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“I had used indigo* because I was going to give it to my brothers. But it is nice to embroider in yellow to make the flower.”


“It’s a yellow flower, so I want to see it.”


“If you get a chance later, visit Lannia’s estate. The flowers are small enough to be the size of a small fingernail, but when you see them bloom in the field in the fall, it’s so beautiful. When the wind blows, they look like a yellow wave.”


“I will definitely go play with Danny.”


Irina had better embroidery skills than Charlotte’s. Although Charlotte knew the design better, Irina’s final embroidery was much nicer than Charlotte’s.


So much so that people might think that Irina is teaching Charlotte, not the opposite.


“You mastered it in a shorter time than I thought. I thought we would only be making handkerchiefs today. Plus, Irina’s skills seem to be much better than mine.”


“That’s because the miss taught me so well. By the way, it’s really pretty because it’s made in yellow. I think it would be really pretty if it were embroidered on children’s clothes.”


“Shall we make clothes now?”


Irina was pleased with Charlotte’s proposal.


“Really? Do you have clothes ready?”


“I expected this, so I had Theo and Danny’s clothes ready in advance.”


Charlotte asked Emma to bring the baby clothes she had left in her room.


Moments later, Emma returned carrying children’s clothes with Hazel. Hazel was carrying a tray of cold juices for the children who were running with all their might.


“I was afraid that you would be thirsty, so I went to the kitchen and brought something refreshing to drink.”


“It’s okay. Theo, Danny, would you like some juice?”






The children rushed up and sat next to each other on the chairs and drank the juice with a straw.


“Thank you, Hazel.”


“It’s okay. But if it’s not so rude, can I take a look? It’s my first time seeing someone embroider.”


Hazel said shyly as she walked around the table. Hazel, who said she is younger than Charlotte, said Heinst’s mansion was her first job.


For the past two years, no one had been doing embroidery at Heinst Palace, so this scene must have been surprising.


“Of course it’s okay.”


Charlotte readily agreed. After she found out that Hazel was not a spy, she began to take an interest in this sweet maid.


When Charlotte winked at Emma, ​​Emma took a chair and sat right next to Hazel. Meanwhile, the children who had emptied all the juice returned to the field.


“Do you embroider clothes?”


Hazel asked in an excited voice.


“Yeah, we make the same clothes for Theo and Danny, isn’t that nice?”


“I think that’s cute! What kind of embroidery are you guys doing? I don’t think that’s the Heinst’s symbol.”


Charlotte gave her the embroidered handkerchief and showed Emma instead.


“It’s a pattern like a flower wreath.”


“A flower wreath? It’s the first time I’ve heard of that.”


“Maybe it’s because it’s a flower that mainly blooms in the warm southern region. It blooms a lot on the Lannia estate.”


“The style is very nice.”


Hazel, who was a fan of the pattern, suddenly cried out, “Ah!” .


“I’ve seen this pattern before!”


“Oh? It can’t be true. It’s Miss Lannia’s traditional style. Couldn’t it be something similar?”


Hazel emphasized Emma’s words.


“No, it was definitely this yellow flower!”


“Where did you see that?”


When Charlotte asked her, Hazel thought as she looked back to her memory.


“Do you remember Annie in charge of the Duke’s room? I saw Annie arranging the handkerchiefs, and the Duke even told her to wash this handkerchief carefully because it was too thin to be scratched. A handkerchief with the same pattern!”


Charlotte quickly understood Hazel’s words.


“Oh, that’s right. At Sir Heather’s funeral, I gave the Duke a handkerchief in the same pattern.”


However, unlike Charlotte who had doubts in her mind, Hazel had a complex mind.


“Huh? This is strange.”


“What’s wrong with you?”


“I saw him when I was learning business from  Annie. It’s been almost two years since I moved to the mansion.”


“Two years ago? That’s impossible.”


This time, Charlotte’s expression was puzzled.


“Perhaps you are wrong?”


“No, it was the same pattern as this yellow flower. So I thought the miss gave it to the Duke as a token of the previous meeting….”


