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Charlotte was able to answer this question without hesitation.


“Yes, he liked it very much.”


Carcel was speechless when he heard the answer. Instead of waiting for his answer, I thought it would be best to give him some time alone.


“It’s getting late, so I’m leaving.”


That was when Charlotte carefully got up from her seat.


“Miss Lannia.”


“yes .”


Carcel, whose head was bowed, looked up.


“Thank you .”


It was an unexpected reaction. Not only was he not angry, he even thank her.


Charlotte shook her head slightly.


“It’s okay, I did what Theo wanted.”


When Charlotte was about to leave, she turned and looked at Carcel. Carcel lowered his head and cupped his chin with his hand .


Charlotte muttered in her heart what she couldn’t say out loud.


´I saw a picture of your twin brother Edgar too. You both looked so happy.´


The words kept ringing in her head, but Charlotte couldn’t get them out. No matter what she says, Carcel will not understand.


How will Carcel react when he learns the truth? Until now, she thought the best thing to do was to remain silent.


Just like the previous Duke and Duchess of Heinst did.




After Charlotte returned, Carcel went to Theo’s room.


Theo was already sleeping soundly even after Carcel sat down beside the bed.


Carcel looked at Theo in thought. Charlotte’s voice echoed in his ear.


— Theo said he misses his mom a lot.


At the same time, he let out a deep sigh.


Until now, Carcel has not told Theo about his mother.


He could not remember his mother because he had lost her before he was one year old. Unless he had a memory of her, I assumed he wouldn’t miss her.


If you tell this little boy about his mother he might get confused and upset for nothing.


In fact, Carcel was also not confident enough for some reason to tell little brother about his mother’s story.


He had a lot to say about her, but he choked when he tried to say anything to Theo.


He made Robert press the staff and remove any traces of his mother from inside the mansion.


He also closed the room to prevent the child from wandering around the mansion and finding the picture.


But eventually the little boy was having a hard time missing the mother, who he didn’t remember. Will Theo be in pain if I don’t tell him sooner?


The moment Carcel frowned and gently patted him, Theo turned around and opened his eyes slightly.


“… Brother?”


Theo tried to open his eyes and asked a question in a sleepy voice.


But the eyelids were too heavy. In the end, Theo moved to Carcel with his eyes closed.


Carcel noticed the child’s intentions and took Theo in his arms.


Theo moaned in his sleep.


“Dinner brother.”


He wondered why he hadn’t come at dinner time.


“Your brother has been busy at work, I’m sorry.”


“Uh… no… hmm… okay.”


Theo’s speech was largely muffled by a yawn. Carcel patted Theo on the back.


“Theo, did you see mom’s picture with Charlotte?”


Theo smiled as he remembered the picture he had seen during the day.


“Ah, I saw her.”


This happy face was hurting him. Carcel struggled to swallow the emotions that gripped him.


“Do you miss your mother so much?”


If he answered yes, then he thought of telling Theo more about his mother in the future.


Because the child has the right to know about his mother.


However, he was expecting that the affirmative answer, but Theo shook his head in surprise.




Theo made a sound that he couldn’t tell if it was positive or negative, and buried his head into Carcel’s shoulder.


By the time he tried to put the baby back in bed wondering if he had fallen asleep or not, Theo murmured again.


“There is nothing wrong .”




“Theo….has Brother, and sister is here too.”




“And Danny.”




“Theo loves brother and sister.”


Carcel couldn’t decide whether to be relieved or confused by Theo’s positive reaction.


It was because of the words that came out of the child’s mouth.


Sister should have meant Charlotte.


How will the child react if I tell him that Charlotte is leaving even though he doesn’t have a mother?


Will Theo be able to let Charlotte go he reaches 5 years old?


“Brother, will sister continue to live here?”


Carcel finally answered after a moment of silence.


“Yes, Charlotte will live here with Theo and your brother.”


“I love that .”


After hearing Carcel’s confirmation, Theo calmed down and closed his eyes again.


Carcel laid Theo on the bed, covered him, and thought about what he had just said.


Not only did he say that Charlotte would live with Theo but he said and “your brother.”


Why did he say that, if it was only to reassure the child, why did he have to add himself?


After thinking, he left the room and made a decision.


Now the three of them live together, he said that the three of them will continue to live together only to calm the child down.


Thinking about it that way made his head felt more refreshed.


