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No one could convince her otherwise, so the Duke and the doctor did their best to ensure the safety of the Duchess and the baby inside her womb.


Maybe those efforts paid off ?and Both Theo and the Duchess survived.


Theo grew up with a lot of love from all the people in the palace.


It was a concern because he was a Rosito, but there was no need to worry because Sir Heather, the right person for him, was already in the family.


Thanks to the gentle child, the Desolated Duke’s family had already become brighter.


The Duke, who was opposed to Theo’s birth, soon fell in love with Theo.


Although dealing with the child was awkward, Carcel also went to see Theo two or three times a day.


Everyone seemed happy.


Until around early summer, the Duchess’ condition deteriorated sharply.


She was sick for an unknown reason. She was vomiting intermittently, but not from lung disease, her appetite decreased and she lost weight, but she had no problems with her internal organs and she didn’t even take poison.


The doctor reviewed all kinds of books and tried to find out the cause and name of the disease, but in the end he found nothing.


When the emperor heard the news, he sent his personal royal physician, but he could not find the reason.


In the end, it was concluded that the Duchess had lost her energy due to her old age. It was an unfortunate outcome however,there was no other reason for it.


After deducing that it was all due to the pregnancy, the Duke and Carcel’s feelings were mixed.


Every time they saw the child smiling happily they had strange feelings even though they knew it was not the child’s fault.


As much as they loved the child, the pain of losing a family member was great.


[“Well, Carcel? You should take good care of Theo. This child is your brother. He’s a rosito, so you should take special care of him. Make sure to keep Sir Heather with him at all time. This way nothing will happen to Theo.”] 


The Duchess anticipated her death, and every time she would see Carcel in the past few days, she would ask him to do so.


Carcel assured her several times not to worry.


Carcel didn’t know what to say and couldn’t answer. The moment he answers and says “yes” he thought his mother would really go away.




Theo hugged Carcel and then his mother started crying profoundly.


“Mama, Mama, Uma. “


It was the only thing the kid was able to utter.


Will this child know that he won’t be able to see his mother anymore? If Theo later remembers his mother, what the hall should I tell him?


Contrary to his heart, the festive atmosphere was heated.


People enjoyed the festivities without regard to the cloudy weather.


They were very different from Carcel, who wore black from head to toe.


Every once in a while, there were people glancing at him seeing that his clothes didn’t fit into the festival, but that was it. They soon ignored him and enjoyed the festivities again.


Carcel, who was wandering aimlessly in the rain through the bustling streets of the festival, suddenly saw a store selling toys.


He couldn’t leave. He looked at the toys and remembered Theo, who was crying looking for his mother.


He himself was fine. He can pretend he’s okay even if he’s not.


But what about Theo?


Now he’s hardly talking, but what about Theo, who’s only looking for his mother?


He’s at the age when he really needs his mom, but will Theo be okay with that?


At that time, he imagined Theo’s face who didn’t know anything.


“Are you looking for a gift?”


Her beautiful voice could be heard from the other side, her voice like beads rolling. It was a mature voice that wasn’t of a young girl nor an arrogant voice of a woman.


Carcel turned his head and looked at the woman with the voice.


The woman who spoke to him, it was probably because of the rain, she was covering her head and her face could not be seen.


All he could see were cherry red lips and a slender white neck.


When he didn’t answer she asked again.


“Is it a boy or a girl?”




“Well, what is the importance of knowing the gender in buying toys for children? Let’s see. What could be good? It would be good to know the age, how old is it?”


There was a strange power like magic in his voice that asked softly. Carcel answered involuntarily.


“…he will be one year old soon.”


Not thinking he would answer, the woman opened her mouth a little as if she had been surprised. However, she quickly put a soft smile on her lips.


The woman looked at the bears sitting next to each other and picked up a brown bear. The impressive bear was tied with a ribbon on its neck and was larger than Theo’s size.


“I think it would be nice for a one-year-old to have a doll to hug, how about a bear?”


