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“treated? Uh…”


correct . I hurt my nail.


I forgot that my nails almost got ripped off because I was holding on to the ground.


When I woke up he was completely healed.


“It’s okay. I’m fine now.”


“Still ….”


“I worry about the duke more than that. If anyone had a grudge against the duke, it wouldn’t only be Theo, but the duke could be in danger as well. Perhaps the duke was the target this time too.”




“From now on, don’t get hurt because of me, my mana is stronger now and I can dodge it without getting hurt. Look, like this….ouch.”


Charlotte raised her clenched fist in the air to express that she was fine, but her arm was hurting.


It hurts a lot. It was embarrassing that she boasted of being strong.


Carcel covered her eyes with his big hand. The field of view, which was still dark, became completely dark this time.


Instead of replying, he said something else.


“Now stop and sleep, you still need to get some rest.”


Again, you refuse to respond. But instead of arguing about this reason, Charlotte closed her eyes.


“We will move to the duchy earlier.”


“Already ?”


“Yes. The palace in the Heinst Estate has a defensive magic barrier that has been put up for a long time. It’s a defensive magic that blocks physical and magical attacks, so I think it’s safer than here, so we’ll move quickly.”


“So what about going tomorrow?”


Charlotte worried about Theo, but Carcel shook his head.


“We will leave when your body improves, there is a mana gate inside the Heinst estate, so it won’t be a big problem.”


“Good .”


Upon hearing Charlotte’s answer, he didn’t leave. His hand that was resting on Charlotte’s eyes remained intact.


“Duke, you may leave now.”


“I will go after I see you sleep.”


“Uh .”


Carcel was a firm man. This means that he will do this even if Charlotte says she is fine.


It was better to go to bed early than to argue with him.


“good night .”


Charlotte was trying to fall asleep to the sound of his whispering voice.


‘…I can’t sleep.’


She quickly moved her hand under the blanket. Carscel’s hand covering her eye was distracting.


No, it’s not annoying in a bad way.


However, her heart was racing and her cheeks were hot because of the sound of his breath, which she could hear well because of the quiet sounds.


“I know you’re not asleep.”


“….and how can I do that?”


“You can .”


Charlotte stopped wagging her fingers and tried to sleep.


Whether it was because of her hard work, or the warmth of Theo she felt next to her, or whether it was because her body was tired, she fell asleep again.


It is the time when your mind begins to slowly sink to the bottom of the water.


“Sweet Dreams .”


It was like hearing a voice mixed with laughter.




“You fainted? You didn’t say such a thing! What did the duke do! He said he was a sword master, so he couldn’t protect you? I said it! This guy is suspicious! He doesn’t like you!”


“Jack, lower your voice in front of the sick person.”


“I’m not sick. I’m really fine. I wasn’t sick in the first place. But I think it would be best for Jack to keep his voice down.”




As Theo placed his index finger in front of his mouth and stared at him, Jack bit his mouth tightly.


Judging from the expression on his face, he had a lot of things to say, but it seemed like he was being pressured by Theo.


No, when he saw him cover his mouth and shrug his shoulders, he smiled.


He wasn’t angry because Theo gave his eyes a lot of strength but he looked more cute than fierce.


Issac asked where Jack was, who was busy laughing.


“Jack is right, Charlotte. What do you mean by sudden fainting?”


From the letter, he was relieved that she was unharmed without any injuries, but when he arrived, it was revealed that his dear sister was lying motionless in the bed.


After Charlotte responded, he was ready to accuse Carcel of this.


He just didn’t show it, but Issac was like Jack and he was angry too.




Charlotte deliberately made a sound and organized what she was going to say.


She knew that her answer would have a huge impact on her two brothers in the future. In short, I had to answer well.


“I was afraid .”




“Brothers, so you may have seen something like this. But I’ve never seen something like this before. You also saw this, the big fire tornado that was circling around. I was very scared. Besides….”


Charlotte bowed her head and patted her eyes with her sleeve. Maybe from some angle it will look like she’s crying.


