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Carcel was the last to come to the dining room.


He was not surprised to see Irina and Danny . 


He predicted that they were going to have dinner together.


“Irina, it’s been a while.”


While sitting at the table, he greeted her gently. Irina spread a handkerchief on her lap, and frowned like a child.


“That’s right, Duke, it’s hard to see you these days.”


“Sometimes you talk like you don’t see me very often.”


When Charlotte listened to their conversation,like Irina said, Carcel was really treating her like his younger sister.


This is because the conversation that comes and goes is more like a conversation between siblings after a long absence rather than a conversation between an employer and an employee.


Carcel’s expression was somewhat relaxed.


He didn’t smile or care about Irina, but he seemed more relaxed than when he was eating with Charlotte.


“Danny, you should say hi to the Duke.”


Irina took his fork and tapped on Danny’s back while he was playing with Theo.


Danny nodded at Carcel.


“Hello .”


“Yes, Danny, it’s been a while.”


“Brother, hi!”


“Yeah, looks like you’re having fun with Danny.”


“Ah! I’ve been playing!”


Theo moved the fork in front of Danny’s face and re-enacted the battle he had been doing with the carrot some time ago.


Danny stroked Theo’s fork enthusiastically, and he quickly put the fork away due to Irina’s stern voice.


When Charlotte said to Theo, “You can’t do that” ,Theo also lowered the fork with a sad face.


Meanwhile, carrot soup was served. When the real carrot dish came out, the kids screamed loudly like dolphins.


“Sister! It’s the carrots!”


“We did it!”


“Yes, Theo and Danny did it. So, let’s eat deliciously without leaving anything behind. You have to chew it well, okay?”


“Nom nom.”


When Charlotte gave him a spoon, Theo took a lot of soup and put it in his mouth. Carrot soup fell on the white napkin. The same goes for Danny.


Irina opened her mouth after wiping the soup off Danny’s face.


“Duke, the foundation festival is coming soon. What are you going to do at the festival?”


“I will stop by to encourage the knights in the swordsmanship competition.”


Carcel interrupted her as if there was nothing else for him to do.


“Huh, do you have other plans?”


“Maybe I’ll have to handle the rest of the paperwork.”


“Ah, during the festival period?”


Irina continued to grumble and wonder. Even Charlotte, who knew what she wanted to say, seemed suspicious.


Sensing this, Carcel put the spoon on the table and asked.


“Do you have anything else to say?”


“You are always busy these days. I heard you almost never come home, so aren’t you leaving Miss Lannia alone too? It will be difficult for her.”


Charlotte intervened in the conversation to foil Irina’s plans as much as possible.


“Emma is here.”


Theo shouted after hearing this and swallowed the food that was in his mouth.


“Theo too!”


“Yes, Theo is here.”


Hearing Charlotte’s answer, Theo dipped the bread into the soup again with a satisfied face.


“Ah, Emma and Theo are different. No matter how close they are, Emma is a maid and Theo is a child. Duke, are you going to leave Miss alone like this all the time?”


“What do you want?”


“How about taking a day off from work and going to the festival with Miss on Foundation Day? You said you first met on Foundation Day two years ago. How about going back and reminiscing about that day?”


Carcel turned his head to look at Charlotte. There was, of course, no sign of bewilderment at Irina’s sudden suggestion. It wasn’t that she was in trouble.


He fixed his gaze on Charlotte as if he was thinking of something, he didn’t reject anything and didn’t confirm anything.


Charlotte shook her head slightly.


“I’m okay…..”


There is nothing to worry about. Charlotte tried to say it was okay so just do what he wanted.


“Let’s do that.”


This is also a positive answer!


Naturally, Charlotte was dumbfounded, who thought he would refuse, so she could not say that she was fine, but only backed down.


But Carcel’s words were even more surprising.


“I thought about it. But I haven’t asked Miss Lannia yet.”


Are you saying you’re taking me to the festival? How did it appear out of nowhere? Are we close enough to go out together?


Irina, who did not know Charlotte’s awkward mind, was very happy.


“Oh my God, I shouldn’t have come forward without knowing that the Duke was thinking this way. Does he have a day off that day?”




“Then I’ll have to go with Chase and Danny. I’m happy! Don’t worry I won’t ask you to go with us. Never interfere!”


Having achieved her goal, Irina began to focus on her meal in earnest.


On the other hand, Charlotte couldn’t eat properly this time again.


I was curious about what was going on inside Carcel’s mind in the middle of the conversation, but I couldn’t tell his thoughts.




After dinner, Irina and Danny went home, and Carcel came to Charlotte who was playing with Theo.


“Miss Lannia.”


“Yes .”


“As I said before, why don’t we go see the festival on Foundation Day?”


In fact, Charlotte was surprised. This is because she internally thought that the answer Carcel gave earlier in the dining room was a lie to avoid the constant questioning.


“Are you really planning to go to the festival with me?”


“This is correct .”


So, before answering Irina, shouldn’t you ask me first? Charlotte thought to herself, and shook her head.


Then she saw Theo playing dolls in his arms.


“How about Theo? I don’t think we can go to the festival because I can’t be separated from Theo.”


“Of course Theo will go with us.”


Theo, who she thought was busy playing dolls, shook his head.




“Yes .”


“Is Theo going?”




“Wow !”


Theo was excited and shook the teddy bear he was carrying.


Charlotte muttered softly as she watched the excited Theo.


“But isn’t it dangerous to take Theo? I think it would be better for me and Theo to stay at home.”


“It’s okay, because I took care of everyone who aimed for Theo.”


“What? Still,·····”


“And I’m going with you, so it’s okay.”


There was no other explanation, but Charlotte perfectly understood what he meant.


‘That’s true .’


Isn’t he the best knight in the empire no matter what anyone says?


The swordsmanship competition proved his skills. Carcel will be able to safely protect Charlotte and Theo despite the complex festival streets.


‘But why are you doing this? Why are you trying to go to the festival?’


Charlotte speculated that he was thinking the same way.


Are you trying to avoid any suspicion by pretending to be a close fiancé?


Then there was no other reason to reject his proposal. Charlotte finally nodded.




“Then I will leave that day empty .”


Carcel greeted her gently and left. Charlotte was starting to get excited of late.


‘I can’t believe I can go to the festival.!’ 


It would be inconvenient for me to go with Carcel, but I was still looking forward to the fact that I was able to see the festival after so long.




“Look? I told you to trust me.”


The next day, Irina, who had come to learn embroidery from Charlotte, joked.


Charlotte doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. Charlotte smiled shyly and nodded.


“Yes, thanks to Irina, I will be able to watch the festival with the Duke.”


“It is also thanks to me that I will be able to go for a walk with my family after a long time. Danny is very excited.”


“Yes, Theo is excited too.”


Irina tilted her head in confusion.




“Yes, I’ll take Theo with me.”


“Isn’t it just you two?”


Irina’s face was filled with disappointment. She didn’t say anything but her thoughts “I didn’t say this to the Duke” were crystal clear.


“I can’t leave Theo behind.”


“Shall I take him with me then?”


“No. Irina will also be going out with her family after a long time, so you should enjoy the festival. If you have two children, it can be difficult to take care of them.”




Charlotte turned her back before insisting on taking Theo with her.


“By the way, you’re here today to embroider. I don’t have much time. I’ll show you right away.”


“Alright .”


Irina seemed to regret it, but she didn’t say anything else and picked up her embroidered cloth.


Today was the day when Charlotte decided to teach Irina Lannia’s traditional embroidery.


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