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Therefore, after his mother’s funeral, he made inquiries to find the unknown girl he had met.


But it was hard to find with so little information.


He returned to the store where he first met the woman at the time, but the answer he got was skeptical.


A citizen from outside the capital, her two brothers are knights.


He tried to find it with the only clue, the handkerchief, but it wasn’t easy.


After examining the embroidered patterns on the handkerchief, Chase finally gave up.


If so, is it possible that she is not a citizen of this kingdom but a citizen of the neighboring kingdom?


Carcel, who had been mad until then, decided to stop. So, what will he do if he finds her?


Half a year had passed since then, Carcel put the clean handkerchief in a secret drawer and forgot about it.


That was the plan but…


“The sun is hot, wipe your sweat with this…”


On the day of Sir Heather’s funeral, Charlotte carried a handkerchief embroidered with a pattern he had never seen before.


As soon as the funeral was over, Carcel went back to his room and compared the handkerchief that Charlotte gave him during the funeral to the handkerchief he had.




Obviously it was the same embroidery. Everything was the same, except that the embroidery skills improved a little.


But Carcel never asked Charlotte if she had met him two years ago.


If he asked, he was afraid that an answer would disappoint him, as the answer might be no.


But now is the time.


So Carcel tried to gather his courage and asked.


Were you that person that day?


“I wanted to meet you too.”


When he found out that Charlotte had the same thought, he felt a feeling he had never felt before.


He felt that the corner of his chest was tickling him.


It was a different feeling from the frightened one he had when he first grabbed the sword.


He felt a chill on his back, if it was an unpleasant feeling in the past, it wasn’t like that now. It was a positive feeling.


Charlotte smiled with teary eyes.


“I’ve always wondered how you were doing.”


When she said that, Carcel was shocked as if something had hit his heart so hard.


At that moment, he felt deeply.


It felt as if something was unraveling.


6.The Forgotten Family


“Seeds, seeds, seeds!”


“I’ll give you water!”


Theo and Danny collaborated to raise the water can.


The children were able to water the field more easily than when they were alone.


The two children looked at the field with a proud face.


“Theo and Danny did it!”


“Yes! Theo and Danny did it!”


That was when the two children looked at each other and smiled.


“Theo, let’s go have lunch.”


“Danny, let’s eat and play.”


Charlotte and Irina heard the maid saying that the meal was ready and invited the children.


Theo rushed to run to Charlotte, but before that Danny ran to Irina.


“Mom !”


The moment Danny shouted out loud, Theo froze, as if enchanted by a stone-turning spell.


The child’s eyes were fixed on Danny’s back as Irina hugged him.


At that moment, a question popped up in the kid’s mind, something he had never asked before in his three-year life.


Danny has a mother, so why doesn’t Theo have a mother?


It was a realization that would shake a child’s world.


Theo looked at Danny and Irina with a shocked face as if he had been struck by lightning.


“Mom, Danny gave water!”


“Did you? Danny is the best!”


“Mom! Kiss Danny.”


Theo couldn’t take his eyes off Irina as she smiled brightly and kissed Danny’s cheek.




On the other hand, Charlotte was waiting for Theo to come with her arms open beside Irina, feeling pain from Theo’s constant sight.


“Theo, why are you doing that? Did you fall on your hand?”


Charlotte squatted in front of Theo, examined the hand and picked up the child.




Then Theo’s gaze turned to Charlotte.


The child compared the word “Sister” and “Mom”.


They are two different words. Charlotte was as nice to Theo as Irina was to Danny, but she was his sister, not his mother.


Another question popped up in Theo’s mind.


Why Charlotte Isn’t Theo’s Mother?




The appetizer of the day was potato soup once baked in the oven and topped with cheese.


Theo and Danny, with the help of gardener Ron, were diligently taking out canned potatoes with a shovel.


The potatoes were ugly because of the children’s clumsy hand movements, but they tasted better than anything made with potatoes.


“Danny did it!”


Danny was glad the food was made with the potatoes he took out.


But Theo was calm.


Theo bowed his head and grabbed the spoon.


‘Strange, doesn’t he have an appetite?’


Charlotte was puzzled and put the spoon in the child’s hand, but Theo put the spoon back on the table without eating the soup.


Charlotte tried to feed him soup, but he closed his mouth and shook his head.


“Theo, don’t you want to eat?”




“Aren’t you hungry after playing with Danny?”


This time Theo shook his head in despair.


‘It’s been weird ever since.’


Charlotte wondered if she was sick and had no appetite, so she put her hand on Theo’s forehead.


But there was no fever. It wasn’t a fluctuating mana or a cold.


Then I came up with another hypothesis.


‘Did he lose interest in the field now?’


It has been some time since he made the field.


At first, I thought he grows his own vegetables so I put vegetables he doesn’t like, but surely there will come a time when he gradually loses interest.


However, it was a little strange. Theo did not particularly like potatoes …


Children this age sometimes complained that they would not eat what they ate yesterday. Theo might be like that, too.


Instead of forcing the child to eat food he did not like, Charlotte asked the chef to prepare the food that Theo liked.


The cook hastily prepared the corn dish that Theo loves.


But the kid didn’t touch his favorite corn soup, and put the plate away.


“Theo look at this! Danny is eating!”


Even though Danny was gossiping beside him, Theo’s reaction was only annoying.






When Theo showed no reaction, Danny felt insulted, urging him to play with him while holding the fork.


Theo only raised and lowered the fork once without enthusiasm.




Danny looked at Theo clearly.


But he didn’t want to play anymore.


Theo didn’t even eat custard pudding made with fresh eggs.


‘Why is Theo acting like this today?’


Charlotte, Irina, and Danny tried hard to make Theo feel better, but Theo never regained his vitality.




 After that, Theo was weak all day.


He did not eat a proper snack, and did not even eat dinner. He didn’t even pay attention to the chocolate brownies, which he loved so much.


During the day his little tummy rumbled, but he still refused to eat and shook his head when Charlotte tried to feed him.


Finally, Charlotte called Theo, said the doctor, who had difficulty examining Theo, who was particularly uncooperative today, with confidence.


“There is no pain anywhere.”


“He hasn’t eaten anything since lunch, could there be something inside his mouth that hurts him?”


“I checked the mouth and it was completely clean.”


“Does he have colic? Maybe he didn’t eat anything because his health wasn’t good….”


“Nothing really showed up.”


He stuttered, and looked at Theo floundering on the couch, whispering in a whisper low enough that only himself could hear him.


“It seems that there is a change in his mind and not in his body. Did something happen to him during the day? Since he had breakfast as usual, it seems that something happened during the day and evening.”


Charlotte tried to remember, superimposing the child on the sofa.


‘There was nothing special.’


After breakfast, Theo had a great time playing with Danny, who came to play in the morning.


The children did not even quarrel until they went to lunch. Two good-hearted children rarely quarrel, not only today.


When it comes to arguing, it’s cute as he says “Danny will eat first” and “No, Theo will eat first!”


Moreover, when it was lunchtime, Theo was running excitedly.


‘Ah, I guess it’s been a little weird since then.’


Charlotte thought of the sight Theo had seen in the garden. It is clear that the attitude of the child at that time was different from the usual.


Originally, he was rushing to lunch and the child stood still.


He wasn’t getting close to her no matter how much she called him.


Only when Charlotte came up to him and hugged him buried his face in it and acted like a child.


No, can I say he’s childish?


Theo hugged Charlotte without saying a word. It was more of a sullen look than childish.


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