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The letter was written in a messier handwriting than the one Isaac wrote for the first time to the Heinst mansion.


The two men asked about Charlotte’s well-being, saying they were safe with no injuries.


‘thank God.’


Her two brothers tried to go to the private seat to rescue Charlotte but were unable to because the Knights had prevented them.


They thought that Charlotte would be all right because Carcel was with her, and he had more skill than both of them, so they immediately ran to defuse the situation.


Isaac who was slightly more skilled was responsible for escorting the crown prince, and Jack was responsible for protecting the crowd.


‘It must have been hard for my brothers.’


Charlotte sighed and folded the letter.


Theo ran and took the stationery and ink pots that were on the desk.


Charlotte stroked Theo’s hair as he looked at her like a puppy waiting for compliments, then began writing a reply.


They said they are safe and will see her face in a few days.


‘By the way, Carcel isn’t mad at Sir Ahin, is he?’


It’s not like he didn’t want to come back for her, he just couldn’t because he didn’t have enough strength.


I wished Carcel didn’t put so much pressure on him. In the end, he was his master.




“Please explain in detail why you couldn’t open the door?”


‘ If I answer the question wrong, he could cut my throat right away.’ 


Ahin’s shirt, which was receiving some words from Carcel, was covered in cold sweat.


Ahin swallowed his dry saliva and wiped the sweat flowing down his eyelids with the back of his hand.


“I used magic to open the door but it didn’t work, so I used stronger magic which is nullification magic but it didn’t work either.”


“Is that all Sir Ahin can do? Have I been sponsoring only these abilities until now?”


Ahin had nothing to say even if he had ten mouths. In fact, it was very embarrassing.


The reason why Carcel took Ahin was very simple. His magic skills were one of the best in the empire, he was in the top ten, and no one could beat him in magic.


Most of the best magicians belonged to the imperial family, and there was no reason for them to attack the Heinst family nor Ahin.


So, in fact, the skills of the magician who attacked Theo in the martial arts competition were weaker than Ahin’s.


Because of this, Ahin had to get Theo and Charlotte out of this place safely.


However, the nullification magic didn’t work. This meant that the person who wielded this magic and used attack magic was actually better than Ahin.


But who could he possibly be ?


At least as far as Ahin knew, there was no one else who’s capable of doing that.


Is there someone hiding their abilities?


He had such a question for a while, but he soon concluded that it was impossible .


If a magician who is better than Ahin existed, he would have been already well known .


While he was thinking hard, Carcel got up from his spot with an even colder face.


He walked with wide strides and stood in front of Ahin. Carcel’s face in front of him made Ahin freeze from fear.


“I don’t doubt your ability. Because your teacher has clearly acknowledged your potential,that’s why I checked your file and decided to sponsor you.”




“If this kind of magic didn’t work, that meant the opponent was more capable. If not….”


His eyes sparkled like a beast’s.


“Did you use magic in the first place?”


He bowed his head.


“No! It’s not like that at all!”


“How can I believe Sir Ahin’s words?”


“Don’t you know how hard I have worked for the Heinst family until now? I really am innocent!”


Carcel examined Ahin’s expression carefully.


Ahin was sweating so hard that sweat was dripping from his chin. Just by looking at him, he was able to see that he wasn’t lying.


But he couldn’t trust him completely until all these matters were resolved.


At this rate, he thought his neck would instantly fly off, so Ahin quickly spoke.


“I can write the master’s Pledge like my teacher did!”


The pledge he was talking about was to engrave a seal on the heart.


As the name of the Master’s Pledge indicate, if he did something to betray his master, his heart would explode and he would die instantly.


The master’s pledge was Ahin’s last proof of innocence and proves that he will not betray Carcel.


But Carcel couldn’t trust him completely. In addition, not everyone could activate a master’s pledge because it was the highest level of magic that required complex formulas.


In order to make this vow with Ahin, he had to go to Randru in the Heinst region.


Who knows, maybe he’ll come out of this situation with some sweet words and run away tomorrow?


However, Carcel believed in what he was saying and decided to dispel some of his suspicions towards Ahin.


“If you used magic correctly, it looks like the magic used on the door is still unknown, right?”


“I think so .”


“You should take responsibility in the future and find the magician who caused it.”


Ahin, who had swallowed his saliva, bowed his head in front of Carcel.




“Go back.”


“I’ll go, thank you!”


Ahin ran out of the room, afraid that Carcel might change his mind.


As soon as he left, Chase came over.


Carcel, who sat up again, pressed his fist to his left chest and ordered Chase to report.


“Have you found him yet?”


His voice was still as sharp as a knife.


This wasn’t the first time he’d questioned Chase. He was meticulous in everything, and if things didn’t go well, he would ask with that cold face.


But Chase scared in the room for the first time since working with Carcel. Is this the feeling of living animals in front of predators?


Although he knew that Carcel’s anger was not directed at him, he was unable to move.


After a while, Carcel, who had checked Chase’s condition, calmed down a bit.


Chase was only able to breathe properly when he calmed down a bit.


‘I’ve been through a lot.’-Chase


But he did not blame him.


Only after he had fully caught his breath was he able to answer Carcel’s question.


“I am sorry .”


“I’ve already given you enough time, why haven’t I heard anything?”


Ahin claimed that his opponent was a better magician than him, but Carcel still harbored suspicions.


So he instructs Chase to investigate from the beginning, except assuming a magician who has hidden his identity.


“We’ve tracked down all the magicians registered with the Mage Guild. Among them, there were a few people whose actions interfered with the recent martial arts competition. But none of them were able to attack in the martial arts competition.”


“what does that mean?”


“Except for the assumption that he’s a mage superior to Sir Ahin, no mage interfered with the matter. Objectively, the mage who stormed into the martial arts competition that day was a high-ranking mage. Mage who have problems with each other don’t have that kind of magic.”


Carcel thought for a while and opened his mouth again.


“So, isn’t it wrong?”


“It’s not about choosing a high-ranking mage from among those suspected of their actions…”


He crumpled the papers Chase gave him. Chase swallowed dryly, the crumpled paper in his hand looking like his future.


“We must find a suspicious person among the high-ranking magicians.”


“Of course, I checked that too.”


With a sigh of relief, Chase grabbed the other sheets. It was a list of high-ranked magicians who could use magic used in the swordsmanship competition.


“Mages of this level are regularly tracked in the guild. If they leave the empire and exile to a neighboring kingdom, it will be a huge loss.”


“And therefore ?”


“There were a total of thirty-three magicians capable of this magic, including Sir Randru and Sir Ahin. Among them was someone who didn’t report regularly.”


Chase put down a sheet of paper with a picture on it.


Maurice Federo. Age 25. Last registered place is Duchy of Heinst.




Carcel, who had been collecting Morris’ papers by surprise, realized something and asked again.


“Wait, if it was Federo….”


“Yes that’s right .”


Chase shook his head.


“Sir Randru’s pupil.”


Carcel, who had been thinking for a while about the unexpected name, quickly gave instructions.


“I will hasten the journey to go to the duchy.”


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