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Instead, he moved his finger to point at the picture hanging next to it.


“This is Theo’s father!”


It was a portrait of the Duke painted three years before his death. Charlotte looked at the photo and nodded. Obviously, Theo was more familiar with this look.


“This is Theo’s father, and this is Theo’s father as well.”


However, Theo did not understand and was upset, Charlotte smiled bitterly and took Theo’s hand, pointing this time at the former duchess.


Because what matters today is the duchess, not the duke.


“Well Theo, do you know who this is?”


Theo shouted confidently.


“I don’t know! But she is pretty!”


As the child said, the Duchess, who was famous in social circles, was beautiful.


Is he so instinctively drawn to his mother that he can’t even remember her face?


Theo opened his mouth and looked at her face.


Charlotte hugged Theo from the waist and whispered to him.


“This is Theo’s mother.”


Theo’s eyes widened. The child stutters, looking at the picture and Charlotte alternately.


“Really? Is this Theo’s mother?”


“yes .”




Theo walked to the painting, sat in front of it, and watched the painting.


Theo, whose eyes widened, suddenly turned to look at Charlotte.


“By the way, Sister, where is Theo’s mother?”


Again, this was a difficult question to answer.


However, Theo did so at Sir Heather’s funeral. If so, it would be easy for him to understand.


Charlotte pondered this in her heart and chose the words carefully.


“Theo, how did you say goodbye to brother knight days ago?”


“Yes goodbye !”


“You also said goodbye to your mother a long time ago.”




“Once upon a time, when Theo was younger.”


Theo frowned, trying to remember, but he couldn’t.


The child asked again in a slightly depressed voice.


“Then I can’t meet Theo’s mother?”


Charlotte hesitated for a moment, unable to answer this time. It was because she remembered Theo’s face, who was crying sadly, asking why his mother wasn’t there.


How would Theo react if he knew all the truth? Won’t the child, who was happy with this picture alone, shed tears of disappointment again?


She couldn’t even tell the obvious lie that he’d see her one day.


She is afraid that the child will wait for the day when he will meet her disappointed.


Charlotte managed to get the words out quietly.


“Yes. Theo’s mother has gone away and we can’t see her anymore. But she says she loves Theo so much, she loves you so much. She will be so sad that she won’t see Theo either.”




“But when you miss your mom, how about you come here with Sister? Tell me when you want to see your mom, okay?”




Theo looked at the photo again for a moment, with a rather gloomy face. The look on the Duchess’ face as she looked at the child must have been even more heartbreaking.


What was she thinking at the last moment when she had to close her eyes after leaving her young son?


Charlotte thought about the moment of her death in her past life. Her body was hurting so badly from the car crash, but something else was even more painful.


She had to leave her beloved family.


She didn’t even say she was sorry after that morning’s quarrel before she headed out.


She wanted to eat the soybean soup that her mother made for her in the evening when she came home.


I made my mother cry a lot.


If I had known that would be the case, I would have said I love you more often. Why do I regret so much at the last minute?


My heart was heavy with regret.


Perhaps that was the case for the Duchess, too. She would have given him so much love, perhaps she regretted not loving him a little more.


He is one year old, and Theo was very young.


Charlotte hugged Theo tightly with the Duchess’ heart.


“Theo’s mom said she’d miss Theo a lot.”


These are her words to Theo and at the same time they were her words to her mother.


Just as Charlotte told Theo who was left in the world alone after the death of his beloved mother, she had hoped that in Korea someone had said the same to her mother crying over her loss.


So that was the only consolation she could honestly give her.


Did he feel her sincerity? Theo got up and hugged Charlotte’s neck.


“Theo is fine.”


Apparently she was here to comfort Theo, but it looked as if the baby was comforting Charlotte.


“Theo has a Sister, but Danny doesn’t have a sister!”


After Theo learned that he had a mother, he changed his idea. Danny only had a mother, but Theo had a mother and a sister.


Sister Charlotte would smile beautifully at me, give me a warm hug, and read me fairy tales at night.


