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With his serious face, Charlotte felt the need to cry.


What about you? What would you do if Theo and I went out?


But instead of asking, she took a deep breath and nodded.




“Then ….”


“But Theo still needs the duke.”




“Understood ?”


Instead of replying to Charlotte, he turned his head to Ahin.


“Ahin, quickly!”


Ahin grabbed Charlotte’s arm tightly with a firm expression on his face. He gritted his teeth and began to cast magic.


A beam of light from his hand drew a magic circle on the ground. The mana beam then embraced Charlotte and Ahin.


‘please .’


Charlotte did not believe in god, but prayed to him because of her current situation. Please, I hope we can get out of here safely.


But didn’t her prayers reach the ruler? Or is he punishing her for not believing in him?


Despite her efforts, nothing happened.


She still saw Ahin’s embarrassed face in front of her and Carcel’s face who didn’t know what to do.


Ahin wiped his sweat and bowed his head to Carcel.


“…. Sorry .”


“How about taking Theo out and back to pick up the miss?”


Charlotte knew that was impossible. Even during the process of searching for the spy maid, Ahin was exhausted after using teleportation magic on her.


“I’ll do my best .”


“Sir Ahin.”


Charlotte pointed at Theo and winked. The quick-witted Ahin took the child and started casting magic.


The light once again swirled around Charlotte’s body. It was when the light from the skirt passed through the waist and resolved around the shoulder.


“I’m sorry, Theo.”


Charlotte gave him the baby who was relaxing for a while because he thought he might be with his sister.




At the same time, the light that was around Charlotte’s body, swirled around Theo.


Theo, who belatedly realized the situation, opened his eyes wide and extended his arms.


“Sister! Brother!”


But that’s it, Ahin, hugging Theo, disappeared after the child’s desperate cry.


Since Theo was not around, there was no need to pretend to be calm to please the kid now.


“This has now been done.”


Charlotte immediately sat down because her legs were weak. Carcel quickly wrapped his hand around her waist.


“It’s a relief that Theo is safe.”


Now, I felt like I couldn’t bear the sadness and fear without thinking like this.


She thought she would think of her two brothers if she did not think of Theo.


Issac was standing in the center of the field as the flames rose.


Jack was cheering somewhere reserved for the participants.


Will the two be okay? You should get out safely.


What would happen to our parents at home if something happened to all of us?


They cannot bear the death of children before their parents.


“I’m worried about Theo.”


Carcel remembered Theo’s weeping pain. Of course, it was urgent for him to separate from his younger brother in such a situation.


In fact, I still didn’t know if it was better to keep him in front of him or let him run away on his own.


However, he did not regret leaving Theo. As he had said to Charlotte before, Sir Anderson and the Knights of Heinst were out.


They will keep Theo safe even if it means giving up their lives.


There was also Ahin. If he gets out of this magic room, Ahin will be able to escape with Theo by magic without restraint.


However, what he was worried about was Charlotte, trembling before his eyes.


Charlotte who sent Theo first with tears in her eyes.


Is she stupid or is she just kind?


No, she is not an idiot but a good person.


So I wanted to protect her.


Not only because of the fear that Theo would die without her.


“I’m worried about you, too.”


It was because of the fear of losing her.


Charlotte, who was about to cry, managed to swallow her tears because of Carcel’s voice.


“So don’t think I’m worried about you because Theo could do something to him.”




“I will protect you.”


Instead of talking to Charlotte, it was brainwashing her.


There was a strange charm in his voice. Charlotte had a feeling that he would truly protect her.


Perhaps because of the stress or because of Carcel’s words, my heart started pounding.


Yes, that’s because I’m afraid. She tried to convince herself of this and clenched her fists.


“I will protect the duke.”


No, I will try.


“I don’t know who did this….”


It was not known if their target was the Saint, the Crown Prince, Carcel, Theo, or someone else.


But what is certain is that they will follow the person they have set for themselves to the end.


If they were aiming at the Crown Prince or the Saint, the Holy Knights would protect them.


‘But what if Carcel or Theo are the target?’


If he was targeting Carcel and attacked him, I might be able to block the attack.


But what if Theo was the target? What if he followed the little boy to the end and attacked him?


Perhaps Theo was able to escape the crisis by instinctively using magic in the moment of desperation. Just as before he came to Lannia’s house, he defeated the assassins.


But then? Without Charlotte, Theo is in danger.


So, there are two ways to do that now.


By any chance, before Theo attacks them, the nullification magic must be successful, or escape from here and join Theo.


‘ please anyone help me achieve success in any way.’


At the moment of serious thought, a hot energy shot out from her. Charlotte instinctively felt this.


‘I can do that.’


Apparently, it was easier to open the door and join Theo than to stop this huge commotion.


Charlotte decided to open the locked door first.


However, as soon as I rose from her place, I heard a great shriek, more violent than I had heard before.


Surprised, Charlotte, who had turned her head towards the balcony after hearing the sound, grabbed Carcel’s arm without realizing it.


A pillar of fire swirled like a tornado in the stadium air. The things around him were absorbed.


Among them were people. The pillar of fire swallowed people by flying to the ground.


In the fierce wind, the objects in the private seats began to gravitate one after another toward the pillars of fire.


So was Charlotte. She tried to hold on to her feet, but again and again her feet slipped towards the balcony.


He hugged Charlotte and threw the table but the table started to shake.


‘no …..’


Charlotte extended a hand

Go to the tightly closed door. I just had to open that door, but I couldn’t go in there. It seemed difficult to even ask Carcel.


‘please ….’


Charlotte fell to her knees and gritted her teeth. She fixed her nails on the ground to stop sliding.


But her body was being pushed back more and more. Her nails scraped against the floor and an excruciating rubbing noise was made. The flesh opened under her nails and she felt the pain.


Charlotte bit her lip and moved her knee.


She had only moved a few steps, and cold sweat was running down her forehead. Inside her stomach, mana ran violently and her nausea increased.


‘A little, a little more!’


When she was close enough to reach the door with her arms outstretched, Charlotte grabbed Carcel with her right hand and the doorknob with her left.


“please !”


Charlotte turned the doorknob and let out the mana that was rippling inside her stomach.


Click. Unlike when Ahin tried to open the door, the door opened and made a sound.


“Good !”


exclaimed Charlotte, delighted.


“Everyone, get out of here!”


At that moment, Celine, who was holding Emma in one hand and the sofa in the other, cried out with a pale face.


“Duke, watch out!”


Charlotte looked at her, stunned. The tornado that engulfed everything in the plaza a moment ago was now emitting fireballs.


The strange thing was that the fireball was mainly aimed at the special seats.


The fireballs that relentlessly poured into Charlotte’s private seat began to burn the room.


A fireball was heading towards Charlotte. Carcel quickly countered her.


The fireball hit his back. A strong fire ignited his clothes and scorched his skin.


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