.


No, it was just a lie. If he wants to take a vacation, he can do so. No matter how busy he is, why doesn’t he have time to play with Theo for a while?


If he hadn’t really enough time, he would have slept less at night.


He can go out and grab that little hand and play in the garden.


But I didn’t. No, I couldn’t. Even if it was something else, he couldn’t go out into the garden.


The moment he goes out into the garden holding Theo’s hand, he is afraid that the garden is empty of his mother’s laughter with Theo.


But in that empty garden, I did not know that laughter would return so quickly.




Hugging Theo as he ran with the tomatoes, Carcel stared softly at Charlotte who was standing far away.


It seemed that her blond hair, which was fluttering in the wind, might fade at any moment as it was touching the light of the autumn sun.


When she unexpectedly came into his life, it seemed to him that she would disappear without warning.


As did his mother and father. Carcel felt a vague fear. He had never felt this way before.


You’re leaving one day anyway, so why do I feel so empty?


Carcel inadvertently grabbed Charlotte’s shiny golden hair in the sunlight.


Her hair was wrapped around his finger. Only through this simple communication did he realize that Charlotte was right in front of him.


His fingertips were feeling tickled. No, somewhere else was really tickling him.


Tickle inside the neck and chest. It was an unfamiliar feeling he felt for the first time in his life.


Yes, it is a very unusual feeling.


Carcel couldn’t even go to Theo and stared at Charlotte, who was standing shyly.


Surprised by his sudden action, she opened her eyes even more.


“… Duke?”


Carcel had no choice but to admit it now when he saw her standing with her back facing the autumn sun.


He begins to take an interest in Charlotte, whom he only brings for some interest.


He was afraid that she would leave without seeing her, and he wanted to talk to her for a bit even if he made any excuse.


During the 23 years of his life, he got a feeling he had never felt before.


He wanted to get to know her a little more.


Person to person, not through the documents Chase investigated.




Theo had been excited since the morning when he went down to the dining-room to have breakfast with Charlotte, and at that time Carcel was sitting.


Am I seeing it wrong?


He wiped his eyes with both hands. However, when he looked again, his brother was in front of him.




Carcel, who was looking at the documents, got up and pulled the baby chair back.


“Come and sit here.”


Then he pulled out the seat next to Theo, it was Charlotte’s.


Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t just Theo but Charlotte too.




It’s been almost two weeks since she came to the mansion, but Charlotte has never had breakfast with Carcel before.


He was leaving the palace even before Charlotte and Theo woke up.


I simply thought it

He was skipping breakfast because he was busy, but Irina gave Carcel a hard time until he had breakfast. Perhaps she thought Charlotte was worried about him.


So Charlotte thought it would be rare to have breakfast with Carcel.


But we had dinner together last night. I can’t believe you’re here even in the morning? It was a huge development.


‘Is it because I told him to eat well?’


Charlotte shook her head thinking why after seeing Theo sitting.


‘Maybe because of Theo.’


It was clear that her words that Theo wanted to see moved Carcel’s heart. Because he cared about Theo more than anyone else.


The reason he was busy now was spending time with Theo.


Charlotte, who got the answer right, sat with a lighter mind. She was sitting in front of Carcel.


As soon as she met his eyes, her face temperature instantly rose. This was because she remembered what had happened in the garden yesterday.


His tender look when he looked at her, and his touch to her hair.


After a while, he apologized to her and said that there was a leaf in her hair, but there was nothing in his hand.


Is this how someone removes a tree leaf? Why was he looking at me this way?


Because of these thoughts, Charlotte stopped eating dinner last night. This is because she had an upset stomach whenever she looked at Carcel.


However, she couldn’t really ask if there was really a leaf in her hair. Whatever the answer, it was obvious that it would create an embarrassing situation.


Therefore, Charlotte helped Theo with his meal and tried not to look forward as much as possible.


“Brother! Theo is good at eating beans now!”


Theo used a spoon and ate the beans. Carcel smiled faintly as he reviewed the documents and murmured with his mouth.


“Yeah, it’s good not to be too picky.”


“I planted it myself!”


“Yes, I saw that .”




Like last night’s dinner, Theo was excited as if he drank three cups of hot chocolate throughout breakfast. It was the “Big Brother Effect”.


Charlotte looked at Carcel and cut Theo’s omelette into small pieces. Unlike tonight’s dinner, he ate a great deal, but didn’t eat anything in particular today.


The only thing he drank after going into the dining room was black tea. As Irina said, he does not like to eat breakfast.


Charlotte gained confidence from his attitude.


‘He’s really here to see Theo.’


When this was over, her mind became lighter. She was able to eat her meal properly today.


This time, she did not advise Carcel to eat. Originally, it would be an exaggeration to advise people who do not eat breakfast to eat breakfast.


Carcel got up from the table after Charlotte and Theo had nearly finished breakfast. Then he said to Charlotte, who had left the thorn quietly.


“I think we can have dinner together tonight.”


“Oh, yeah. Theo would love this again today.”


“Of course .”


“Oh, wait a minute.”


Charlotte inadvertently grabbed the sleeves of Carcel, who was about to leave the dining room.


Carcel turned around, but she didn’t say anything.


Because she wasn’t supposed to say something in particular, but her hand moved for no reason.


Charlotte quickly made up a few words when she met his gaze as he stared at her without blinking an eye.


“We are going to harvest the root today, I was thinking of making root soup, is it okay with you?”


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  1. this chapter was heavy 😢 carcel never really got time to grieve his parents since he had to become the head of the house