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No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t contain her anger toward Carcel.


During her weeks with Charlotte, Irina cherished her like her sister.


In other words, no matter how much she follows Carcel like her brother, she is always willing to stand by Charlotte in this situation.


In the end, after Irina finished her meal, she left Danny for Charlotte and went after Carcel.


Knowing that Irina was in a hot mood, Carcel wasn’t surprised when she followed him into the office, as if he knew this was going to happen.


“What on earth is that handkerchief?”


Before explaining anything, she asked this question. Carcel tapped on the desk and asked her.


“Which handkerchief?”


“The handkerchief of yellow flowers that I asked the maid two years ago to wash carefully.”


Carcel, who was about to pick up the quill, turned his hand back and looked at Irina, who followed him to his office, and after a minute of silence, he asked her.


“How did you know that?”


“Does this matter now? Where did you get that handkerchief?”


“You don’t need to know that.”


“It’s a duke’s private life, so I don’t need to know this in the first place! But I can’t stand still when Miss Lannia already knows about it!”


When Charlotte’s name appeared, Carcel leaned back on the chair and concentrated on the conversation.


“Does Miss Lannia know?”


“Miss Lannia learned a bit by accident, and she seems to care a lot. She says she’s fine, but she’s definitely depressed. So what the hell is that handkerchief?”


Like I said before, you don’t need to know that.


“Well, even if you don’t tell me. At least explain it to Miss Lannia.”


“It’s up to me to act on it.”


Irina’s mouth trembled as if she had lost her composure in front of his iron-walled answer, then she turned and screamed.


“Well, if Miss Lannia decides to break up with you and return to Lannia’s property, I will never help you!”


She muttered and went out of the office, as if she wanted to shut the door more forcefully, but she couldn’t do it because of her strength.


“What is happening ?”


Chase asked,while Carcel trying to chase her through the gap of the open door, and then said :


“Looks like Irina is going home, she wants you to come home too.”


There were a lot of things he wanted to ask, but Chase decided to ask Irina directly and left.


After this windy conversation had just ended, Carcel remembered the words Irina had left like a curse.


‘Well, if Miss Lannia decides to break up with you and return to Lannia’s property, I will never help you!’


His eyebrows furrowed a little.


Parting. It was a foul word.




From that day on, Charlotte and Irina’s embroidery lessons continued. Irina frankly said that it was okay not to make children’s clothes, but Charlotte insisted on completing the clothes.


‘But I think the miss will be uncomfortable…’


Irina still seemed to care about her, but she really liked Charlotte.


It doesn’t matter if Carcel has a handkerchief or if he has a secret girlfriend.


He wasn’t interested in women, and she was a little surprised that Carcel had such a past, that’s how she was feeling.


But  .


‘I’m sure that’s not true, right?’


Questions started popping in her head.


However, it was too mysterious to ask Carcel directly, so she buried it inside.


Anyway, for the past few days, Charlotte has been making handkerchiefs for her siblings, and then did the clothes for Theo.


The appearance of two children standing side by side in the same clothes was so cute that I wanted to bite their cheeks.


It was a scene that the kids liked, too.


“We are the same!”


“Ah, we are wearing the same clothes!”


Charlotte and Irina promise to call the artist one day to paint a portrait of these two young boys.


After that, Irina taught Charlotte how to embroider the symbol of the Heinst family.


There were signs on her face that she did not want to teach her, but since she was the one who insisted on making him the handkerchief first, there was nothing she could do.


By the time Charlotte finished the handkerchief, the Foundation Festival had begun.


Even Charlotte, who was only staying at the mansion, could feel the heat of the festival.


All the staff were excited, and the maids who were on vacation and went to the festival chatted with each other.


Theo was excited and begged Charlotte and Carcel every day to go to the festival. Carcel, who had been working hard every morning and evening, gave him a promise.


“We’re going to play the day of the fireworks show.”


“Flowers ?”


Not flowers, but fireworks.


Charlotte explained step by step to the child who does not know what it is.


“There are flowers in the garden right? There are lights in the sky, and they make beautiful big and luminous flowers in the dark night, isn’t it nice?”