It’s a little sad that he won’t see his mom, but as long as he has a sister he’s fine.


“Sister, I love you.”


Theo rubbed Charlotte’s cheek hard, it was what he did when he was in a good mood.


Charlotte melted from the cuteness and hugged the child tightly.


“Sister, don’t go anywhere, okay?”


After hearing Theo’s words, Charlotte seemed to suffocate again.


When she first accepted Carcel’s proposal and thought of returning to her hometown in half a year’s time, she didn’t think of the people she would leave behind.


However, after experiencing Theo’s grief today, I realized that it wasn’t easy just thinking about it.


Only by staying with Charlotte for a while did Theo beg not to break up with her.


Perhaps he had an instinct not to separate from his destined person.


But it is different now. Meanwhile, Theo followed Charlotte well.


Even if he doesn’t have a mother, he has Charlotte.


Can I leave this child after half a year? Then wouldn’t Theo blame herself? I don’t want to be hated by this cute kid.


So Charlotte told a white lie, as opposed to teaching the child not to lie.


“Yes, I’m not going anywhere.”




Excitedly, Theo escaped from her arms and sat in front of the picture.


After that, there was no more sadness on the child’s face as he looked at the photo of the friendly family.


Charlotte, looking at the photo beside Theo, suddenly found something strange.


‘But why is this seat empty?’


Earlier she was unaware that Carcel and the Duchess’s looks had attracted her, but the empty left side of the sofa kept bothering her.


The sofa,where Carcel was seated ,was spacious enough to easily seat two adults.


But he left that large space and sat leaning to the right.


‘Why the well would you leave the whole sofa and sit in one side?’


Why did the Duchess or the artist of the painting not notice it ?


As if an invisible person was sitting on the left.


‘Someone sitting there?’


As soon as I thought about it, the puzzle started to fit Charlotte’s head.


At the same time, Theo jumped out of his seat and ran towards the picture.


“I want to hug my mom!”


“Theo, no, that’s dangerous!”


The saint said that there would be no danger to Theo in the future. However, Charlotte could not completely get rid of her fears.


What if that big picture fell and attacked Theo’s little body?


Thinking this way, the moment Charlotte grabbed the frame of the painting to try to keep Theo away from it.




Suddenly, the image began to shine. Charlotte quickly returned with Theo anxiously.


However, nothing happened, she was overwhelmed by fears. Nothing exploded or anyone broke in.


‘Is everything alright ?’


I was worried that something might happen to the photo of late. Theo would be sad if the image was damaged.


Charlotte, who turned her head to look at the photo again, was surprised by the sight before her eyes.


‘Is there someone?’


Another boy was sitting on the left side of the empty sofa.


Black hair and purple eyes. He was a boy who looked exactly like Carcel on the right.


And there was half a necklace on his chest.


However, this necklace was the same as Charlotte’s necklace.


One difference was the boy’s expression. Unlike Carcel, who seemed to be intimidated somewhere, the new boy was smiling.


The tail of the raised eyes was like a cat like Carcel, but it looked soft as he was smiling with his eyes.


The faces were obviously the same, but the two children’s aura was clearly different only with their different facial expressions.


Light and darkness. It was traditional, but contradictory enough to be expressed in that word.


“who is this?”


Theo was also surprised by the changed image and rubbed his eyes.


Originally, Charlotte, like Theo, had to ask about the questionable boy.


But it wasn’t. I was only surprised by the sudden appearance of the painting, and not by the presence of an unidentified boy.


Because she knows this kid.


Charlotte instinctively rubbed the back of the necklace with her thumb gently.


It was shining like in time when I touched the picture and a name appeared.


It was a name I knew. As soon as Charlotte saw the name, her legs lost strength and stumbled slightly.


‘Edgar Heinstt.’


He was the eldest son of the Heinst family and the twin brother of Carcel, who died 16 years ago.


Another secret hidden besides that Carcel is a Rosito, he didn’t know about.


The answer to all the secrets lies in the child Edgar Heinst in this picture.


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