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“Where did Carcel go? My God . My dear, if something happened to Carcel, I wouldn’t be able to live!”


Unlike the weeping Duchess, the Duke calmly realized the situation and quickly issued orders.


“wait ! mana portal? Let’s go to Petrian’s property now!”


The duke quickly gathered the knights and headed to the Petrian Territory.


But as soon as he arrived, what he saw was the Petrian mansion, which was blazing with scarlet flames.


Far from the place where people shouted and sped off, Carcel stood still in silence.


Every time he moved his hand, a ball of fire exploded around the people running away.


“Protect Carcel and show them the power of Heinst!”


The Duke protected Carcel, and attacked the Patrian’s nights with the help of his knights.


After a great deal of tension, the victory turned toward the Heinst family.


The emperor who heard of this incident was shocked.


The rage of the Heinst family was frightening to keep the Petrian family alive,and losing the Petrian’s family was unfortunate.


However, in the end, the emperor had no choice but to stand by Duke Heinst.


As long as there was clear evidence that Petrian had killed the successor of the Heinst family, he would not be able to cover it up.


Additionally, he needed Heinst’s strength to solidify his precarious position.


In exchange for the Heinst’s loyalty, Marquis Petrian paid the price.


Subsequently, all of Petrian’s immediate descendants were sentenced to death, and in the end, the Petrian family was practically annihilated.


It would be great the problem ended that way. But Duke Heinst was still in big trouble.


It was Carcel Heinst.


Even after it was all over, Carcel’s mana, which was unruly at all, did not calm down at all.


Edgar was the only one who could calm his mana, so he couldn’t calm it down by force.


Carcel had a high fever for more than three days, but there was no other way to use his hands.


“Carcel, please calm down!”


“Carcel, what would this mother do if something happened to you?”


The Duke of Heinst and his wife grabbed Carcel and begged him, but he had no will to calm his mana.


It’s too late to find the new right person. All that remains is to watch Carcel die helplessly.


Marquis Petrian chose the wrong person, but eventually succeeded in eliminating the Rosito.


At the time, Randru made one suggestion after much consideration.


“There is a way to save the young master.”


“what is it?”


“Erase his memories of young master Edgar and forcibly lock up his mana.”


“If you can do it, please do it right away!”


“but there is a problem.”


“what is it?”


“Erasing Mr. Carcel’s memories does not mean simply erasing the memory in his head. We need to completely erase its traces as if it never existed in the world in the first place.”


The Duchess couldn’t answer right away because she knew.


It hurts to lose my precious son, but I have to completely erase his existence.


In other words, they wouldn’t be able to leave a picture of him and they couldn’t even make him a tomb.


They will not be able to honor the memory of their son.


However, these fears did not last long.


This son had already died, and the other one was barely breathing in front of their eyes.


This was in order to protect Carcel whose heart was still beating, with the blood running all over his body and the warmth they felt holding his hand.


In order to protect the remaining son, the Duke of Heinst decides to remove Edgar from the family.


I guess Carcel wouldn’t suffer anymore if he forgot Edgar and of course his mana could calm down.


“But there is still a problem.”


“what is it?”


“We don’t know what side effects will happen because it’s a method we’ve never tried. I can seal his memories and mana and move forward safely now, but if the young master recovers all his memories later…”


“Wouldn’t Carcel be alive? so hide his memories completely so they wouldn’t come back and protect Carcel!”


Thus, Randru sealed the memories of Carcel and the Mana. When all the causes of mana escaping were removed, Carcel quickly regained stability.


The Duchess of Heinst began cleaning up Edgar’s traces without feeling sad about his death and relieved that Carcel was safe.


Edgar’s room was organized, his portrait concealed, and his tomb hidden.


He erased the memories of those who remember Edgar, leaving behind a few trusted people. However, he was worried, so he replaced all the staff.


Thus, Edgar Heinst was completely erased from the world.


As parents who lost their son first, they must have felt very sad, but nevertheless they saved Carcel, so they felt at ease.


The family portrait they removed Edgar from was probably their only memory.


In fact, whenever they miss their son so much they might come into the room in the middle of the night and look at Edgar’s empty place.


Edgar, who smiles alone in a place where no one is watching.


Charlotte felt sad when she read the novel.


‘Wouldn’t it have been better if they told him about Edgar later?’


Although it was for Carcel, the Duke and Duchess did not have time to organize their feelings.


The hole will not disappear once the wall was covered with wallpaper. Everything looked clean from the outside.


If someone touches it, the wallpaper will be torn and the hole will be opened again.


If you really want to fix the wall, you have to seal the hole. Of course, it will take more effort and time than just attaching wallpaper.


However, wouldn’t it be better in the future to basically seal the hole?


So was Carcel. The Carcel whom Charlotte knew was a strong man.


When he found out about his father’s order, he would suffer to the point of death, but in the end, he would overcome the matter and gain control of his mana.


Seven years old. Back then, even if he forcibly sealed his memories, what if he gave him another chance in the future?


In fact, in the original work, he had suffered the trauma of losing Theo, as the spell that had sealed his mana was broken.


It started with chest pain of unknown cause.


When he felt big changes in his emotions, like sadness and anger, thinking of Theo, he felt a pain in his chest, which originally caused from being a Rosito.


However, when the magic that sealed the mana was released, he didn’t know that mana was fluctuating, so he couldn’t find the cause of the pain.


Then it was insomnia. He cannot sleep well at night, and even when he sleeps, he always wakes up quickly from nightmares.


The reason why he didn’t lose his life in such pain was because he was a skilled swordsman.


During that time, his body, which had been trained to the extreme, was holding back mana.


The original story is that he subconsciously felt a sense of security for Penelope, who was suitable for him, and decided to marry her by contract.


Of course, not remembering Edgar would give him a reason to meet Penelope, so it must have been inevitable given the events of the novel.


However, I can’t help but feel sad.


‘If he had remembered, he would have been through a hard time.’


Charlotte didn’t know if Carcel had found his memories of Edgar in the original work.


Because she only read half the novel, and at least until then he didn’t remember it.


I wondered if he talked about Theo after he got his revenge and it was all over.


Perhaps the heroine Penelope who loved him prevents this because when he remembers he would suffer.


‘Of course Penelope took good care of him….’


But that was just Charlotte’s opinion. In Carcel’s view, it might be better to forget everything and live as it is now.


Anyway, Theo is safe now, and his seal won’t break, so he should be fine.


‘It’s none of my business .’


It wouldn’t. It was Penelope, the heroine, who would heal his past and his wounds, not Charlotte, who would leave.


‘By the way, what do I do with this picture?’


I stared at the picture with a confused face. I don’t know why Edgar’s picture suddenly appeared, but I couldn’t leave it as it is.


However, she did not know how to explain this situation to Robert.


Should I ask or just shut my mouth?


I thought it would be too sensitive to ask who it was, and I thought it fishy not to ask anything.


If Charlotte had not known about Edgar, she would have suspected it at least once.


That was when Charlotte couldn’t come to a conclusion and was confused. The door opened and Robert entered.


“Do you need anything?”


He just came to see what was happening when Charlotte and Theo stayed in the room longer than expected.


His eyes were on the two of them and he quickly turned to the picture.


As soon as he saw Edgar, who was supposed to be hidden, he first showed his feelings, which were always turbulent.


“How on earth could this happen…?”


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