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Jack laughed as if he understood the two of them.


Theo clenched his fist and pointed it skyward to cheer him on.


Issac was a little distant from Jack. When he approached him, he stabbed him in the side to look at us.


Theo raised his left hand and stomped his feet to see if it was a good greeting.


“ Brother’s brother, fight!”


Theo didn’t know Issac’s name correctly yet. After seeing Jack calling Issac brother, Theo called Issac brother’s brother.


Even then, Theo turned his head to find faces he knew.


These knights saluted several times in the palace. The two knights who supported the angelic child vowed to win.


‘The competition will be a bit fierce this time.’


Charlotte looked at Carcel’s place, which was still empty. Until last year, when Carcel participated in swordsmanship competitions, 10 victories were expected of him.


Charlotte’s two older brothers also said they would work hard, but they didn’t expect any victory.


Not only them but also the other participants. They were just aiming to survive as long as possible without meeting Carcel too early.


Carcel’s skills were overwhelming, and in fact, he won the tournament without much difficulty.


Since Carcel missed this year’s tournament, everyone was hoping for a win. Perhaps because of that, the heat of the competition seemed even hotter.


“Now, young master, are you thirsty?”


Dame Celine served Theo a chocolate drink with ice floating in it. Theo, who was sweating on his forehead cheering on the many people, emptied the drink in one go.


Celine offered Charlotte cold tea this time.


“Master will take some time to encourage the knights.”


“Well understood .”


“But don’t worry, he will come as soon as the game starts.”


“It’s all right. Oh, Dame Celine. Please sit here.”


“No, I am comfortable standing like this.”


“However ….”


She looked uncomfortable, so I couldn’t force her to.


“Good .”


“Yes, I will sit down if you have difficulty too.”


Celine, who was laughing, also gave Emma a chocolate drink.


“Here you go .”


“Oh, can I drink it too?”


“Of course, miss, it’s okay, right?”


“Of course it’s okay. Emma, ​​come over here and sit with me.”


When Charlotte patted on the seat next to her, Emma looked at Celine.


If this were Lannia’s land, she would have sat down without hesitation, but since there were members of the Heinst family around, it seemed like she was wary.


“It’s okay, if the duke says something, I’ll tell him. You can’t see from there.”




Emma went up and sat on Charlotte’s left side. After she took a sip of the chocolate drink, she shuddered, her eyes widened to the fullest.




“There’s a lot out there, so eat a lot.”




Charlotte looked happy when Emma was sipping a drink with a face as curious as Theo’s and turned to the arena again.


Dame Celine, who had approached behind her, muttered as if she was frustrated.


 “It’s a bit disappointing that the master didn’t participate this time. I understand the master’s mind, but I wanted to see the master’s match .”


Emma raised her head.


“Is the duke’s skill that great?”


Celine was incredibly excited by the harmless question.


“Of course! He won 3 times in a row!” This record is not common!”


Charlotte drank black tea and listened to Celine as if she weren’t interested.


“It was amazing.”


I remembered now the blurred description of the novel.


I don’t remember the exact words or sentences, but the author carefully described Carcel’s sword skills in I Am the Duke’s Wife by the Knot.


Every time he swung the sword, his black hair fluttered like the night sky, and even if the enemy’s red blood was on his sword, there wasn’t a drop of blood on his clothes.


At the time, Charlotte liked the description because she drew it in her head. However, I had never seen him wielding a sword with my own eyes.


It’s great to see her older brothers regretting that Carcel didn’t play this time and didn’t have a chance to face him.


“If we go to the Duchy, there could be a lot of battles to train knights. You should go and see him then, there is a lot to learn just by looking at him!”


“What are you talking about?”


Celine, who was clenching her fists and breathing passionately, stiffened at this position due to a low voice behind her back.


Carcel, who entered silently, was looking at her.


“nothing .”


“Go back to your position.”


“yes .”