“The duke was seriously injured while protecting me.”


“what ?”


Jack responded violently.


“Is the duke hurt?”


“Yes. Yes, his entire back was burned while blocking the fireball that was heading towards me.”


“What happened ?”


“I think I passed out because I was so shocked by it. I thought the duke must have been hurt, but he’s fine. He’s been cured.”


Jack, whose voice was loud and nervous because of seeing Charlotte on the bed, his voice became weaker.


“And what about you? What about you?”


“I’m fine. I’m just lying down because I have muscle pain, maybe because I’m so tense. Actually, I don’t have much muscle pain but everyone else is so tense.”


“If it’s just muscle pain, you’ll get better if you listen to the doctor.”


“yes .”


“You should be comfortable, so we’ll go first.”


“Ah, brother.”


Charlotte hastily grabbed the two who were about to leave.


“I think I’ll be going to the Duchy of Heinst soon.”


“What? Didn’t you say you had more time?”


“The departure time was pushed back a bit because of what happened. The duchy is safer than here because the mansion is covered in defensive magic.”


Jack who was angry ,scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.


“Then there is nothing we can do about it. Tell us when the time is right. I will come to see you off.”


“Yes, I see.”


“We will go now.”


Jack who turned his head to leave the room murmured as he walked out of the room.


“Did the Duke really got hurt while protecting Charlotte?”




Jack looked at Issac and asked.


“Does the Duke really like Charlotte?


However, Issac did not answer the question.




It’s been four days since I’ve been in bed watching Theo. Charlotte was only able to get out of bed after hearing the doctor’s confirmation that she was fine.


The first place I headed to was Ahin’s lab.


I was curious about a lot of things since I woke up after fainting, but when I couldn’t ask, my steps quickened. Because of this, Theo chased Charlotte as if he was running.


Ahin’s face was haggard from the past few days.


‘Carcel was suspicious of him.’


Charlotte heard the news of Ahin through Emma.


She said that the imperial family knew that Ahin had pacified the magic and rewarded him, but on the contrary, Carcel was suspicious of him.


Because he could not open the locked door by magic.


‘No way .’


Charlotte did not want to suspect Ahin. At least he kept Theo safe.


Above all, the man I had met so far was not someone evil to do such a thing.


‘At the moment, the only person I can ask is Ahin.’


Carcel hadn’t specifically ordered her to take lessons with Ahin anymore, so maybe she could meet him.


Charlotte sighed softly and focused.


Ahin lit a small fire just as he had done before when she was practicing nullification magic with him for the first time. Charlotte placed her hand near the fire and focused on the mana.


Is this because the magic of using nullification is already strong? Now I was able to move my mana freely and use nullification magic.


As soon as Charlotte’s hand reached the fire, it went out. Ahin’s eyes widened.




His immediate words were extremely shocking.


“This is not nullifying magic.”




“I wondered how someone who didn’t know magic would use magic on such a large scale, but it was resolved.”


Charlotte wiped the sweat off her sleeve and muttered as if she knew.


“It wasn’t really nullification magic.”


“How did you know ?”


Charlotte gave a false answer because she could not share her conversation with Saint.


“Master Ahin said that. Anyone who uses nullification and whose magic is weak will not be able to perform it.”




“I created a magic that Mr. Ahin couldn’t do so I figured it wasn’t nullification magic.”


But the question remains.


“By the way, if this isn’t nullification magic, then what is?”


The Saint said that what Charlotte did was not nullifying magic but rather the power of God, but she did not say exactly what that power was.


I don’t know if she knew it and kept it a secret, or if she really didn’t know, but that was just what was in Charlotte’s head.


However, Sir Ahin unexpectedly came up with an answer.


“ you know how the right person calms Rosito’s mana?”


“Yes. I know it has to do with stabilizing the rampage of mana and putting it to sleep.”


“Then what happens when someone uses magic and puts that mana to sleep?”


“Of course, it is…. Oh, my God!”


Charlotte got an idea and screamed.


“It’s not nullification magic. It just makes the magic inactive, right?”


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