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[8. A man calls his beloved by name.]


The Heinst Estate, in the southwest of the empire, was an emerald-beautiful estate along the sea.


Because of the rumors that the sunset seen from the coast of Heinst was the most beautiful in the Empire, many nobles came for a vacation.


Since there were only fields and mountains near the Lannia estate, Charlotte had no chance of seeing the sea.


But the current Charlotte was different. She went to the beach a lot when she was in Korea.


So Charlotte in this body was seeing the sea for the first time in her life.


‘All seas are the same.’


However, once she reached the Duchy of Heinst through the Mana Gate, she had to change her mind.


“Woow .”


Charlotte in admiration at the scene unfolding before her eyes. Emma, who was standing behind her, let out a bigger sigh.


“Madam, is that the sea? It’s so beautiful!”


A surprised Emma naturally held her hand and Celine smiled as she looked at it.


“It’s Heinst’s Pride.”


“Can I go to the sea to try it?”


“Of course. The water is cold, but it’s still autumn. You might be able to just soak your feet.”




Theo, who was listening to their conversation, looked at Charlotte and Carcel, his eyes shining.


“Sister! Brother! Theo too!”


“Theo has a cold so he can’t.”


Charlotte replied, gently tapping the tip of the baby’s nose with the tip of her nose. Unexpectedly, Carcel also responded.


“Yes not now .”




“Let’s go next summer instead.”


“Theo with sister and brother?”


“yes .”


Carcel answered without hesitation, but Charlotte became confused when she heard the answer.


‘I may not be here next summer.’


However, I couldn’t think of anything in front of the beautiful sea. Charlotte replied, tapping the tip of Theo’s nose again.


“Okay, let’s do it. By the way, Duke, let’s go. I want to see the palace.”


“Well, it will take fifteen minutes by carriage.”


“Good. Let’s go.”


Charlotte, who had boarded the carriage with Theo and Carcel, stared blankly at the sea outside the window as they drove to the palace. Watching this beautiful scene reminded me of my family that I left behind.


‘My parents and brother would have loved to have seen this.’


It was okay because I saw my brothers doing well. However, it has already been a month since I saw my parents.


It’s the first time I’ve been away from them since I’ve been here. In the capital, there was so much accident and work that I had no time to think of my parents, but when I had some time, I missed them.


A field colored with golden flowers instead of an emerald sea. Instead of the salty smell of the sea, it smells of dirt after the rain.


Something I was missing.


“what are you thinking about ?”


Charlotte turned her head at the surprised question. Carcel stared at her as if he didn’t care about the sea.


“I’m thinking of my hometown.”




“I think everyone would be reaping and having harvest rituals by now. Cultivation is not much, but I think everyone will enjoy the festival this year.”


Charlotte sends all of the first payment she received from Carcel back to her hometown. To pay off the remaining debts and spend them on the youth who struggle to farm.


“You must be sad that you can’t see it.”


“It’s fine. We went to a little festival before we left and we can see the sea here so that’s fine, right Theo?”


“yes !”


Theo and Charlotte’s laughter echoed in the carriage. The eyes of the two quickly turned to the sea, but Carcel’s gaze was still fixed on Charlotte.




“I will guide you.”


Once they arrive at the mansion, the three are welcomed by Robert. Normally, noblemen’s mansions were managed by different servants for each mansion.


But Duke Heinst managed it uniquely. Robert runs the palace in the capital and duchy and follows Carcel.


“Oh, then please.”


The moment Charlotte picked Theo up and was about to follow him, Carcel gently tugged at her arm.


“I will guide you.”


Robert bowed his back without saying anything else.


“good .”


“Then let’s go.”


“What? Oh, yeah.”


Charlotte was puzzled, but she followed him gently.


The Palace of Heinst was several times larger than the Lannia Palace, but the Ducal Palace of Heinst was also several times larger than the Capital Palace.


Its size was large, and the garden around it was also huge.


Charlotte, who was going up the stairs, was surprised to see the garden from the window.


‘Oh, my God, is this the Palace of Versailles?’


[Versailles Palace: It is the most important royal palace in France and is located in Versailles, which is 25 km west of downtown Paris.]


The huge, well-manicured garden was like one you’d see in a European palace.


