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‘…this is what I meant .’


Charlotte looked at Carcel, who was eating his meal across from her.


By the time she was trying to talk about it, the swordsmanship competition has almost come to an end.


Perhaps thanks to Charlotte’s handkerchief, Issac and Jack easily advance to the finals. 32 people will qualify for the finals, and the finals will be held over three days as a tournament.


People can only watch the tournament for three days, and during this period, the Saint would be present and giving her blessings so that no one gets hurt.


Among all three days, the last day was the one when she could see the Saint up close.


Since it was the end of the tournament and the Foundation Festival, she makes time to meet citizens.


If you watch the tournament in all three days, your chances of meeting the Saint will increase.


But it was almost impossible for her to spend three days away. Charlotte had to take care of Theo.


So Charlotte decided to go watch the tournament on the last day she would be likely to see the Saint.


If she says she wants to go see her brothers, will Carcel give her permission?


But there was a problem.


On the last day of the swordsmanship tournament and the final day of the festival, the last 8 players compete first place.


‘And what if my brothers don’t reach the top eight?’


Even if Carcel gave her permission, if both of them didn’t play on the last day, she wouldn’t be able to go because it was useless and she wouldn’t be able to meet the Saint.


‘I should expect my brothers’ skill to improve over these two years.’


That was when Charlotte was going to decide to send a message to her siblings so that they would tell them to be among the eight.


“Do you have any concerns?”


Carcel asked Charlotte. It was almost as Charlotte was the day he first came to eat with them.


This was unusual. He didn’t say much when Charlotte didn’t eat well because she didn’t have an appetite.


Are we closer than before? Sure enough, Carcel’s expression seemed a little softer as the two of them met more frequently.


Charlotte blushed and put down the fork she was holding.


“Actually, I have something to give you.”


She picked up the handkerchief she had hidden beside her. It was a handkerchief she had made with her brothers’ handkerchiefs.


Handkerchief embroidered with the help of Irina.


She frowned softly at the twisted embroidery.


‘But can I really give it to him?’


Honestly, the Heinst Family Token was just too difficult.


Charlotte, who could not embroider her brothers’ handkerchiefs well, could not make the crest very well.


It was a skill that could be questioned and said, “Is that the family crest?” .


It was vividly compared to Irina’s handkerchief, which was embroidered delicately and at great speed.


In fact, Charlotte tried not to give that handkerchief to Carcel.


But Irina knew her intention, and struck first and said she’d ask Carcel for the handkerchief later.


Until then, Charlotte had no worries. Because she knew that Carcel wouldn’t care even if he heard that question.


However, after she decides to ask Carcel to watch a swordsmanship competition, she changes her mind. It was the asking price.


So this handkerchief was a bribe, no, a gift for Carcel. Just as Jack gives Theo chocolate and candy.


Wouldn’t he think positively after so much care? Thinking this way, I took out the handkerchief.


Carcel paused for a moment after discovering Charlotte’s handkerchief.


“This is really a fiancée gift for her fiancé.”


Charlotte hastily explained it to him out of embarrassment.


“I made it with Irina’s help, the duke won’t participate in this contest, but I still want to give it to you. It’s kinda bad because I’m not good at it, but you should know that I did my best to make it.”


I don’t know why my cheeks are getting hot. Charlotte bit her lips slightly and added to prevent misunderstanding.


“There is no special meaning behind it, I made it while making handkerchiefs for my brothers.”


Speaking of which, it sounded like an excuse. That was when Charlotte bowed her head in embarrassment.


Carcel, who was looking at the handkerchief, quietly grabbed her hand. He wiped the embroidery gently with his thumb and placed it between his hands.


“Thank you .”


“Oh, and….”


“yes .”


“I want to ask a favor of you.”


“What is it ?”


Carcel kept his eyes fixed on her face.


“My brothers have advanced to the finals of the swordsmanship competition this time.”


“Oh, I’ve heard about it. Both Sir Lannia and Sir Jack have qualified for the finals.”


To distinguish between the two, people called the eldest son Isaac Sir Lannia and the younger son Sir Jack.