Carcel had no intention of buying a doll for Theo. Even if he had bought a doll, he would have bought it in a shop that nobles usually went to, not a regular shop on the street.


However, he shook his head.


The woman handed the bear to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper wrapped the gift, and Carcel paid the bill and left immediately.


But then a woman’s voice was heard in the back.


“Sorry !”


Carcel did not stop walking, though he knew it was the voice of the woman he had just met. Because he didn’t really need to talk to her.


But before he could walk again he was caught. He lowered his head slightly and saw a soft white hand.


He couldn’t do anything even though he could have pushed her with a little effort.


“Take this .”


She took a breath and pulled out a handkerchief.


“It’s raining a lot, so use this to wipe the rain.”


It was a handkerchief embroidered with yellow flowers.


The embroidery was crooked due to the poor skill of its maker, and the flowers were of various sizes.


But somehow there was a warmth emanating from it.


When he only looked without taking the handkerchief, the woman forced him to take the handkerchief and put it in his hands.


The fingertips that were touched were cold. Maybe it was because of the Heavy rain.


What makes her so anxious when she looks like a rat wet in the rain? Yet he didn’t feel that the woman’s feelings were the same.


“Baby will definitely like it. I guarantee it.”




“I don’t know what’s going on, but everything will be fine.”


Fine. That silly word shook Carcel’s heart.


As if a stone had fallen into the stagnant water and caused a wave, an indescribable emotion ran through his mind.


No one had ever told him that everything would be fine.


He was the Duke’s heir, he was the one who told his subordinates that everything would be fine and not the other way around.


He only had two people who could tell him that everything was fine. His parents were the Duke and Duchess of Heinst.


However, the duke who raised him didn’t tell him that everything was fine. His mother, the Duchess, was lying down, unable to open her eyes.


How can people who do not know who I am, without knowing my circumstances, give me comfort in this way?


He felt his throat suffocate and did not say thank you. He nodded slightly and then turned away from the woman as if he was running away.


“Oh, my God, I told you to go to the festival, but why did you come back all wet?”


Back in the palace, Irina started to make a fuss. 


“Are you bragging about your physique? Go fast and take a shower before coming back or you’ll catch a cold! Oh my God, cold is the worst these days, you don’t even know scary it is !”


Leaving annoyed Irina behind, Carcel approached Theo. As soon as Theo, who was absorbed with a toy, saw him, he threw it and crawled toward him.


His lips and cheeks were already wet with saliva.


Carcel, who was inadvertently trying to hug his brother, realized that his body was wet and took a step back.


He extended the bear to Theo who sat down and looking at him.




“Yes, it’s yours.”




Theo bit the bear with his gums, he seemed to love him.


Carcel watched Theo having fun with the doll and head into the room.


A month later, Duchess Heinst passed away. Autumn has passed, but winter was not over yet.


Theo was unaware of his mother’s death and cried all day and said “Mom, mama”.


Although Carcel and Irina hugged him, they were barely able to comfort him.


Perhaps due to the great shock, even though he was not even a year old, the mana escaped and the fever rose. He had Sir Heather at least, so he was able to get through without any issues.


Theo, who was crying angrily, calmed down when Carcel picked up the bear.


It was as if the doll had taken the mother’s place.


The child embraced the doll and babbled incomprehensible words and fell asleep, and when he woke up again he was babbling incomprehensible words again while carrying the doll.


Carcel was so distracted that he forgot about the unknown woman he had met. He did not even atone for it.


But he did it only once, remembering it on Theo’s birthday.


Then he remembered his mother when Theo received many gifts on his birthday.


His mother left without seeing Theo’s first birthday, whom she loved very much.


His mother once secretly told him she wanted to throw Theo’s birthday party.


His emotions shook as he remembered his mother’s smiling face.


Then that women came to mind.


I don’t know what triggers it, but everything will be fine.


The only woman who told him everything would be fine.


Will you be able to tell me the same thing when we meet again?


When this thought struck him involuntarily, he realized that what he needed now was a little comfort.


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