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Before Charlotte could refute anything, he bowed his head lightly to the shopkeeper and began to walk first.


“You said you’re not in a relationship but he’s your fiancé? Why did you say no?”


“That’s not the point …”


Charlotte was about to make an excuse, but when she saw Carcel walking away, she hurriedly got up.


“See you later! I’ll be back next time!”


“Yes, it looks like your fiancé is upset, you should reconcile with him.”


Is Carcel angry? This is unimaginable.


Charlotte didn’t answer, but almost nodded and ran quickly after him.


When Carcel slowed down, Charlotte barely caught up with him.


‘Is he upset….?’


She looked to the side and thought calmly, perhaps because she heard the shop owner’s words, his face turned crooked for some reason and his mouth closed.


‘It’s ridiculous to think about this.’


Charlotte shook her head, laughing lightly.


The expression he always showed was the usual one. Besides, Carcel had no reason to be upset, so this was a ridiculous idea.




“Oh, I think Theo likes dolls right?”


He looked at the child and then nodded his head emphatically.


After that, the three went to the café. It was a place where personal space was guaranteed as places were separated from each other.


Carcel laid Theo gently on the comfy sofa. Theo slept with a more relaxed face than before.


The two spent their time sipping soft drinks until Theo woke up.


An hour later, Theo woke up and ate a chocolate-covered ice cream.


“Let’s watch the flowers bloom!”


“Okay, let’s eat and go.”


After eating in the restaurant where nobles usually ate, it was dark outside and night fell.


The evening festival scene was very different from the daytime scene. Theo opened his mouth again when he saw the colorful lights lit up by magic.




Charlotte also looked at the scene around her as if she was possessed. Then Carcel carefully grabbed her hand.


“Soon people will come to watch the fireworks show, it’s dangerous, so we’ll go somewhere else.”


“Is there any place we can see fireworks other than here?”


Carcel sticking to his idea, drove her somewhere. Charlotte got into the carriage without saying anything.


The carriage ran and got out of the downtown area. Theo looked out the window, muttering like a puppy who had lost his reward.


“Blooming flowers…”


“Don’t worry, your brother will make us go somewhere else where we can see the fireworks.”




Theo wasn’t completely convinced, but since Charlotte said so, he became hopeful again.


After a while, the carriage stopped on a hill a little far from Festival Street. Theo, who got off the carriage in Charlotte’s arms, saw the scene before his eyes and cried.


“Sister! Look at this!”


A wonderful sight spread before them.


The lights were bright enough to make eyes widen when looking at them closely, and they were even brighter when viewed from afar.


“Theo, if you look at the fireworks from here, you can see them very well, right?”


Charlotte took the blanket out of the carriage and laid it on the floor, and Theo sat down and then I sat next to him, and Carcel sat on the other side.


Theo on the left and Carcel on the right. Although the evening air was rather cold, it didn’t feel cold thanks to the two’s body temperature.




After a long wait, red flames in the sky finally shot out. Theo cried when he saw the flames lit the black sky red.




This time it was yellow. Then fireworks of various colors exploded.


Even the shape was different. When Theo saw fireworks shaped like animals that children love, he laughed.


The night air was cold, but Theo’s passion was hot.


The fireworks lasted more than 5 minutes. When the fireworks ended, it was again dark around the hill.


Theo, unable to take his eyes off the fireworks relentlessly, began to fall asleep after the show ended.


He had been watching the festival all day and couldn’t get a good nap, so this was a natural result.


“We must go quickly.”


Theo fell into Charlotte’s arms and hugged him.


After she put the child in the carriage, she shook the blanket with her hand and removed the dirt.


It was now carriage time and she was in such a hurry that she thought she should go to the mansion and put Theo in his room, and then Carcel reached out to her.


‘Ah, escort.’


Noble girls are usually escorted when they ride a carriage. Now if they could ride the carriage on their own because of the light clothes, there would be an attendant waiting for them. It was a courtesy of the nobles.


But Carcel  was right next to her and it was impudent to refuse him.