“Yeah, in the meantime I didn’t have much chance to watch my brothers’ matches because I was in the Lannia area.”


“yes .”


“Since I am in the capital this time, I want to go to the match to cheer on my brothers, but I am worried that I cannot go.”


Carcel put down the knife and fork and asked curiously.


“Why don’t you go?”


“Of course because….”


“Sister! Look at this!”


Perhaps thinking he had lost her attention, Theo picked up the pea and put it in his mouth.


“Our Theo can eat peas very well, right?”




When Charlotte noticed, Theo, who was excited, laughed, and Charlotte patted Theo on the head and continued saying what she couldn’t say.


“I think it will be difficult to take Theo to a swordsmanship competition. There are too many people and it’s complicated. We may lose Theo in the end, or there may be someone aiming for Theo.”


“There is nothing wrong .”


Carcel smiled slightly. It was a faint smile that could only be seen if you look closely, but in Charlotte’s eyes, he seemed to be smiling confidently.


“I will solve all your concerns.”


Charlotte fully understood his words when she actually went to the swordsmanship competition on the last day of the festival.






Theo hung tightly on the railing and screamed. The child’s eyes shone with curiosity when he saw the people preparing for a duel in the vast arena.


“Theo, it’s dangerous to lean like that, sit on my lap.”


Charlotte placed the baby on her lap and they hugged


The place where the two of them were now was a private seat. Of these special seats, there were only three of them, and they were only for the most riches families.


It was a place that could only be rented to someone with money and power.


One of the three was the Saintess, the Great Daughter of God and the other was the Crown Prince. Carcel easily took third place.


‘As expected of the Heinst family…..’


Charlotte looked around and let out words of awe because of the wealth and power of the Heinst family that she couldn’t even imagine.


The private pews* were so exquisitely decorated that there was no shortage of use by the Prince and the Saint.


The room, which was large enough to accommodate most of the nobles, was completely blocked off from the outside, so privacy was completely guaranteed.


On one side of the room, there was an assortment of food and drinks.


When Charlotte first entered this room, she was surprised that Carcel had rented it for her.


But after a while, as I thought with a calm head, I realized that Carcel’s intention was for someone else.


‘It’s because of Theo.’


This place can safely protect Theo. Since their outing, the child has not been in danger of being kidnapped.


 Besides, what about the escorts? Carcel placed Dame Celine, Charlotte’s escort, as well as three other knights, and brought in the wizard Ahin.


There were probably more attendants outside the room.


It would be better if nothing happened, but no matter what happens, you’ll be able to keep Theo safe.


However, one drawback was that one side of the room was open. The balcony on the side of the stadium, for a sense of realism, was not blocked by glass.


Left free, Theo had the potential to fall. Fortunately, Theo didn’t struggle because he didn’t like it, but he sat on Charlotte’s lap and bent his upper body slightly.




Jack was wielding a sword as Theo pointed. The child waved to him.


“Jack brother!”


Upon hearing the sound, Jack turned his head towards Charlotte and Theo.


He was smiling like a child and waving at them, and pointed at the sword handle as if he wanted Charlotte to see. Wrap the handle of the sword with Charlotte’s handkerchief.


It was hard to see him because he was so far away, but Charlotte could almost recognize him. This is because her brothers always wrapped the handkerchiefs she had given them around the black handle.


Contrary to Charlotte’s fears, Jack and Isaac made it to the quarter-finals, and their skills seem to have improved over the past two years.


It was relatively easy, Isaac said, and Jack struggled. However, it was fortunate that he was not injured.


In the evening when they were out of eight players Jack said, “Did you see my skills? If you saw my sparing in the arena you would praise me. I have four handkerchiefs today and of course they all embroider the handkerchiefs better than you.”


Charlotte wasn’t even angry because her older brother’s teasing was well known.


“Of course, on the last day, I’ll have plenty of handkerchiefs,” Jack added.


And when he showed her the handkerchiefs, he said to her, “I am a man of my word.”


“Don’t get hurt and be careful!”


“There is no way I would get hurt!”


*a long bench with a back, placed in rows in the main part of some churches to seat the congregation.


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