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“Of course I know it’s hard now, but one day…”


Charlotte remembered the day she first came into the world. Now she says “life is great here” and laughs, but she was serious at the time.


‘Of course, I have to be serious.’


How hard it is to accept the fact that I died in an accident and become a different person overnight.


Although novels describe the process of adjusting to a new life in two or three lines, the reality is not so simple.


In the book, a woman who possesses this kind of strength quickly adjusts to her new life, but Charlotte cannot.


But it was already three years. The memories of the previous life gradually faded away, and the good memories of this life piled up solidly in my head.


Memories of Korea, which were only painful whenever I remembered them, now remain sweet memories.


It would be a lie if I said I didn’t miss my family, but at least I didn’t cry for them. Sometimes I can laugh when I remember them.


Now Charlotte almost believed it.


So Carcel would be fine with a little more time. Sad memories will fade away, and in the end, only happy memories will remain to warm his heart.


As happened to Charlotte.


Charlotte honestly thought about this.


Which gave her voice a little more power.


“Everything will be fine one day.”


At that moment, Carcel hugged Charlotte’s waist and buried his face in her shoulder. Instead of hugging, it seemed as if his strength had loosened.


Charlotte widened her eyes in astonishment. For a moment, I wondered if he was going to fall.


But he was just holding her, not falling in front of her. Charlotte didn’t give him her strength, it was just that he was holding her in his arms.


Soon, he lost his breath bit by bit and started to shiver. Charlotte understood. Carcel didn’t seem to be able to contain his feelings anymore.


“It will be really fine.”


I gently patted his quivering back. Just as she comforts Theo, who is crying after his scary dream.


“However, it’s okay to cry now. It’s not a good idea to hold back your emotions too much.”


Wouldn’t it be nice to let go of your feelings and make them disappear?


But no, if the negative feelings do not come out, they will quietly circulate in the mind.


If you’ve ever been careless, get ready to be crawled.


So sometimes it’s good to let out your feelings in this way.


‘I’m so glad Theo is alive.’


I couldn’t imagine Carcel going through such a difficult time that the last of his family would die.


No, to be exact, I could have imagined it so well that I didn’t want to think about it.


Because just looking at his troubled face made his heart choke and grieve.


But this did not happen. Theo escaped safely and is now asleep in the carriage.


Carcel would now not suffer the loss of his brother.


So Charlotte ignored her painful imagination and spoke out loud.


“Anyway, I’m the Duke’s fiancée now. It’s okay to show me your feelings, even if you can’t show them to others.”


It was wrong reasoning. Even if she was his fiancée, and even if she shared the fact that she was a perfect match for Theo, there was no way Carcel could express his feelings.


Because they were not that close.

However, Charlotte was sincere.


“So one day, everything will be fine.”


Seeing how the bare branches with fallen leaves were swaying in the merciless wind.


The earth froze without warmth, and all the animals disappeared from the winter.


Who would have thought that this wasteland would come to life again?


But spring always comes. Charlotte lived on the Lannia estate and saw green shoots sprouting from the frozen ground every year.


So, when this time of suffering is over, spring will come for Carcel, too.


Spring will come someday.




After a long silence, Carcel got up again.


Their eyes met again, they were even redder than before. But his expression was brighter.


Are we both crying now? Charlotte asked with her eyes. Did he hear what she was thinking? He looked down awkwardly.


Looking down, Charlotte noticed that his hands were outstretched.


“Your hands look cold.”


I slowly grabbed his hand. She should have grabbed his hand with both hands because his hands were big.


Carcel looked back in embarrassment at first, but then suddenly he pulled her hand away.


Strange? Why is his hand so hot?’


Contrary to what she had expected his hand to be cold, it was extremely hot. It should be as cold as ice when the color changes significantly. In fact, Charlotte’s fingertips trembled as well.


She wondered for a moment, but Charlotte remembered that it had been a long time before she had seen anything like it before.


‘Like Theo.’


After using magic, when he couldn’t control his mana, Theo’s hand would also become red and hot.


This is it…


‘Mana fluctuation.’


This meant that Carcel’s mana was fluctuating uncontrollably like Theo’s.


Charlotte struggled to remember the symptoms that appeared whenever Karsiel’s mana rose in the original work.


She couldn’t remember all the symptoms, but the original heroine, Penelope, was surprised when she grabbed his hand and asked him why she was so hot.


‘Does he suffer from mana fluctuation?’


but why? Carcel’s mana should be completely sealed by now?


Charlotte removed the mana from her body and let it flow into Carcel’s hands. A faint light emanated from the place where he was touching. Carcel’s eyes widened slightly.


Soon, his hands slowly started to return to their temperature. A little warmer than Charlotte’s hand, but not sweltering, a mild temperature.


This meant that the reason why his hands were so hot was because of his mana.


“Duke, have you been feeling pain in your chest lately?”


“How do you know that….”


The reason was simple. Chest pain was the most common symptom of rosito’s mana fluctuations.


In the original story, after Theo’s death, Carcel experienced chest pain until he met Penelope.


This time Theo wasn’t dead, so Carcel’s seal wouldn’t be broken, and his mana didn’t fluctuate.


But why does he have chest pains and his hands are hot?


‘Was the seal broken?’


impossible. If it was, he wouldn’t have been able to remain still until now.


If not, then maybe…


‘Is the seal about to break?’


When he first lost Theo, he must have been struck with fear that Theo might have died.


Perhaps that shock had caused the seal to break.


In conclusion, the seal was not completely broken because Theo was alive, but it may have been slowly breaking.


“Oh my God, this could happen.”


She was confused as she looked at Carcel’s hand, but at this moment Carcel grabbed her hand.


He sat on one knee in front of her. Just like the knights.


“Miss Lannia.”


His voice was very serious. Charlotte’s reaction was slow as she was thinking of the seal.








He gently kissed Charlotte’s fingertips.


Charlotte took a deep breath for a moment.


His hot breath ran over her fingers. Were her fingers always this sensitive? The touch of his breath on her fingers made her body shiver.


The place where he had touched her with his lips was obviously her fingers, but her heart was beating like crazy and her breath was parched.


He kissed Charlotte’s fingers and looked at her.


As if he was saying that he wants to kiss is another place.


“Can I call you that…?”


Her head was dizzy, Charlotte didn’t know what he was talking about and nodded reflexively.


Carcel called out her name again.




Was my name so sweet before? So sweet to hear this, I feel like my ears are melting. Charlotte muttered in a hazy voice.


“Can you say it again?”




“Yes, Duke.”


“It’s Carcel, not duke.”




He spoke again as Charlotte muttered bluntly as if she was still dreaming.


“It’s Carcel.”


Her lips moved as if she was possessed by him.


“Yes, Carcel.”




Before leaving the cemetery, Charlotte took a look at the space to the right of the Duchess’s tomb.


Carcel didn’t feel anything, but she had been worried about this ever since.


‘I can feel mana.’


Perhaps this is where Edgar Heinst’s grave is hidden.


Even when his younger brother came right in front of him, he was still alone.


“what are you looking at ?”


“No nothing .”


She nodded and Carcel escorted her to the carriage.


She swore that one day she would lay a small bouquet of flowers in front of Edgar’s tombstone.


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