Theo, who opened his mouth and imagined it in his own way, came to the conclusion that it would be fun.




A fireworks display will be held the night before the start of the swordsmanship competition. In other words, the fireworks display that will embroider the capital’s night sky is on the eve of the competition.


Charlotte showed her five fingers wide open.


“If you sleep five nights from today, we’ll go to the festival. Theo, can you wait?”




But unlike the loud answer, he would ask every night before going to bed.


“How many nights will Theo sleep?”


Each time Charlotte responded by bending her fingers one by one.


“Look at this, Theo. Now you only need to sleep four more nights.”




Charlotte’s fingers decreased one by one every night, and it’s finally the day of the fireworks.


When he heard from Charlotte last night that there was only one night left, Theo got up earlier than usual and ran quickly to Charlotte’s room.




Unlike when he ran from dawn to see the field, Theo’s eyes were brighter today, and she didn’t have enough time to sleep again.


Charlotte, who was awakened by the sound of the baby, held Theo in her arms,


who jumped into her bed without opening her eyes properly.


“Sister! Wake up! Let’s go see the fireworks!”


“Theo, not yet. The sun hasn’t even risen? We’ll go after lunch.”




Theo did not give up. Taking himself out of Charlotte’s arms, this time he went to Carcel’s room opposite her.




Carcel got up already early and had changed his clothes and took a shower.


‘Will Brother play with me?’


The excited child ran towards him.


“Theo, why are you up so early?”


“Let’s go see the flowers in the sky!”


“Fireworks go out at night, we’ll go see the festival after lunch.”




Carcel patted the child apologetically, so Theo’s shoulders shrugged in disappointment.


But Theo didn’t hesitate anymore and went back to Charlotte’s room laughing.


Charlotte grabbed Theo again and patted him on the back. Theo, who had been on fire since dawn, slept again.


After all, it’s still bedtime for kids.




After having lunch a bit early, Theo ran around Charlotte.


“Sister! Watch the flowers!”


“Yes, we’ll go now.”


With the help of Emma and Hazel, Charlotte bathes Theo and changes his clothes.


He was dressed in fairly ordinary clothes, not the high-end clothes that he usually wears, because she was afraid that he would become the target of kidnappers on the street.


A few days ago, Irina brought me clothes from downtown. I confidently said that Carcel would be fine, but the more thorough the preparation, the better.


Theo did not express his dissatisfaction even though the coarse clothes would be uncomfortable. The kid was excited to go out with his favorite brother and sister.


“Are we really going to play?”


Theo asked for the fifth time, Charlotte nodded as she buttoned his shirt.


Charlotte also wore a Lannia dress for the first time. Unfortunately, this dress looked cheaper than Theo’s that Irina had brought from town.


“Yeah, we’re going to play. Look Sister got dressed and your brother’s dressed up too.”


Charlotte pointed at Carcel, who had entered the room silently a while ago.




Theo didn’t ask as if he had rested afterwards. Theo put on his shoes and then looked at Carcel’s clothes.


He was wearing a plain white shirt and cotton pants.


It was obviously of poor quality, but maybe that was because of his impression. He was so handsome that he looked like a high-ranking aristocrat even when he was riding a carriage.


‘Is there any use in disguise?’


Charlotte nodded when she saw Theo in his clothes.


Today, Theo wore a white T-shirt with black wide-leg pants. These clothes were worn by children in the alleys because of their high activity.


But Theo was not like a commoner at all, like Carcel. He was eating well, and his white face resembled that of the precious son of a wealthy family.


Even in his disguise, he seemed likely to be a target for the kidnappers.


Looking at Theo, Charlotte remembered the kidnapper she had actually seen at the festival two years earlier. The kidnappers were already there, so we had to be careful.


‘I can’t help it, I have no choice but to carry him.’


With that in mind, she stood and straightened her bent knees. Grabbing Theo’s right hand, Theo raised his left hand and waved at Carcel.


“Brother! Your hand!”


Carcel hesitated for a moment, then grabbed Theo’s left hand.


Anyway, today was Theo’s first day at the festival. The two of them had already agreed to do what Theo wanted.


Theo cried out loudly, waving his hands forcefully.


“Let’s go see the flowers!”


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