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“Even when we met two years ago, I was worried about it. For the past two years, I’ve been thinking about it sometimes. Is this person okay? Did he give the child the gift?”


She was honest. Every time it rained, she would remember what happened at the festival.


The man whose face you did not see properly, and the somewhat unstable atmosphere.


“So I don’t regret it.”


She was honest about this, too. Charlotte just decided to believe in her choice and move on.


“So don’t worry too much. Brother, trust me.”


Issac paused and stared into Charlotte’s eyes for a while afterwards.


Charlotte smiled brilliantly and looked into his eyes.


Then he opened his mouth.


“If this is your choice, I will say no more about this engagement.”


“Thank you.”


“But if you later regret it and want to go back to your family, remember that Jack and I are by your side.”


For some reason, the tip of her nose trembled.


“okay I understand .”


Issac never hugged his younger sister before he’s always patting her hair. He had never shown his affection before.


“The martial arts tournament is coming up soon, are you coming to see it?”


“Ah, that’s right. The Martial Arts Tournament.”


Issac raised his eyebrows slightly.


“Won’t you be coming?”




Charlotte licked her lips and sighed.


“I think this is going to be difficult.”




Of course, it was because of Theo. Charlotte couldn’t go out without the baby until she made the magic stone.


However, she had no idea how to explain this to her brother who didn’t know Theo’s condition.


Then she remembered Celine, who was joking that she did not participate in this year’s competition because she had to protect Charlotte.


“There are a lot of people in the competition. Everyone there is carrying weapons, it will be difficult to attend as I am now the fiancée of Duke Heinst.”


“Will Duke Heinst participate?”


“Ah, maybe he won’t. I heard he didn’t have much time to practice.”


Until last year, Carcel participated in the annual martial arts competition. He was the winner last year and the year before.


However, after receiving the title of the duke after his father, Duke Heinst’s death half a year ago, he announced that he would not participate in this year’s martial arts competition because he could not fully focus on the art of swordsmanship.


“However, I will ask him again but don’t expect too much.”


This is a lie. Charlotte wouldn’t say a word about it.


Fearing that my lies would be exposed, I looked at Issac and folded my hand.


“Even if I can’t go, I’ll cheer you up! Without the Duke, can’t my brother win the tournament this year?”


“…and the handkerchief?”


In the empire, it was customary to give handkerchiefs to knights participating in swordmanship competitions. For the past three years, Charlotte has been training to make handkerchief to give to her Brother.


“I will do it this time! I will send it to the knight’s place.”


“Yes, I understand.”


Instead of continuing the conversation with Charlotte, he called Jack ,who Theo was holding by the hand and dragged him everywhere.






“Let’s go back.”


“Now? Confucius was about to show me something.”


“Uh .”


Charlotte managed to suppress her fluctuating emotions as she looked at Theo and Jack who were both sad.


“We’ll be back at another time.”




“What kind of embroidery is this?”


Irina asked suddenly. Charlotte, not noticing that Irina had come, raised her head, as she was concentrating on the embroidery.


“Irina, when did you come?”


“Just now, Danny ran to the field to play with Theo.”


Only then did I realize the two children’s laughter in the garden. She showed the embroidery she was holding to Irina, who was seated in front of her.


“The martial arts competition will be taking place soon, so…”


“Oh, do you want to give it to the Duke?”


“No, I’ll give it to my brothers. I used to make handkerchiefs for the martial arts competition every year.”


“Isn’t it for the Duke?”


Irina gave her a slightly disappointed look. Then she asked again in an optimistic voice.


“You’ll finish this and then make one for the Duke, right?”


“No, I was thinking of making them only for my brothers.”


“What? Why? You won’t give one to the Duke?”


“The Duke said that he will not participate in the competition…”


“It’s not like that !”


Irina was unusually loud.


Charlotte was stunned by her unexpected reaction and swallowed saliva without asking anything.


