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“yes I’m fine .”


“Luckily .”


Charlotte smiled awkwardly and let go of his sleeve. Carcel nodded lightly and left the dining room.


Charlotte came to her senses, who remained standing even after his departure, when a voice beside her said: “Sister?”


“Huh? Ah, Theo. Have you finished breakfast and drank all the milk?”


Charlotte wiped the milk stains from Theo’s lips.


Shall we go harvest carrots today?


How about a game of hide and seek?


Earlier, Charlotte asked Theo to play hide and seek in the garden. In fact, she didn’t even plan to harvest carrots.


“Let’s harvest the carrots first and then go play.”


Theo nodded without complaint because he liked to play in the field.






At last the time came, Charlotte swallowed her saliva when she saw the name of the sender in the letter. Only one name made her saliva dry up.


It was Isaac Lannia who sent this letter, it was Charlotte’s first brother.


Maybe it was just me. But the word “Issac Lannia” was a little confusing, perhaps because that was his usual handwriting.


“Oh, a message from the First Young Master!”


Emma said after taking a peek at the letter.


“Young master looks very confused, his handwriting does not look the same.”


“Emma, ​​do you think so too?”


“Yeah, actually, if you think about it, he can’t help but feel puzzled. I was surprised too so how could he not?”


Yes, even I was surprised. Charlotte waved the letter as she recalled flashbacks.


She was afraid to open the letter. What kind of story is written in this? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be a good story.


She thought of her older brother, who was six years older than her. If I had to describe it in one word, the word that came to my mind was “knight”. Even though it was his actual profession, his personality seems to be the same.


He acted according to principles in everything. Unlike his idiot brother who is commonly described in the novel, Charlotte was not at all like him.


Instead, when she was doing something wrong, he scolded Charlotte until she cried, so much so that her parents, the Baron and Baroness Lannia, would stop him.


Of course, that happened when she was young. But she’s only been here for three years, so Charlotte didn’t meet him well because he was in the capital.


She exchanged letters with him, but only wrote letters the number of times she met him. Even if he didn’t know, Charlotte felt far from Isaac.


She had no idea what he would say about Charlotte’s engagement.


‘On the other hand, brother Jack…’


Charlotte sighed heavily as she thought of her second brother, Jack, who is four years away from her. Jack also had a problem.


Despite the similarities between Issac and Jack, Jack had the opposite personality.


If Issac is Ice, then Jack is fire , in short, is a warm-blooded person.


He took care of his younger sister, Charlotte. And this was a problem, because usually his expressions of affection often appeared in a violent direction.


If someone harasses Charlotte, he hits him with his fist just enough to break his nose. And if Charlotte got sick, he’d grumble, “She’s from Lannia, but she’s weak.” He stuffed bread in her mouth, and said, “If you eat, you’ll be fine.”


How was my birthday two years ago?


He ordered a huge three-tiered cake from a famous bakery for Charlotte who had come to the capital.


He forced her to eat so much, and Charlotte ate so much that she hadn’t had to eat cake for half a year.


How many messages do I get from him? He was writing several times a month to find out how Charlotte was.


Charlotte didn’t know if this was his way of taking care of his sister or bullying her.


Charlotte had a rough idea of ​​Jack’s reaction when he learned of Charlotte’s engagement.


‘It certainly has become unruly.’


If it’s about his younger sister, he might go crazy until he meets Carcel because of his overprotective personality.


Charlotte was more afraid of meeting Jack, who was sure he would be more wild than Issac, who didn’t know how to act. At least Issac will act with common sense.


Emma added, hesitating.


“But it was still a good response. I thought the Young Master would come here right away after learning the news.”


Emma, ​​who worked at Lannia’s mansion for a long time, knew Jack’s character well.


Jack may not know this yet.


If he knew, he would be quiet.


“I don’t know, the first young master does. Are you sure that the second young master does not know?”


“I guess Issac didn’t say anything?”


“Or maybe the First Young Master stopped him.”


“Yes, this is possible .”


Charlotte, who muttered spontaneously, sighed again and opened the letter.