Celine took a few steps back. Emma, ​​who had spotted Carcel, smiled at Charlotte. She shook her hips as if she was going to get up soon.


“I asked Emma to sit down because I wanted to show her the game. Will it be okay?”


“There is nothing wrong .”


Carcel sat on the seat right next to Charlotte. His face looked unfazed, but Emma was uncomfortable.


A trumpet sound rang out among the voices of people making noises. It was an announcement of the start of the competition.


The crowd stopped noise for once and even Theo covered his mouth with both hands.


“I welcome you for brightening this place today.”


After the crown prince’s long congratulatory speech, it was the Saint’s turn.


Unlike the crown prince who was just standing and speaking, a Saint energy was released.


Theo looked at her standing tall in the middle of the stands and shouted 


“Heaven!” .


“Autumn has come again this year. Or to express my gratitude to the god who has protected the empire so that the year may pass smoothly.”


The Saint’s gentle voice echoed and filled the stadium.


“I will bless everyone so that there will be no problems today.”


As she spread her palms, small particles of light spilled out from the sky. 


People stood in the stands and extended their hand to catch the particles of light falling like snow.




The light fell on the end of Theo’s nose, who turned his head out of curiosity, and on Charlotte’s.


My whole body became warm in an instant. Theo trembled.


“I wish peace for all without anyone being harmed.”


 As soon as the saint’s words finished, loud shouts erupted. There was also a deafening clap and whistle.


“It is unbelievable.”

Emma muttered bewildered.


Charlotte also nodded silently at the wonderful sight she had never seen before. Theo got off Charlotte’s lap and jumped up.


Only Carcel and Celine, who had often seen this scene, weren’t surprised.


Once again I heard a horn sound and the game started. The first contestant was Jack.


Theo hung on the railing again and cried out loud.


“Jack brother, win!”


Just in time, Jack waved to them. Even from a distance he looked relaxed and didn’t feel any tension.


Charlotte was a little worried about him. This is because Jack’s weapon was not a sword, but a spear.


Spears are difficult weapons to handle due to their long range. He was also a formidable opponent for Jack, who had the advantage in speed.


‘Don’t get hurt.’


However, her fears were overshadowed, Jack quickly moved his hand just in time.


Due to the spear’s long nature, the opponent could not move in front of Jack, who was just around the corner.


In the end, the tip of Jack’s spear stopped under the opponent’s chin. It was a neck attack which was a vital point. Naturally, this was Jack’s victory.


Theo looked puzzled when he heard people clapping. It was hard to tell who won the game for a kid who didn’t know much about dueling yet.


Only after Charlotte whispered with a smiley face, “Brother Jack won,” did Theo gather his feet and jumped.


“Jack brother, you are amazing!”


Since then, the matches have gone on quickly. One of the knights of the Heinst family won and another lost.


However, the matches were so fierce and tense that people applauded those who lost.


Celine, who was watching with sweat on her hands, and Carcel, who was watching silently, both said they did their best.


Finally, Issac came out. Theo who was sitting at Charlotte’s feet shook his feet slightly.


“brother’s brother win!”


Issac looked at Charlotte and the baby, nodded slightly and assumed a pose.


His opponent also repaired his weapon, the sword. It was a particularly tense game compared to the previous three games.




The sound of the horn was heard but both of them did not move quickly, they slowly approached and walked in a circle to the side.


Theo swallowed his saliva because of the tension he felt.


After a short searching battle, Isaac jumped forward first.


That was when Charlotte, nervous, inadvertently leaned over to the balcony to get a closer look at him.


Carcel extended his hand forward to stop her.


‘Is it because he’s afraid of falling?’


Well, I told Theo not to hold on to the balcony like that and she did.


Charlotte smiled, somewhat embarrassed, as she looked at Carcel after propping her back against the chair. Then I froze.


This was because Carcel’s face was stiff.




“Miss, grab Theo and go out slowly,Dame Celine will accompany you.”


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