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‘I thought it was only because he was tired of playing or he was sleepy…’


Charlotte thought Theo would get better after lunch and a nap.


So she was no longer worried about Theo’s feebleness, it was because of her carelessness.


Even after that, he did not eat lunch and slept longer than usual.


Charlotte buried her face in the palms of her hands with a heavy heart.


I remembered the last place where Theo’s gaze was dazed in the garden.


But she couldn’t tell exactly what it was, the child stared into the air with scattered eyes.


“I think it would be best to find the cause and calm him down, ask the young master carefully. And if he doesn’t eat even tomorrow he might be nervous, so please call me back if that happens.”


“Yes, I understand. Thank you.”


Charlotte approached Theo, who was still sitting on the sofa.


She didn’t think he was sleeping, but he could feel her footsteps and didn’t budge.






Theo carefully raised himself and rested his head on her lap. The child rubbed his head carefully in it and acted spoiled.


Charlotte gently swept the baby’s hair.


“What happened with Danny? Did you fight with him?”




“Are you angry with Danny?”




Theo shook his head steadily.


“Then why is our beautiful Theo hanging around here without eating?”




“If Theo is sad, then sister is sad too.”


Theo slowly raised his head and looked at Charlotte.


“Theo is not sad.”


He was telling her not to be sad.




“yes !”


Theo jumped up and hugged Charlotte’s neck and pressed her cheeks.


“Theo loves Sister.”


“Sister loves Theo too.”






“Kiss Theo.”


It was cute originally, but when I saw that he was being more childish in particular today I knew something was definitely going on.


Charlotte pressed her lips hard against the child’s plump cheeks and laid Theo on the bed.


“I’ll read you a book Let’s Sleep Now. I’ll make Theo do what he likes tomorrow. Theo, what do you want to eat?”


“Um, macaroni.”


“Really? Then let’s pick the tomatoes and eat tomato pasta with sister tomorrow.”




Theo’s voice rose, confirming that he was feeling slightly better.


Charlotte took a book of fairy tales off the shelf. It was a fairy tale called The Adventures of Toto, the Little Rabbit.


“Little Bunny Toto has been in a good mood since morning. Because today was the day he was going to see his grandmother the Bunny who lives in a little hut through the woods.”


Charlotte showed Theo a picture of a well-dressed Toto carrying a basket.


Theo soon fell in love with the story of Toto, the gray spotted rabbit.


“Toto, can you really go alone?”


 “”Yes! I went with my mother last time! I can go alone!”asked the mother rabbit anxiously. Little Bunny Toto replied excitedly, Mother Bunny was worried, but Little Bunny Toto bravely went into the forest.”


Overshadowed by Mother Bunny’s fears, Toto arrives safely at his grandmother’s bunny’s hut along a road in the woods.


Toto and Grandma Rabbit had a great time eating the carrot cake that Mother Rabbit had baked.


“When the rabbit had talked to his grandmother for a long time, suddenly it was dark outside.”


Charlotte showed Theo a picture of Grandma Bunny wearing a red hood over little Toto, this time in a lighted room.


“Grandma Rabbit looked anxiously out of the window and asked, ‘Toto, it’s getting dark, can you come back alone? The night is dangerous, so why don’t you sleep at your grandmother’s house and go tomorrow?'” ‘Don’t worry! I can go alone!’ replied Toto confidently, ‘I came here on my own too.’


“No, don’t go!”


Theo pushed his head from under the blanket and muttered eagerly.


But, Toto, not hearing Theo’s sad voice, proudly left the cabin with an empty basket.


However, the forest at night was definitely different from it in the day. The place was dark so he couldn’t find his way properly because he couldn’t see in front of him, and he heard strange sounds everywhere.


“Hearing the gusty wind next to him, little bunny Toto shivered and trembled , “I’m not afraid, I’m not a little bunny anymore!” Toto walked, talking to himself, but at that moment he heard a wolf roaring near here. Grrr.”




When Charlotte imitated a wolf’s cry, Theo put the blanket over his head.


After a while, Theo looked outside and asked Charlotte.


“What happened Next ?”


Little Rabbit Toto was so startled that he rushed forward. But he couldn’t see the house and went further into the woods. Deep, deep. Little Rabbit Toto hid in a hole in a big oak tree.


