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The streets were crowded, but since Carcel was the first to pass the crowd, Charlotte was able to walk down the street without bumping into anyone.


Then suddenly, Carcel stopped walking.


Charlotte, who couldn’t see him because she was looking around, stopped and bumped into his back.


“Uh …”


After that, she did not hear an apology from him. Charlotte wasn’t badly hurt, but that doesn’t sound like his manners.




Carcel was staring at something clearly.


Charlotte turned her gaze to where he was looking. It was a shop selling cute toys that kids love.


It was an awkward little stall even calling it a shop.


Toys such as dolls and colorful wooden blocks were placed on the low table.


“Everyone, take a look!”


Charlotte immediately recognized the owner, a street vendor who was selling toys.


He was the same person who made her take cover from the rain two years ago.


Charlotte approached him with pleasure.


“I think you’re still trading here.”


“Oh of course I do, it’s been a while . I couldn’t go out because I’ve been sick. But have you ever bought a toy from here? There’s no way I can forget such a pretty face like that of the young lady.”


Contrary to her pretending to know him, the owner did not remember her.


This was normal, because Charlotte was wearing a headscarf and she was wet in the rain.


“I don’t know if you remember, I’ve been hiding from the rain here for a while. My brothers went to find the kidnapped child, and I was alone…”


“Ah! I remembered!”


“Huh? Really? I thought you wouldn’t remember because it was a very short moment.”


“I remembered the young miss because she was so touching, I thought we would meet someday and here we are.”


The store owner, who had only seen her once before, gave Charlotte, who had seen her only once before, a warm welcome.


Then suddenly he turned his gaze to Carcel who was standing behind Charlotte.


“But who is the young man behind you? Perhaps…”


The owner smiled purposefully.


“You said you didn’t have a boyfriend but you got married already? Do you live in the capital?! I wanted to make you meet my son. What a pity.”




“The child is just like his mother, he has chubby and beautiful cheeks, how can he only look like his mother and not look like his father?”


“No this ….”


Charlotte looked at Carcel and gave him a puzzled smile.


“I am not married yet, this child is not mine either.”


“Isn’t he? He’s been walking around with you so I thought he might be your husband.”


“Not really, that’s just…”


She was trying to say that he was only an acquaintance.


“Who took my baby!”


I heard a woman cry, it was the same situation as it was two years ago.


For a moment, Carcel’s body froze, he handed the sleeping Theo to Charlotte.


“I’m leaving for a while.”


As a knight and older brother of a three-year-old child, he seemed to be unable to stand still and watch the child being kidnapped.


“Yes go ahead….”


Carcel hurried away before Charlotte could finish her words.


“Ah, this is going to take a long time, so please sit here for a while.”


The shopkeeper who was observing the situation pointed to the seat next to him.


“Then, take care of me for a while.”


While Charlotte sat, the owner laid a blanket on Theo’s back. A happy smile hung on the owner’s face as he looked at the child.


“How can he be so beautiful? But what is your relationship with that young man?”


Fiancé. To be exact, he was Charlotte’s fiancé, but she was still embarrassed about introducing Carcel to anyone else as her fiancé.


“It’s just…someone I know. Because that person is this kid’s older brother.”


“He must be very young.”


“Yes. But Theo follows me a lot and I’m taking care of the baby at the moment.”




“Yes, sister is here.”


“The flowers …”


“We’ll watch the fireworks after you sleep.”


“Ah, this sweet little kid looks like he wants to go to the fireworks show. There are still hours, so what are you going to do?”


The shop owner smiled seeing Theo drooling.


After that, they chatted for a bit while waiting for Carcel to arrive.


Charlotte said she Lannia’s territory, but of course she didn’t reveal that she was the daughter of Baron Lannia.


“Lannia? Where is that?”


“It’s at the southern part of the empire. It’s not that big of a land. It’s a simple village where most of the locals work in agriculture.”


“So I guess he couldn’t find you.”


“Who is that?”


When Charlotte put on a puzzled expression, the shopkeeper held his hands together.