“Even if the Duke doesn’t participate in a martial arts competition, you can give him a handkerchief! The Duke will definitely like it.”


“He doesn’t participate in a martial arts competition, wouldn’t it be strange to present a handkerchief?”


“Even if it’s not a martial arts competition, wouldn’t it be romantic to give your fiancé a handkerchief?”


“Well, that’s…”


When Charlotte muttered with impatience, Irina’s gaze turned to Celine, who was behind her.


“Madam Celine, what do you think? Don’t you think the Duke will like it when he receives the handkerchief?”


“Well, I actually can’t imagine the Duke’s joy at receiving the gift but…”


Selene who was continuing to speak changed her mind after seeing Irina’s frustrated expression.


“Of course, speaking of gifts, the Duke would be happy with any gift you would give him. Who would not like to receive a gift from his beloved fiancée?”


“Look? Celine said that too.”


Of course, no one would hate a gift from his beloved fiancée.


However,the important thing was missing, Carcel does not like Charlotte. So Irina’s reaction was different from Charlotte’s.


Although she thought about it, Irina’s words slowly began to convince her.


‘Irina is right.’


What if I got engaged because I fell in love with Carcel?


Due to her character, Charlotte, who gave gifts to her siblings, would have prepared a gift for Carcel as well.


No, perhaps she would have prepared Carcel’s handkerchief before her brothers’ handkerchief even.


If I kept insisting that I had no intention of making the handkerchief, Irina would think it was weird.


Not so long ago, Jack was also angry that she was calling him Duke, and that they were engaged not out of love but out of something else.


Moreover, if I don’t give him a handkerchief not following Irina’s advice, Jack will say “You were right, you don’t like the Duke!”


I’m sure I’ll have to do more acting that I love Carcel in the future.


Charlotte thought as she watched Irina explain step by step why the handkerchief was being given to him, and seemed to be dissatisfied.


‘By the way, I already gave him a handkerchief.’


Charlotte remembered the handkerchief she had given to Carcel, who had not yet returned it.


If just giving a handkerchief was helpful, wouldn’t that be enough?


But if she tells Irina that she’s given Carcel a handkerchief before, she might explode with all kinds of delusions.


“After hearing what Irina said, you’re right, I was thinking narrowly. If I can make handkerchiefs for my brothers, I’ll also make the duke’s handkerchief.”


“Good idea!”


“By the way, I’ve never embroidered the Heinst logo, so I’m not confident, can you help me?”


“Of course! By the way, the pattern you have now is beautiful, what kind of pattern is that? Oh, is it the Lannia family crest?”


What Charlotte was embroidering was the same pattern engraved on the handkerchief she had given Carcel. In the fall, yellow wreaths bloom in abundance in the field of Lannia property.


The other thing is that the handkerchief I gave Carcel was embroidered in yellow, but now it is embroidered in dark blue.


The reason was simple. Charlotte was not particularly skilled at embroidery, and this was the only pattern she could embroider.


I did not use yellow because I thought indigo would be suitable for my brothers.


Because of their job as knights, they sweat a lot and wipe off dust, so dark colors would be better than light colors.


When I asked before why not the family crest she replied harshly, “This is more beautiful than the family crest.”


“No, our family crest has leaves on it. This is the traditional pattern inherited in our area. When harvesting and celebrating harvest festivals, all the local people wear this pattern on it.”


After hearing the explanation, Irina looked closely at the pattern.


“The pattern is very cute. I think it would be really cute if it was embroidered on baby clothes.”


“That’s right. I often see kids wearing embroidered clothes in this style in the fall, which is really cute.”


Charlotte smiled, remembering the children running around with their mouths full of delicious ripe fruits, suddenly turning to the two children who were chattering in front of the field.


Theo raised the carrot high in the sky as if it was a sword made by a craftsman.


Danny followed him and shouted as he raised the root as if it were a sword.


“We are knights!”


“Let’s go kill the monsters!”


“Let’s find the treasure!”


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