He never assumed that he was subconsciously telling what he truly wanted until the moment he closed the door and went back to his room.


Perhaps it was he, and not Theo, who wanted Charlotte to stay .




The next day, Robert comes to visit Charlotte. She was puzzled because it was the first time he had come first, but she soon realized that she knew his goal.


‘Is it because of yesterday?’


Thinking that might be the case, she moved her neck nervously.


“What is happening ?”


I asked carefully, finding an old man standing behind Robert.


A man with lighter hair than Robert, wearing the white cloak that Ahin had once worn. It meant that the old man was a magician.




Surprised by his sudden appearance, Theo hides behind Charlotte.


“I had someone to introduce to Miss, this is Lord Randru, a former Heinst wizard. He is also Lord Ahin’s tutor.”


Randru, it was a name you’d heard before.


‘The wizard who erased Carcel’s memories of Edgar and the mana seal.’


When he was young, he became affiliated with the Heinsts with the support of Carcel’s grandfather. This was a reliable and capable healer.


So much so, that the former Duke and Duchess Heinst trusted him with Carcel’s secret.


Randru was pleased with Robert’s introduction.


“Oh,this ….”


He walked over to Charlotte, placed his right hand on his left chest and bent his knees. It was a unique tribute to a wizard, different from that of a knight.


“I’ve heard a lot about you from Ahin. I thought I’d be able to meet you when you get to the duchy of Heinst, but I’m glad to meet you earlier than usual.”


Randru had an impression of a different from the word magician, he was very thin.


It was so scary that Theo ran and hid in the corner of the room.


“Theo, you should come and say hello.”


Charlotte called out to Theo, but Theo hugged the curtain and shook his head.


Despite the child’s stubborn refusal, Randru laughed lightly without any sign of displeasure.


Instead, there was a gentle smile on his face as he looked at Theo. This alone makes her know that he cherishes Theo.


“Master is still afraid of me. He doesn’t seem to remember me very well even though he’s seen me many times before. Well, next time I see you, I should change my appearance to look a little younger with magic.”


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Randru, Theo will be coming back soon, by the way….”


Why did you suddenly come to me? Charlotte looked at Robert with a face in need of an explanation without asking bluntly.


‘Carcel and Ahin aren’t in the mansion right now?’


From what I’ve heard, it appears that Randreau is living at the Heinst estate as usual.


Then why would he suddenly come to the palace and say hello?


If Carcel or Ahin were here, I would have thought he was here to say hello when he passed by to see them, but now the two of them weren’t in the mansion.


You suddenly come to the palace when they are both not here and say hello? Besides, it seems that all of this is Robert’s doing.


I don’t know what that was, but it didn’t feel good.


Charlotte’s eyes narrowed slightly. However, Robert explained in his usual voice .


“Hasn’t Young Master a lot of things going on with him these days? Sir Ahin has examined him once, but I thought it would be good for Sir Randru to examine him so I brought him here.”


“Is that correct?”


This time Randru answered.


“Yes, yes. But Young Master doesn’t even want to see me, so how can I do this? Miss Lannia, can you help me?”


“Yes sure can I sit with Theo in my arms?”


Although she was a bit flustered, Charlotte sat in her chair holding Theo, who struggled to escape.


Robert and Randru were trustworthy enough to never betray Carcel in the original novel, and she was confident that they would never do anything that would harm Theo.


“Ah, sir.”


“If you do this, sister will give you chocolate.”


He calmly reached out to Randu upon hearing the mention of chocolate

Before he tried to escape again.


When Randru grabbed the little hand, a light leaked out from the same place.


It was definitely a sight she had seen many times. But unlike before, when she had nothing to do with it, Charlotte felt like something was moving inside her belly this time.


‘Do I feel mana?’


Sure, it seems like she’s become sensitive to mana since Theo last helped her. Otherwise, she couldn’t have had such a strong feeling once the diagnosis had been made.


The light spread all over Theo’s body. After a while, when all the light that passed through Theo disappeared, Theo leaned softly over Charlotte’s body.


In a very short time, the baby fell asleep peacefully.




While Charlotte was surprised the first thing, this time Randru grabbed her hand.


Startled, Randru’s expression stiffened as he released mana into her hand.


The light slowly rose and started climbing into Charlotte’s arms.


Then the palpitations got worse in her stomach, and I started to feel dizzy and nauseous.


It was even worse than the time Theo forced his mana to move.


‘What is that? No!’


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