It was autumn, so there weren’t many flowers, but the trees were white, and there was a fountain with a statue of a legendary ruler carved in the middle. In the right corner was a wooden maze.


Her feeling was different from the fields in the Lannia estate where wildflowers grew freely.


In front of the beach and a huge garden in the back. It was a palace that looked like something out of a dream.


Carcel paused for a moment as Charlotte looked at the garden with curious eyes.


“Do you like it ?”


“Yes, it’s pretty .”


“The weather is nice today, so let’s take a look later. You’ll be tired now, so I’ll guide you to your room first.”


“yes .”




After getting enough rest, Robert introduced the palace staff.


A familiar face appeared in the hall filled with strangers. Charlotte’s face hardened slightly as soon as she saw him.


‘Sir Randru.’


Randru, dressed as she had seen him in the capital, was looking at her. When their eyes met he came to her.


Charlotte struggled to manage her expression. From now on, she had to be vigilant.


“Young Madam, this is Lord Randru, a wizard who belongs to the Heinst family. Master Randru, this is the Miss, the Master’s betrothed, Charlotte Lannia.”


However, despite Robert’s introduction, he neither smiled nor said nothing. He was looking at Charlotte as if he was discovering something.


An idea popped into Charlotte’s mind as she looked at him with a puzzled face.


‘Is he trying to see if I remember him or not?’


If so, the only option is to give him the answer he wants.


Charlotte smiled and took a step closer.


“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you from Sir Ahin. Are you Sir Ahin’s tutor? Sir Ahin is excellent, but his tutor, Sir Randru, seems to be a wonderful person.”


Then Randu smiled at the person who seemed to meet him for the first time.


“The pleasure is mine, miss.”


He raised his left hand and bent his knee slightly.


“It is a pleasure to meet you too. To see a young lady whom I had only heard of through rumors. That’s right. After meeting the young lady in person, I was able to quickly understand what made the duke to rush this engagement.”




“He must not want to lose such a beauty to someone else.”


“Gosh .”


Charlotte didn’t know how to react, so she just laughed.


Sir Randru.


“Oh, I forgot for a moment that the duke is here. This old man’s memory is hazy.”


“Judging from what you are saying, it seems that you are still fine.”


“Considering that the duke says something like that, it seems like he has something to say to me.”




“How do I know? I’ve been watching the Duke since he was born, how could I not know?”


There was someone else who knew Carcel would shut up when he was at a disadvantage.


Charlotte paid close attention to Randu’s childish treatment of “that” Carcel Heinst .


Like a poisonous snake eating a mouse.


“Speaking honestly, I have something to tell you. Can we talk for a second?”


Unlike the serious Carcel, Randy’s face was only peaceful.


“Okay. I want to hear from the miss about the capital, but I guess I’ll have to put it off for next time.”


“It’s okay. We have plenty of time.”


“Okay, I will come.”


It wasn’t until Randru had completely disappeared that Charlotte took a deep breath. I dealt with it for a while, but it felt overwhelming.


“He’s a scary person.”


“Huh? Is sister scared?”


“No, I’m not afraid, it’s okay.”


“yes .”


“Theo shall we go see the garden? Your brother has made a field here.”


“I will love it!”


Charlotte went out into the garden with Theo.




“Morris Federo.”


As soon as Randru, who had followed him, closed the office, Carcel asked plainly.


“Do you know where he is now?”


“Why are you looking for him?”


“Mr. Randru, my father and grandfather trusted you so much. I also respect them so much for their support.”


“I know, otherwise an old man like me would have been expelled.”


“So you’d better answer me smoothly. Where’s Morris Federo?”


“How can I find out about an ugly student whose whereabouts even the Magic Guild doesn’t know about?”


“Who said that even the Mage Guild doesn’t know where he is? I don’t remember saying that.”


Although the Magical Guild reports on the ultimate enemies of high-ranked magicians, it does not leak this fact to the outside world.


The reason for the guild teaming up with Carcel this time was because of an incident that occurred during the martial arts tournament.


Moreover, it was difficult to refuse Duke Heinst’s request. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get cooperation from the guild.


With this simple answer, Carcel had a gut feeling.


“Is there something you asked him to do?”


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