Charlotte smiled late in embarrassment, placing her hand on his palm.


But Carcel led her to the hill and not to the carriage.




Charlotte asked curiously, but Carcel stood across from her without saying a word.


He slowly pulled the handkerchief from his arms. It was the handkerchief that Charlotte gave him at Sir Heather’s funeral.


The handkerchief was neatly folded.


“I didn’t forget to bring it back.”


Charlotte couldn’t understand why he would give it to her in a place like this. 


When she reached out to take it,Carcel put his hand behind his back and avoided her.


Charlotte looked at him with a puzzled face.


Then Carcel took another handkerchief from his arms.


When Charlotte checked both handkerchiefs, she was even more surprised than when she first met Theo. Because they both had the same design.


The difference was that the later handkerchief was older, and the embroidery was sloppy.


The embroidery that was on the handkerchief was known only in the Lannia estate.


Carcel couldn’t have had a handkerchief with the same embroidery other than the handkerchief that Charlotte gave him.


‘No, there was once.’


Two years ago, a mysterious man bought a teddy bear in a bitter mood.


The handkerchief I gave him and the handkerchief that Carcel now has.


The bear that the man bought and the bear that Theo loved.


Probably not, the assumption that was inside the head

is back again.


‘No way ….’


Have I met him before? 


Charlotte opened her mouth to say so,Carcel was a beat faster.


“Two years ago, did you say you watched the festival?”


“Yes” . Charlotte could barely say such a simple answer. She didn’t know why, but the tip of her nose trembled.


Feelings that she could not even understand started rushing in.


“At that time you gave this handkerchief to a man, do you remember?”


“Yes” . Charlotte answered mystically this time as well.


She slowly raised her eyes in the air and looked into Carcel’s eyes, nose, and chin line, then miraculously saw the same face she had seen two years ago.


He was such a familiar face that I wondered why I didn’t realize it till now.


“Was the Duke the one who bought the bear at that time?”


She asked to make sure. But Charlotte was convinced of what he would say came out of his mouth.


The moment he nodded, Charlotte’s eyes reddened.


Carcel stared at her eyes, then slowly closed them. It was hard to tell what happened that day.


His eyelids, which were tightly closed, trembled.


“That was the day I was told that there was no longer any hope for my mother.”


He was the man she had wanted to know for two years, but Charlotte was upset that this was what was going with him that day.


“…if you’re having a hard time, you don’t have to say it.”


But he kept talking, as if asking her to listen.


“When I saw my mother, who could not even open her eyes, and Theo, who knew nothing, I didn’t know what to do, so I wandered aimlessly. Irina said that was good for me.”


Carcel did not reveal his true feelings very well. He didn’t know why he was saying this to her, who had only been with him for a month.


To be honest, I was relieved to finally find out the story of the guy I’ve been curious about for a while. I was happy to receive his trust and scared to know his story.


Because I know very well how this story ends.


Carcel was worried about having to talk about his apparent plight. He spoke frankly as if he was telling someone else’s story, but he wasn’t actually rude.


By telling Charlotte the events of that day again, he brings out a wound he might want to forget. It was an act of self-harm.


Charlotte was more interested in the wounds he received than the answer to her own questions.


Therefore, she did not dare to tell him to stop and chose to listen to him silently.


“When my mother was dying, I was able to make up my mind, but I was very worried about what to do about Theo. But on that day….”




“You said everything would be fine.”


I am not Miss Lannia. But This single exchange of word changed his heart.


“So I tried to find you.”


He didn’t say why, but Charlotte seems to know why.


The store owner said an unidentified man returned about a month after Charlotte left.


Perhaps it was after the death of the previous duchess at the time.


He wanted to hear “everything will be fine” because Charlotte had told him that, and no one had ever told him that before.


How did he think about searching for a woman whose name he did not even know because he only met her once?


“But the handkerchief you gave me was the same handkerchief I received that day.”


Carcel slowly opened his eyes and looked into Charlotte’s eyes.


“I wanted to meet you.”


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