My feet hurt from walking so much, and my stomach growled because I didn’t eat dinner from eating the snacks mom made for me.


However, what bothered Toto the most was the fear of not knowing when the wolf would appear.


 In the end, Toto crouched down and burst into tears.


Mom where are you? Mom, I miss you. Mom, Toto is afraid. Mom, mom, mom.


how much did he cry. When he cried so hard that his throat was sore, someone hugged Toto from behind, it was the mother bunny.


Toto continued to cry in the arms of the bunny mother.


The fairy tale ended with Toto returning to the cozy cottage with his mother. It was a warm fairy tale with family love.


“Toto, who came home, fell asleep after eating the warm carrot soup his mother had prepared. Before going to bed, Toto whispered to his mother, who had read him a fairy tale, ‘Mom, thanks for coming to pick me up.'”


Charlotte, who read the last sentence, closed the book of fairy tales. at that moment …




Theo, who had been listening to the story intently, suddenly burst into tears. Charlotte was surprised and put Theo in her arms.


“Toto, Toto…..”


She held back her laughter when she saw Theo grumbling sadly about the story.


“Are you afraid that the wolf will eat Toto?”


Theo sympathizes with Toto while listening to the story. When Toto was happy, he was happy, and when he was trembling with fear, he grabbed his blanket tightly and held his breath.


After the tense moment with the wolf , he started crying with relief.


However, Theo’s thoughts were different.


‘Toto has a mother.’


Baby bunny Toto, and Danny, but Theo doesn’t have a mother.


The question that had been bothering Theo all day finally broke the tender child’s heart.


However, Theo couldn’t ask Charlotte, “Where’s Theo’s mother?”




Theo looked at Danny with a sullen face, now Danny was behaving like a little bird with his mouth wide open for his mother.


“Mom, can Danny have some?”


“Did you want to check the grapes? Okay. Say ah.”




At another time, it was only natural for Theo to open his mouth to Charlotte and bet with Danny who would open his mouth the most.


“Sister, Theo wants grapes!” he yells.


But today was different.


Is this because of the thoughts that have been in his head since yesterday? Theo wasn’t acting as usual.


The sadness in his heart soon turned into anger.


Mom, mom, mom! Who the hell is mom?


Theo yelled at Danny not knowing what that feeling was.


“Theo hates Danny!”


Jealousy and envy. It was a difficult feeling for a child to understand.


Theo blamed Danny, he hates his best friend Danny today.




Danny turned to Theo with a puzzled look. Theo gasped and ran to the mansion alone.




Charlotte, who was about to get up and chase the baby, paused briefly and apologized to Irina.


“Irina, I’m sorry, Theo must have been in a bad mood since yesterday. I’m going to take good care of Theo, see you tomorrow.”


Fortunately, Irina didn’t seem to be so offended.


“It’s all right. Go and sooth him. I’ll tell Danny.”


“Thank you. Danny, Theo doesn’t really hate Danny, you know right?”


“yes …..”


Charlotte smiled bitterly and ran after Theo again.


Theo, who was running at full speed, was running away with those short legs.


“Theo! Wait! That way you’ll fall!”


At that moment Charlotte cried out in a worried voice.


Theo, who was running with his eyes closed, fell face down in front of the stairs.


The shock was so great that the child couldn’t get up right away and lay on the ground.


The maid was startled and tried to get him to get up.


“Young master!”


But Theo flicked her hand and buried his face in the ground again.


“I’ll do it, keep doing what you’re doing.”




Charlotte sent the maid and carefully raised Theo. Fortunately, Theo did not refuse her touch.


She frowned, looking at the child’s body.


There were scratches on his tender palm and drops of blood dripping from his white knees.


In hindsight, tears welled up in Theo’s eyes when he saw his wounds.




“Are you in a lot of pain?”


Charlotte wiped Theo’s filthy palm with the handkerchief she was carrying.


Theo was sad because he was in pain and was hurt, his tears started falling uncontrollably down his cheeks.


“It’s okay. Let’s go and ask Sir Ahin to treat you. You’ll get well soon.”


“Uh .”


Theo buried his face in Charlotte’s arms and wept bitterly.


His hands and knees were in pain, but more than that, there was a pain in his stomach.


It hurts somewhere in the stomach, but the kid didn’t really know where the pain was.


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