Hazel hesitated, then shook her head.


“It’s been so long I can’t really remember it. Maybe it was just a similar shape. Most of the floral patterns are similar.”


She rolled her eyes and exchanged silent signals with Irina, but this time she completely changed her words.


“Oh, thinking about it, I guess it wasn’t the Duke’s handkerchief, but Annie’s handkerchief! The sister bragged that it was a gift from a friend! That’s right! There’s no way a Duke would have a handkerchief with such a pattern! Right?”


“That’s right! It’s ridiculous to say that the Duke has a handkerchief embroidered with flowers. In the first place, the Duke doesn’t use handkerchiefs!”


Hazel’s voice, who spoke first, and Irina’s voice replying to her were hard as if they were reading a book.


Irina continued to comfort Charlotte, placing her hand on Charlotte’s handkerchief with a serious face.


“Don’t take it seriously. It’s possible that the maid remembered it wrong, I don’t think the handkerchief was two years ago. The Duke was having a hard time and didn’t have time to exchange handkerchiefs with anyone.”




“But if you’re still worried, shall I ask the Duke?”


Perhaps Irina and Hazel were worried that Carcel might be cherishing another woman’s handkerchief.


That’s why they were looking at Charlotte in this way. Hazel saw the handkerchief two years ago, around the same time Charlotte met the Duke at the festival.


Although Charlotte and Carcel were not officially dating at the time, it was an awkward situation.


However, contrary to Irina’s fears, Charlotte was caught up in other thoughts. She grabbed her handkerchief in both hands and raised it high into the sky.


‘Has she seen such a handkerchief two years ago?’


The bear that Theo owned, and the handkerchief embroidered with flowers were all owned by Carcel.


When I put these two together, one doubt kept creeping into my mind.


Staring at the handkerchief, Charlotte thought of Carcel’s character and stopped.






That evening, Irina made an excuse that Danny wanted to play with Theo more, and she went to dinner with them.


Throughout the dinner she watched the mood of Carcel and Charlotte.


On the surface, it was no different from the Last Supper. Charlotte helped Theo eat, and Carcel finished the meal in no time.


However, in Irina’s eyes, Charlotte looked very depressed. It was a totally misunderstanding from Irina, but she was serious.


‘Why should a person who has not been interested in a woman before have this happen to him?’


Irina narrowed her eyes and stared at Carcel.


Hazel looked around and said she had remembered it wrongly, but Irina didn’t trust her words. This is because her story was quite specific to say that it was an illusion.


Carcel has a handkerchief with flowers on it? She could only guess that he had received it from a woman.


Until now, he refused any gift offered by a woman.


He even asked to handle the handkerchief carefully.


When Irina, who knows him well, saw this, it wasn’t something she could miss.


Other times, if she had heard this, she would have been delighted and said, “Spring has finally come to the Duke!” The problem was, it wasn’t Charlotte who gave him the handkerchief.


‘Of all times! Right Now ! I can’t believe I found this out after he met Charlotte again, like fate!’


Irina hindered her desire to interrogate Carcel at this very meal.


“Why the hell are you looking at me like that?”


Carcel, who had been patient for a long time, asked Irina who was staring at him with eyes like an axe.


“Why are you asking me that?”


“Look at yourself!”


“What am I? My eyes have always been like this.”


“I think you have something to say.”


“There is no such thing… You even gave Chase a day of leave, what can I complain about?”


“I didn’t say it was a complaint, but after hearing the answer, you seem to have a complaint of another kind. What is it?”


Irina frowned and looked at Charlotte, in fact it was only her imagination.


‘Look at this, I think she’s very upset.’


Earlier, Charlotte looked at the handkerchief with a serious face for a long time, and hardly answered that it was fine because she did not care at all.


If Irina found a mysterious handkerchief in her husband’s drawer, she would question him immediately.


However, Charlotte, who has a tender heart, was not able to show anything.


She was worried that Carcel would leave her alone on the pretext that he was busy!


*:Indigo:a shade of blue

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