“Oh, not me. That guy I sold the bear to that day.”


“Oh, that man in the cloak.”


Charlotte listened carefully to the matter.


“Was he looking for me?”


“Yes. It was about a month after the lady left. It was cold and I was wearing cotton clothes, so it must have been early winter, but the man came to me and asked if I remembered the young lady.”


“And then?”


“Then I said I remember, and when he asked me where you live, or whether I knew anything about the young lady. I only said I knew that you are from the capital and your brothers are knights.”


Why was this person looking for me? Why ?


Charlotte felt very anxious in her heart and urged the shopkeeper to speak.


“What happened after that?”


“That’s it, but honestly, how could he find this young lady with so much information? Seeing that you don’t know him seems like he couldn’t find you.”


“Did he say who he was? Where does he live?”


Upon Charlotte’s question, the store owner shook his head vigorously.


“I don’t know, I asked him about this, but he didn’t answer and just left.”


The owner looked around and lowered his voice.


“But miss, it would be better if you weren’t interested.”


Charlotte lowered her voice at the same time.




“Isn’t that suspicious? Think about it. A couple of years ago, I thought he was wearing a cloak because it was raining, but the next time he came he was wearing a cloak too though It was sunny.”


The shopkeeper shivered, maybe just thinking about it was scary.


“If he’s a normal person, why is he wearing a cloak? That’s because he looks ugly, maybe? Who knows, maybe he’s the wanted criminal.”


“Personally, I don’t think so…”


“It’s because you don’t know the world yet! Then…”


“Is he going to cut my nose?”


Then Charlotte told the joke she had heard from Jack to the owner.


“Where did you hear that?”


“My Brother. He told me to be careful and said that all the people from the capital are scammers.”


The owner laughed again this time.


“Well, that’s not wrong. An innocent person like the young miss could be eaten by a crook from head to toe.”


The owner who was joking at first controlled his expressions.


“Anyway, don’t worry. It’s fishy that he came so late to find the miss.”


Charlotte had no choice but to nod.




Thinking about it, Carcel’s face flashed in her mind, who had not been there for some time.


Hazel said that two years ago she saw a handkerchief that looked like Charlotte’s, and that the bear was there too.


“Did this guy have black hair and purple eyes?”


“Well, I couldn’t see the face, so I didn’t even see the hair color.”


“Was he tall ?”


“He was tall.”


“His voice …”


Charlotte wanted to ask more, but the more she asked, the more she thought it had nothing to do with Carcel.


No matter how much she thought about it, it didn’t look like he had come here to look for her two years ago.


At least that’s how Charlotte saw Carcel.


‘But why did he come to look for me?’


Charlotte had a question this time. Charlotte sometimes thought about his situation at the time. However, I didn’t miss him so much that I wanted to find and meet him on purpose.


It could have been the same for the man too.


A relationship that is not special, a moment that can be forgotten.


But why did he search so desperately for me?


She probably won’t know the answer for the rest of her life because she doesn’t have a chance to meet him again.


“Why did you stop asking?”


“No, nothing, everything is fine now.”


Instead of asking for more, she gratefully bought a small doll for the store owner for telling this story.


It was a rabbit doll that could be carried in Theo’s arms. When she gave the baby the doll, Theo hugged the doll while he slept and murmured.




When Charlotte was patting Theo on the head with a happy face, someone cast a shadow over her and Carcel appeared.


“Huh? Are you already here?”


“Yes .”


He’s back faster than Jack and Issac. Charlotte, expecting it to take a little longer, got up in a hurry.


“Thank you. I rested well.”


The shop owner shook his head and took the blanket from her.


“No, I was glad to see you after such a long time.”


“Yes .”


“If you don’t have a relationship with the young master, what do you think of my son?”


I tried to say it was fine and thank him for looking so kind to me. But before Charlotte could answer, Carcel took her hand and answered in a raspy voice.


“It’s fine.”


Perhaps it was because of the mood, but his mood seemed a little frozen.


He said firmly, holding Theo who was in Charlotte’s arms.


“We are engaged.”



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