I was even more nervous from the moment I told my parents about my engagement. It wasn’t hot, but cold sweat was coming out of my palms.


Handwriting on the letter was worse than writing on the envelope.


If it looks good, it looks like parchment, if it looks bad, it looks like handwriting spinning like an earthworm. The hastily writing was clearly visible from the letters.


Unlike urgent writing, there was no special content at the beginning of the letter.


Every time Isaac sends a message, he asks about her and her parents’ condition.


So Charlotte had some illusion that he didn’t know about her engagement at the moment.


However, the atmosphere of the letter was reflected in the middle.


[I heard from my mother that you have handled the danger facing our family wisely. It must have been difficult , but you did a good job. As your brother, I am very proud of you.]


He must have been talking about Theo’s story. Issac was apparently saying he’s “proud”, but Charlotte was scared, not happy. Her heart was beating like someone about to take an exam.


[Also my mother said something unexpected, she said you are engaged, what does that mean?]


[She said that he was duke Heinst, what on earth are you talking about? What is your relationship with the Heinst family?]


[By the way, Jack next to me is screaming and saying that you don’t know anything about the world, and you were deceived by a crook, I barely held him back, so he wouldn’t go to you.]


As soon as she read Jack’s name, Charlotte took a deep breath.


‘I knew it.’


Like Emma said, Issac was holding on to Jack who was running wild.


[Honestly, I doubt that the second party is Duke Heinst.


Of course, I will send this message to the Duke of Heinst, and if this message is delivered to you correctly, it will indeed be the Duke of Heinst.


However, without a doubt this is still unacceptable news.]


How do I convince them? If Charlotte had not known the original novel, she would not have known that this child was the younger brother of the Duke of Heinst.


Perhaps you thought he was just a kid from a different family.


[Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face, so I guess we should meet and talk.]


The message ended that he wanted to meet her as soon as possible. Issac decided the place, a café in the capital where the three of them visited two years ago.


Seeing Charlotte’s pale face, Emma leaned in and asked.


“What does the young master say?”


No one heard her because her voice was so quiet, Charlotte replied with a sigh.


“It seemed he knew everything, and he held Jack back.”


“As expected! I am glad that Young Master Issac is here.”


“He said he wanted to meet me, he would take time off the day after tomorrow, by the way….”


“By the way ?”




Charlotte swallowed her words, unable to tell Emma what she was thinking.


‘If I go out like this, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Duke’s house again.’


Until earlier, I had not expected Issac’s behavior, but when I saw this message, I thought I could almost read his thoughts.


Why, when he finds out that Charlotte lives in the Duke’s house, shouldn’t he normally ask her to meet here not outside? This meant that she would not return it if he wanted.


No, I don’t know Issac. But I’m sure Jack will.


The two reacted naturally, but Charlotte had a reason why she couldn’t go out where Issac had told her.


‘I can’t leave Theo behind.’


I’m still receiving classes, but now I couldn’t make a magic stone yet, I didn’t feel my mana properly yet.


This means that I cannot be separated from Theo. It was possible to spend time separately in the palace, but it was absolutely impossible to get out of it.


However, it is impossible to get Theo out.


But I have to meet my brothers.


I had to meet the two anyway because I couldn’t avoid them forever.


There was only one way,and it’s to invite them to the palace.


But it was also hard for Charlotte to decide what she wanted. Even if she was his fiancée, she was not a family member in this mansion.


So, before she could respond, she went to see Robert.


He hesitated a little when she told him that she wanted to invite guests, and it was her brothers.


During his prolonged silence, Charlotte thought if she should ask Carcel this again, but suddenly he responded positively.


“Of course it’s okay. If you tell me the date and time, I will make arrangements to welcome the guests.”


“Oh, thank you .”


Charlotte returned to her room after telling him the time that Issac said.


She sat down at the table with the stationery that Charlotte’s maid had brought. She was about to write a letter and did not know what to say.


After a moment of thought, I wrote a very simple answer.


[The message has been received correctly. Now that I’ve received the letter, it’s proven that I’m the fiancée of Duke Heinst, right?]


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